Rowley Regis Bars

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If you happen to be wandering through this historical town in the Black Country, check out our recommended list of Rowley Regis bars and pubs. From charming venues to reliable local pubs, our guide to Rowley Regis bars will guide you in the right direction.

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Ashley Hotel

The Ashley Hotel is a lively pub on Long Lane with plenty of weekly entertainment.

393 Long Lane, ROWLEY REGIS, B65 0JE
(0121) 559 5905

    Beech Tree

    Another traditional offering on Halesowen Street.

    158 Halesowen Street, ROWLEY REGIS, B65 0ES
    (0121) 5598935

      Bell and Bear Inn

      The Bell and Bear Inn on Gorsty Hill Road is a family friendly pub that serves a British based menu throughout the day.

      71 Gorsty Hill Road, ROWLEY REGIS, B65 0HA
      (0121) 561 2196

        Britannia Inn

        Britannia Inn is another entertaining option with live bands scheduled every week.

        18 Rowley Village, ROWLEY REGIS, B65 9AT
        (0121) 559 3415

          The Malt Shovel

          This is a shovel you won't mind being hit with.

          61 High Street, ROWLEY REGIS, B65 0EH
          (0121) 5612321

            Sir Robert Peel

            He created the concept of the police force in the 19th century and lent his name to this lovely pub in the village.

            Rowley Village, ROWLEY REGIS, B65 9AT
            (0121) 5592835