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Mychelles Baketique is located in the lobby of Battersea's eco-friendly Hotel Rafayel. They offer a range of sweet and savoury pastries, afternoon tea and a tasting menu of cheeses, meats and wines.

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11:00 - 20:45


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Mychelles Baketique reviews


Since relocating to the 5th floor of Harvey Nichols, this cupcake concession is even more kooky, fun, unique and so different to any other cupcake brand I know. Completely stands out in-store from all other concessions with their amazing 90 calories bite size mini cupcakes in the cutest little egg cartons - such a clever idea. Peanut butter and jelly flavour is a must to try! They have even made the most amazing hampers for x mas filled with such innovative goodies - if you haven't gone to Mychelles Baketique - then you haven't tried a good cupcake. Definitely 5 stars for me!

By Jon E.

If the bakery was closed, that means the cupcakes didn't come from the bakery. Your experience sounds horrible and I bet if you emailed the baketique, which has since relocated, they will send you some fresh and fluffy cupcakes on the house to make you a baketique believer. I live in the flat complex in the hotel so I am a regular, I have also met the owner a few times and know she would be as appalled as you are! That is the only reason I am even letting you know. She is a brilliant and passionate baker and has given me tastings just for stopping by many a times! I can still taste that rocky road yummyness...

By Amanda S.

This bakery is my absolute favorite as I work next door to it and used to go every day until it relocated which I can only image it being because the hotel staff weren't very in tune with knowing what to do. That is shocking that the manager said it was not their concern as it seems the bakery was part of the hotel but from going there almost every morning I think the bakery just lucked out and got affiliated with the hotel when being a complete separate business. My advice would be to give them another try, the cakes are gorgeous tasting and the owner is just lovely. Good luck on your cupcake search!

By Jon E.

This is one of the most amazing bakeries ive ever been to! The double chocolate chunk fudge cupcake was oozing with chocolate and left me dreaming about my next one! The decor was beautiful. I felt like I was in an apartment in Paris, funky and chic. The owner, Michelle Husserl gave us a free tasting of all the new flavors they were sampling including pina colada. The cupcakes even had a mini umbrella, cherry pineapple and straw coming out of it! This place is a breath of fresh air to London and definitely sets the bar in creative and mouth watering cupcakes!! I am a life long fan!!

By Danielle B.

I came to Mychelle's Baketique via a coupon for afternoon tea in the hotel restaurant (the actual shop is located in the hotel's lobby area, though when I passed by on my way in and out there was no one to be seen). The coupon claimed the value would be £21 and promised delicious cupcakes and a delicate blend of tea. The reality was a tea pot of Tetleys and four stale mini cupcakes (by mini I mean the bottom of the cup cake was perhaps the size of a £2 coin). The waiting staff of the hotel restaurant where the tea was held had even discussed amongst themselves (but easily within out earshot!) that the cakes were stale, but their manager told them that this wasn't the restaurant's concern. Whose concern the whole thing was I'm not exactly sure. As I mentioned above the actual cup cake shop in the hotel lobby was completely deserted. Glad I didn't have to pay for the experience as the coupon was a gift. No way was it worth £21. My advice is to avoid this 'Baketique', you can buy better cupcakes in the supermarket.


We had an offer to go to this place for cupcakes and tea, which we thought would be a treat. When we got there we were directed to a dining room in the (odd and seemingly empty) Hotel Rafayel. The Baketique was apparently closed. For the equivalent price of £21 we were given 4 small, stale cupcakes (between 2) and two small pots of English tea. One of the old cakes was so revolting I couldn't finish it! Plus the hotel's teapots and sideplates were dirty and the staff pre-occupied with their own conversations. (And, one of the sinks in the toilet was blocked.) I can only be glad that we did not have to pay the full price for this slightly unpleasant experience! Please save your money, honestly Starbucks or Costa offer a better tea and cupcake experience for fraction of the price.

By Daniel R.

I read about this cupcake shop in a blog and decided to give it a go for Valentine's Day. I absolutely LOVE vegan cupcakes (my girlfriend's allergy turned into my delight). I had to order it special order, but it was well worth the wait. Highly recommend both vegan and standard cupcakes.

By Brandt W.

I stumbled upon this gem of a cupcake shop and I was blown away! The decor is so chic, funky and elegant that you feel like your in someone's livingroom. The cupcakes look like art and melt in your mouth. I will be going back as much as I can.

By Grand C.

I went to the hotel solely for the cupcake place and boy was I surprised! The unique funky little shop is such a breath of fresh air compared to the other cupcake stores that rush you in and out. I sat and had some tea. Chatted with the owner, drank hot chocolate and ate the freshest most delicious red velvet cupcake I had ever had. I highly recommend this place!!

By D S.

Stayed at Hotel Rafayel and went to the bakery. Absolutely LOVED it. Fresh cupcakes baked every morning all in bright colours. My best flavour was a peanut butter cupcake with jam in the middle. You can tell the owner is American

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