Late Night Bars in Birmingham

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This one's for those night owls out there who just don't want to go home. Take a look at our recommended list of late night bars in Birmingham if thought of the nightbus is too much to bear. For venues where the atmosphere is lively and the drinks are flowing, our guide to the best late night bars in Birmingham is all you need.

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More Late Night Bars in Birmingham

Bash Bar

84b New Street, Birmingham, B2 4BA
0121 633 3852

    Hennesseys Bar

    Hennessey's stays open until 03:00 Fridays and Saturdays.

    123 Digbeth High Street, BIRMINGHAM, B5 6DR

      The Kerryman

      Often hosting live music, DJ nights and sing-a-longs, The Kerryman is most definitely all about the craic with closing time at the weekends being around 04:00.

      81 Digbeth, BIRMINGHAM, B5 6DY
      (0121) 643 3578


        On Fridays and Saturdays, this bar, restaurant and club stays open till 04:00.

        48 Bromsgrove Street, BIRMINGHAM, B5 6NU
        (0121) 622 4256

          Oh Velvet Bar

          At the Velvet's Sugar Suite Club, closing time commences at 04:00 at the weekends.

          Cumberland House, 200 Broad Street, BIRMINGHAM, B15 1SU
          (0121) 248 0500


            Broad Street, BIRMINGHAM, B1 2HG

              Poppy Red

              Poppy Red is a popular bar and restaurant serving home cooked British cuisine including steak, burgers and fish and chips.

              The Arcadian, 70 Hurst Street, BIRMINGHAM, B5 4TD
              (0121) 6871200


                Sobar's chic decor and vivacious atmosphere attracts a fresh and funky crowd who enjoy nothing better than kicking back during the day and partying long into the night.

                Sobar offers Birmingham a melting pot of cutting edge and vibrant beats fused together by top DJs and live percussionist in both the main bar and the VIP Kaijo Lounge.

                The Arcadian Centre, Hurst Street, Chinatown, Birmingham, B5 4TD
                (0121) 693 5084