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For a good dance followed by plenty of well-priced drinks get yourself to Bambu Bar.

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Bambu Bar reviews

By Ammy P.

It is not the ideal place to go. The employees are very rude, the bouncers and cloakroom attendants. I was accused of stealing my own coat mainly because the cloakroom attendant hung my coat in the employee section. I was not apologised to but yet insulted and as they realised it was my own coat they threw it at me. Very rude and embarrassing for me.

By Elle D.

AVOID... Hired a booth for a friends birthday and paid £300. Didn't get que jump and then got put in the r'n'b room which wasn't even open for another 1hr 30. After complaining got put in the main room and our money taken off us. After around 5minutes a rude WAITRESS came over to tell us to 'move' after explaining the situation she said she didn't care and we had to move. Then told us our other booth has now sold too so we can't sit in there either. The drink prices are far to expensive for what the bar is and the staff think they are above everyone in there. I would never go again and would recommend to everyone to AVOID. This bar clearly hasn't caught on to what table service is all about!!

By Lee V.

Terrible, refused entry by a girl in a hair band, leggings and a pair of hug boots... Smart?? i don't think so, And then she got the cheek to say I look casual, you will all read these reviews which all bar one say the same and still try it, believe me when I say this I WOULD'NT bother, went to another 3 or 4 clubs that night including gatecrasher and didn't have one problem with any of those clubs... My advice go Arcadian, gatecrasher, Brindley place even better a local boozer!! I will never attempt entry to this shockingly discriminating club again, and I will be telling all my friends and family the same!! VERY POOR Ooooo and polo tops are banned, I will be telling all the major clothing manufacturers to stop making smart polo tops because this establishment doesn't accept them!

By Kiren J.

I attended “Spin” on Saturday night at Bambu – it was guestlist only. The promoters like to hype up the place but here are the facts. It’s a small club and the layout is ridiculous. If you are a guy prepare for a meat fest – if you are a girl, good luck. Drink prices are excessive. Powertrip guestlist lady and door staff. Finally, it’s all style and no substance – what I mean by that is everyone and everything is trying so hard to be cool – including the “Spin” brand itself. But the problem is that the club, the brand and music is dated and tired – they are hanging off the coattails of limited club choice around the Arcadian. Theres nothing new here folks - just an expensive and disappointing night out. Avoid.

By C D.

Bambu lost it's edge a long time ago and over time they have paid the price with dwindling custom! For how much they charge admission and on drinks, you would presume you are guaranteed a good night. Save your money go elsewhere - the previous reviews say it all. On top of that poncy doorman and staff on the door judging who can enter the venue on the night, who appear to be judgmental and refuse entry for no apparent "valid" reason. I will def be taking my business and good friends elsewhere. The last time I went to Bambu it wasn't all that and I was prepared to give it another chance this weekend. But have reading the reviews it appears they need to drop the door staff with "unecessary" attitude, including the woman with the clipboard! Give the venue some tlc which may just entice people to venture back into the hole! Message to the door staff - you need to take a trip to the capital of the uk and learn some skills in your chosen field.

By Elliot G.

For me Bambu gets 3 stars. The music was cool, funky crowd and good general atmosphere. The drinks were pretty expensive but if that's not a problem for you, you'll still have a great night. My problems with Bambu were the following: Unjustifiable entry policies, my group consisted of 8 boys and 4 girls. We had pre booked a booth in Bambu for one of my friends 21st and had all followed the 'dress code'. We had no doubt about getting in as many of us have been before and never been turned down. One of the guys I was with was stopped upon entry by a lady with a clipboard who told him his outfit was 'not acceptable' after asking her to elaborate she looked him up and down and the best she could come up with was that the stitching on the jeans he was wearing was unacceptable! My friend then found a photo of himself in Bambu from a previous occasion and just so happened to be wearing the same jeans. The door lady (who seems to think she is someone special but still probably gets paid peanuts) had nothing to say and still refused to let my friend in. He then left by himself as he didn't want to change the nights plans, which was a shame. My next problem was that when we were given our champagne flutes by one of the hosts 3, yes 3 of the flutes had lipstick marks on them and clearly hadn't been washed. We were not expecting free drinks or a discount on the champagne but the obnoxious host could have at least said sorry as she replaced them. Not great service when we had just spent over £600 on drinks and booth! Elliot Gohari

By Daniel P.

Don't bother! Bambu Bar is a hole just look at the location, they say the vip of Birmingham go to Bambu Bar well I feel sorry for the people who feel they are vip when the que down a road by wheelie bins, opposite a Chinese tht was caught selling dog meat and the smell is horrible (i think it's the women with the clip bored making the offensive smell). She seemed to turn away people in every group, when asked the clip board said 'just dressed wrong it won't work' at this time people with Nike trainers were just walking in. I felt offended as have been in here before its nothing great but have been to some great places on nights out Miami and London to say two which dont make such a fuss on the door, if you want a night out in Birmingham avoid Bambu Bar.

By Jade H.

As my group of friends don't live in Birmingham me and my boyfriend thought it was a good idea to book on the guest list for VIP tickets on New Years Eve which cost £35 each (£350 for all 10 of us) When we got to the club (baring in mind we had all been out and brougt new clothes to go as the dress code was "casual but stylist") we were refused entry because some of the lads we were with had a small Ralph logo on there top which was dark. I was turned away because I was wearing jeans. Because we didn’t know Birmingham we didn’t know where else to go having spent £5 each on train fair to Birmingham and £10 on a taxi getting to Bambu from the train station we were running out of time and money to pay to get into another club as well as saving £60 for the taxi ride home. I have emailed the club twice explainning my disappointment and asking how we can go about getting the £350 they had of us back. Really disappointed and angry with the low level of customer care me and my friends recieved on New Years Eve and woudn't recommed this club to anyone even though I have never experienced what it's like inside.

By Carole R.

Black, white, straight, gay, male, female... You won't get in, certainly not if you're well dressed and sober. Love the Door Dragon. If this is how she gets her kicks she leads a very sad life.

By Charmaine C.

my partner and I tried to get in here Saturday 7th April as it was our anniversary.we were dressed smart and we are respectable people,we didn't stand a chance ! Stuck up mare with clipboard saw to that,,I really don't know who these people think they are,,we've never been turned away from anywhere and reading the other reviews it looks like we not the only ones.-100 stars purely for the obnoxious,silly cow with clipboard,,they wanna get over themselves !

By Miz S.

If your in a group of asians, then don't bother even trying this club, the snob of a woman outside will think of any excuse not to let you in. Thankfully lots of clubs in Birmingham which are willing to take my money.

By Charlotte W.

Minus 100 stars! Bambu Bar is A dive full of people so far up there own backsides! No wonder people start fights on bar staff! Went out on saturday to this so called "club" I had 18 girls with me for my birthday was told by a *#%& called rue he can get 8 of us in for free and the rest pay £5 each and that we have a booth! I kept the txt message and confirmed with him three times this is correct! On the night the stuck up overdone it with face surgery girl with a clip board tried to refuse us as out name wasnt on the first page- she then after reasoning flipped over and there you go our name was there. She gave us all a stamp- went to the top of the stairs where another rude girl said its £5 in each- advised we have 8 in for free, she shouted at us to go back downstairs that were blocking a corridor and its not there issue- went downstairs back to plastic fantastic to say they wont let us in for free-she said "you aint getting in for free" I showed her texts off rue which she asked to see for proof then after getting the proof she said nothing she can do- I rang rue who said he never texted me this and if he did its a mistake and we should be thankful were getting on the guest list and if we didnt like it dont come in! Ha ha - more fool rue as people would pay money to see us lay into this rue! I will never step foot it there and would tell people to think twice! The staff are sooo rude! Spoke to us like we were scum! The girl with the clip board was soooo far up her own backside and frankly she was just jealous there were 18 girls more attractive and classy than she will ever be! I will do my best to slate this dive hole and I wouldnt go if they paid me!

By Jon P.

ALTEREGO - THE new Saturday at BAMBU is buzzing...great crowd and electric atmosphere...highly recommend it if you want to be around the glitterati of the Midlands and dance till late.Love it!!!!! and will be back to visit again and again!!!

By James O.

Where do I start. Bambu Bar is terrible. I would give it minus 10 stars! There is a woman with a clip board who seems to let people in at random. Out of a party of 20 she turned away 2. Which split the group. What a b! Tch! I stayed for 2 drinks, thankfully I was on the guest list and only had to pay £5 to get in, which is usually a £10. Once in there I paid £3.90 for a bottle of budweiser, what a rip off. We are in a recession and Bambu Bar has the audacity to charge London prices.

The bar staff are obnoxious. My friend was nearly chucked out for questioning the price of a drink. At nearly £7 for a double rum and coke can you blame him. The bouncers think they are above the law. They are rude, push past you at will and are to be honest the most selfish people in the world. I hope they rot in hell. The place is full of pretentious pr!cks who obviously have more money than sense. The place is awful. Avoid like the plague, you have been warned! What I have written above is an understatement, please do not go to Bambu Bar. There are far far far better places in Birmingham with a better atmosphere, music and drink prices!

By Green I.

Went to Bambu on Saturday, what a BIG disappointed. Hired out a "booth" in the RnB room,was told it would be ready at 11.30pm.,

35mins later it was ready,it wasn't the booth I was expecting more an open couch with tables,which people take over anyway when they are dancing who obviously do not understand what reserved means.

Included is waitress service, I had 16 guests¬ a single waitress to serve us. Apparently when asked to come and take our order we got told they were too busy!45 minutes later,the lady we booked the booth through told us to pay for our own drinks.

Two of my guests arrived a little later than us.I remember asking for the attire to the Booth lady who quoted funky or smart. One of which already came in March for her hen do..oh the irony!!!Compared to some of the chavs she let in she needs her eyes testing.

How they get away with having double standards is beyond me. I spoke with the Manager who doesn't obviously manage as he could not override what Kelly says, he states that they were the "wrong" people to let in..for goodness sake my guests were husband&wife.

After that comment I wanted to speak to someone he&kelly reported to which was the Director. Come 2am when asked one of his staff where he would be,she replied I don't know you will have to find him yourself, once located told him the dissatisfaction I had from the night, which he agreed with was not a good night for the club but some people get in&some don't apparently even footballers get rejected.

For a so called Director/Owner of the club he was clueless on how important the customer is and customer satisfaction. He also went on to say myself and best friend were too glamed up for the place and we should have gone to mechu. This guy was a joke!!! Thanks for the suggestion mate you obviously know how to make someone feel welcome.

By Gina K.

I wouldn't rate this place at all.Traveled from London to come to this club for a relatives birthday.

Was willing and ready to pay entrance and buy drinks only to be told at the door by some devil-reincarnation-girl-with-a-clipboard that I wasn't getting in and was too casual.

The people that followed shortly after me were wearing jeans???? She wouldn't even listen to any explanation and was on a complete power trip.

When we tried to speak to her and explain that we were on the guest list and had traveled just to be there she wouldn't budge. I was gob smacked. Its easier to get into exclusive London clubs than this!!

I've been into this venue before and think it is completely OVERRATED. You can get into much more exclusive places around the country and get treated better than we did. You're better off spending your money in a bar that is much more reasonable in B'ham.

AVOID this place like the plague. The people who run this are pretentious and literally swimming in the money people waste on buying alcohol here.

By Ian B.

Shame it's not possible to give less than one star. The place is a joke - poor music, an empty club and the rudest door staff in Birmingham. I'm very glad Hed Kandi has moved to the new Gatecrasher so I don't have to set foot inside this dump any more. No wonder it was empty on a Friday night...

By Jatin D.

Well, where do we start, firstly misleading customers, by stating that they still do a HED KANDI night on the 1st Friday of every month, they do not. Paying £5 each to get in at c12.00 and being literally kick out of the place for kicking up a fuss when questioning why we couldn't have our money back when they shut the place at 1.15am. Abusive and poor staff.

By Spitul C.

I have been to Bambu in the past to a Hed Kandi night and had a brilliant time. However, I went to Bambu on Friday 6th Feb 09, which was suppose to be a Hed Kandi night (which it was not). We paid to get in, the place was dead (was promised to get busier) the music was shocking.

The place was supposed to be open till 4am and the lights were switched on at 1.15am and everybody was asked to leave, as it was "not busy" and financially viable to keep open. We asked for a refund, but all we got was an angry Head bouncer hurling obscenities and general abuse at us because we asked for our money back!

This was the worst Nightclub experience I have ever endured, the Bouncer and management staff were rude in their behaviour and their customer service was shocking and I would not recommend the nightclub to anyone!This was a 23rd birthday night out and we had travelled to the event from the Northwest. As a seasoned clubber I have been on a number of nights out around the country, but this was shocking and even worst for the Birthday girl.I will not be returning to this club, ever! SD