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By Sue C.

I was really disappointed with the service we received on Saturday night. We were moved from one queue to the other but when we got to the front we were told we were in the wrong queue and would have to queue again; I complained so in the end they let us in. When we got to our booth we waited a few minutes and got our bottles of spirits. I asked for coke, diet coke, lemonade and tonic. We got the coke & diet coke but I had to remind the girl twice what else we wanted. I also had to go and get extra glasses and there were only a few on the table. The seats in the booth were soaking wet, so I had to get some paper and clean them myself after asking a couple of times. When the other mixers hadn't come after ten minutes or so I asked one of the managers, who said she'd bring them. She then left with drinks for other people, so I asked at the bar. Somone then brought more coke over, so I again asked for the other mixers. After a while I went to the bar again and asked a different person. Eventually a girl brought 4 bottles of tonic over. I asked for a bottle opener, which seemed to confuse her, but eventually she begrudgingly took the bottles away and brought them back, opened. It took over 45 minutes to get the drinks we'd asked for. The rest of the night was pretty much the same, and apparently the entire club ran out of tonic about midnight (though I saw lots of people downstairs with G&Ts), and we all left feeling disappointed and as though we'd wasted our money.

By Rebecca B.

I've been a few times always had a really good night never had any problems getting in! The only issue I've ever had was on 29th June 2013 we went for my hen party and booked the VIP booth behind the dj and people just kept using it as a walkway the poor girl that was working there was trying her best to stop this from happening but with that and being our waitress it was very difficult for her so due to this we had a almost full bottle of vodka stolen! But the manager was brilliant and replaced it with a bottle of house vodka. All in all it was still a fantastic night and I'll def be going again :) ignore the haters people! Fantastic club with an amazing atmosphere!

By Emily A.

Me and about 10 other girls are going for the first time next week for one of my friends birthdays and now i'm really worried that we might get refused entry?! We will obviously of had a bit to drink and if i wear converse or flat boots is that too 'casual'? didn't realise girls had to get naked and high heeled to go out?

By Stephen W.

Sack the manager! his attitude towards me was vile and disgusting, and he is lucky I did not punch him in his repugnant face, after forcing me to wait outside in the cold for ages, and then have the audacity to be rude to me.

By Rio M.

What can I say? The manager of Gatecrasher was so rude to me. Me and my friends were all dressed appropiately. We all made an effort. But we were refused entry for being "too casual." We politely asked the manager how we could get in, and his response was rude. He mocked us, saying we should go home. That manager deserves to be fired.

By Rio M.

On Thursday night, me and four other friends all dressed smart for Gatecrasher, and we were on the guestlist. However, the doorman said we were too casual. We queued up again, but this time three out of the five of us were allowed entry. The two of us spoke to the manager and said we were too casual, but didn't give a specific reason for why we were too casual. We tried one more time, but still denied entry. Even strangers in the queue were shocked when we were told we were too casual and one of the security staff laughed when I told him I was considered too casual. We were left waiting in the rain, so I went and politely asked the manager what I needed to change. His tone was so obnoxious and disrespectful, I felt like hitting him. He swore at me under his breath, purposley ignored me, and when I finally gained his attention, he spoke so rudely, as though he were a child. A person with his authority should not conduct himself in that manner towards potential customers. That manager needs sacking, and I am never going Gatecrasher again

By Abby C.

The people who have read these reviews and responded on the clubs behalf need to get a grip. Yes the clubbing game isn't always easy but if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. These are customer reviews people who pay you for providing a service not the other way around. Use the feedback to up your game and understand why the critism is negative, surely you are more wise of the world than to think you are getting these comments because of everyone else is wrong. I'm surprised if this is your levels of customer service you still have any!

By Yo Y.

Good solidarity.. show those a$$holes ... and inform the owners .. money talks, nothing else !

By F L.

I've been before - and have strong feelings for the owner.. Know I've done wrong before but cannot stop thinking about him.. he's in my thoughts and I'm not even in the same country anymore. I beg he likes and thinks about me too. I'd love nothing more than to be his baby. I'd be euphoric... and think if he wanted anything to then he knows where I am.

By Lll S.

strangled and kick around the floor by the boncers nice one lads needless to say the assult charge has been filed!

By Steve P.

Door policy's on clubs which hold very different nights can be confusing, which is why Gatecrasher went as far as explaining it on there website, even giving videos of the nights so you can really see for your self. But, taking the very tired attitude that 'its all down to race' is pretty dumb when you consider they hold a bhangra music night every Tuesday is the 'Bed' bar and host such nights as International students nights, Chinese new year, etc on top of that you will notice 99% of the staff are students, many of them international students, from the glass collectors to the bar staff, the security are also Indian, Pakistani, Russian, Polish,New Zealand, English,etc so all in all blaming anything on race is pretty dumb.

By Steve P.

Got to agree, each to there own, but its still the biggest, flashiest club in Birmingham and your right, everywhere gets a few 'twats' slip through the door but on the whole GB is a great party atmosphere and everyone is 'on it'

By Steve P.

Policies are affected by city council requirements, police requirements etc and yeah, they can be a little confusing, as some nights are student nights and some are mixed nights and some are designed toward an older crowed and to put students off.

By Steve P.

Ha, your OLD thats why lol you have 'been there, heard that' fourth years always say that its 'just no good any more' ;)

By Steve P.

Yup, they do great most nights, but like all big clubs they tend to mess things up sometimes, but what I like is you have the choice of 4 different rooms with 4 different music genres, beats having to go to 4 different clubs lol

By Steve P.

lol Yeah right mate, had nothing to do with the fact you were pissed up and acting the fool, right ? also, a Friday night 15 students taking on the 30 + as you yourself said (7 foot +) bouncers at GB ? and pigs fly mate. Next time go sober, or at least not .ucked, and don't act like a twat, you might just get in, as my whole group has once or twice a week for the last 4 years, with never any problem lol

By Simon S.

Wow, where do i begin. Was there with my two mates the other day, we were going for my mates birthday party and they was already inside. Anyway, waited in the que, and they were letting everyone in, white, black, big groups, small groups, stag groups, really thought we would be allowed in. Anyway we got to the door, and the woman standing there goes students only. Hello, on a Friday night? Since when has it been students only on a Friday night? And the bouncer, who was just her sidekick, standing 7ft tall goes "you heard her, move out the que". Lucky for us, we had our NUS cards with us. We showed them, and they go no sorry not allowed in. I mean its irritating getting refused, buts its even more irritating when they fob you off with a stupid excuse, do they honestly think people are dumb? Anyway we just went, and good job also, we rang our mates inside and they 15 people just walked out of GC, the look on the doorstaff was priceless. Hopefully the woman and the bouncer on the door are worth a grand to GC, coz thats how much u lot easily lost out on.

By James C.

Very narrow selection of music on the night i went, which was promised to have a good selection, specifically for Freshers week. Steep prices on the drinks. Felt like i spent more time walking around trying to find good music such as Dance, dnb, club or even some good Rnb, not fussy but they played some bad remixes. The staff were welcoming and bouncers were sound guys. I've been to a selection of clubs and expected more tbh. Maybe another night might be different.

By Nathan B.

I have been Gatecrasher a few fair amount of times throughout my university years in Birmingham. Thing is the nights in Birmingham seem to be getting worse. Gatecrasher seems to have declined from the early years and now seems to have fallen off. Thing is it's hard to find other clubbing nights and good parties in Birmingham and the uk in general, this city is beginning to fail me.

By Rick D.

UK Clubbin is probably some of the most bland compared to the rest of Europe. The women are the least attractive in Europe but the most arrogant. Birmingham is just bland. I've seen music blasting and people just standing on the sides because they just seem bored. Whats the point of going out?

By Sonu T.

Confused door policy is this club's demise. Sadness ! Come the day when Birmingham kicks this venue back into touch. I dont't blame the door person, I guess she's paid penuts and motivated to reject people on the basis of their colour. Clubbers beware, bad trip !

By J A.

I appreciate your response Doorman and i'm not going to argue. Especially with reference to the drugs etc, as me and my friends certainly don't dabble in the stuff and we were all dressed to the level noted on the website. One of my friends went a step further and mimicked some of the clothing in the gallery and said we will still not get in..... This is what i do suggest, i would like to come to the club again with my friends and i will bring along my phone and show tyou the reviews here. We will come dressed decently as always and not under the influence as always. We should be able to get in no? I'll get one of my friends to record the whole thing and the outcome will be posted on youtube. Many Thanks

By Steve N.

Oh dear, yet another 'race card' puller. So many things go in to the decision to let people in or not on a club door, you have to try to keep the 'mix' right inside or risk things getting out of hand and all this must be done in a split second and thousands of times each night, what is the groups over all appearance? are ANY members of the group appearing intoxicated ? high? angry ? complete idiots ? how many Asian/Black/White/Old/Young/Single/Couples/Group's do you have in already ? what 'vibe' do this group give ? how have ALL group members been reacting to others in the queue etc etc etc.. as for poor excuses, Sorry guys not tonight, you look like you have had one to many/ try dressing up a bit more and try tomorrow etc is far nicer than 'mate, you look wreaked/ half of you look like you have snorted a sack of M-cat, your group comes across as half pissed idiot out for trouble, and so on..

By Steve N.

A £10 entry on a Saturday night after Midnight.. you mean when most people have spent the best part of there cash and do not require too many more drinks ? Exactly how is a club meant to make a profit off of such people ?? lol and drinks prices are much cheaper on other nights, obviously Saturday is 'prime time' but it also depends what your drinking, they have some quite good deals on, on Saturdays if you bother to ask. You says ''nowhere near as good as some other places'' based, Im guessing from the rest of your 'review' on drinks prices and whether your 'friends' are hiding from you lol Mate, its all about the over all experience, If I wanted cheap drinks and to be able to 'find' my mates easily, I would go to the corner pub, But if I have to pay a quid or two extra to go to one of the only two Super clubs in England and listen to some of the top DJs and have the choice of 4 styles of music and some of the best lighting etc in the whole UK, then so be it.

By Steve N.

Ahhh..Yes, The days when it all centred around 'the clubber' back when security/fire evacuation/stampede's never needed to be taken in to account. Back when DJs could walk through the crowed shaking hands (yes they shook hands back then, you didn't have to think ''am I going to get hand slapped/high fived/fist bumped/shoulder bumped or all of the above, when some one reached for your hand lol ) Back when Djs didn't have to think if the smiling youth approaching them had a screwdriver in there hand, back when you didn't have to raise the height of the DJ booth and only let V.I.P's in to the surrounding area's due to idiots with no respect/throwing bottles/glasses etc or attempting to 'mob' the booth and so on.. Ahh yes those were the days.. Well Bud, this is now, wake up an smell the JD's.. Final note, five and a half million pounds spent on revamp and design, to quote the BBC write up about opening night 'The 2,400 capacity club has been stripped back to its foundation walls and completely redesigned and rebuilt into a state of the art, multi-level club unlike any other in the UK''

By Steve N.

There dress code is more than 'mentioned' on there web site, they go so far as to even provide videos of people in the club on that night of the week to give 'Muppet's' who cry 'racism' when ever they are turned down for/being dressed to go milk the cows/sell drugs in Handsworth/sleep in the gutter/play football/ or who are red faced and sweating and cant keep still ;) etc if it were not for strict door policy's then every-one's night out would be ruined and you may as well just go to Oceania were you can watch the latest fight while you puke on the dance floor. Also, please remember to say hello to the so called 'raciest' doormen/bouncers who work at Gatecrasher Birmingham, but for an added touch of class you may want to learn to say it in there native language, which would mean learning a bit, as they are of/Jamaican/Indian/Pakistani/ Portugal/Russian/New Zealand/ Polish/English decent. You say they need to tidy them selves up first..hmm let me see, standard doorman's uniform for Gatecrasher Birmingham, black suit,tie,white shirt,polished shoes, and or a hi viz (so you can find one if needed inside the darkened club) and just to top it off you say you have been to ''many amazing clubs around the world'' I could list the clubs around the world that turn you down based on the fact your not 'pretty enough' 'rich enough looking' or simply for the hell of it..but I think maybe you get my as a final note, just let me say that rather than have to tell someone 'mate, you come across as a Muppet/act like your drugged off of your tiny mind/are an idiot etc, saying, sorry mate, not tonight, tidy yourself up a bit more an try again tomorrow, is a far nicer approach.

By Victoria J.

Gatecrasher is amazing, I cant understand how many people are hating on it when you cant even get in. You cant review a club when you've never got in. For a person who goes theere practically every Friday night. Its great, i first went there for my 18th birthday where they had a offer on free entry for all your party and first drink free. This was great. I got told before how expensive it is, its not for a broad street club. £3 for a bottle of Peroni which is good. Music is quality with lots of different rooms main room played indie which with all your mates singing along is great, then you've got the dance room where you can fist pumping the night away, dubstep room was good with quality music playing like Nero, Dub and Run even a bit of Cookie Monsta which I was surprised and buzzing when they played such a mix. To note the people who aren't getting in with jeans and boots, you going clubbing and dancing put your best clothes on which your going to be dancing in having a good time. You don't want to be wearing your expensive LBD and you see some gezzer in a tracksuit and trainers. So you can understand the bouncers door policies. Everyone who goes gatecrasher is up for a good time. By far the best club on Gatecrasher, don't listen to all the muppets below slating this club just because they cant get in. Big up Gatecrasher

By Jelly H.

The Club looks quite spectacular, however, the main-room seems to have been designed by a corporate cad managing flow around the club rather than with actual humans dancing (the point of going clubbing?!) in mind. For a Superclub, it's the most disjointed non functioning main room I have ever been too. The dance floor is surrounded by effective "walls" of various seating pods, with only two, small accesses to the main floor, and thus inevitably leading to a very large space into a very small focus. It was hard to see anything of the dj's, as the booth is very low when viewed from the back of the club, and even going behind the booth, is surrounded by profit making vip lounges and everyone kept off the stairs?! This killed the atmosphere despite an amazing laser and light show. There is only one cloakroom that took nearly an hour to reach in the queue - get there early or don't bother with a jacket. The door staff really should lay off the steroids too. I saw a number of occasions of very heavy handed tactics which were totally inappropriate and over-reaction to removing individuals. It seemed the security were looking for or creating a situation for a chance to vent some testosterone on an unlucky victim. Summary - This is still the Broad Street Works, - a townie club with townie people repackaged, rebranded with Gatecrasher who seems to have lost touch with it's roots, and some big name dj's for the actual clubbing fraternity to never to return too. If this is what Superclubs have corporately morphed into, i'm glad my best memories are of when everything was designed for the clubber rather than the shareholders.

By Kaya M.

"You aint smart enough." Right, the doorman and the silly chic, I am sure have never seen themselves in the mirror. I pity the so-called developed country and people who are still the most backward in thinking. Dude, you need to grow up an inch or two to see what the world outside your four walls is really like. I have been to many amazing night clubs around the world and never encountered such cheapos. If the dress code/'race code' was mentioned on their website, then it's reasonable. Say no to racism or smarten up yourselves. Cheers.

By Lisa S.

Wouldn't even give it a star rating! Who do they think they are to discri'minate people for what they look like. I got rejected and was wearing boots jeans and a nice top makeup earrings u name it but I'm female so must show more leg ass and boobs I think that might have worked! Im going to seek advice on this rubbish club!

By Lisa S.

hiya i went there yesterday and got refused at the door i have wrote a complaint you should too its discriminating shouldnt be allowed there is no dress code on their website so have no rights to reject people.

By E R.

I've had some good nights at Gatecrasher, but don't go in a big group or you WILL lose everyone. Compared to other venues in the city, the drinks aren't actually that cheap, and £10 entry on a Saturday night after midnight or whatever is NOT worth it. I would check it out, but beware, its nowhere near as good as some other places.

By J A.

I've gotten into this place once before and quite enjoyed my time, very spacious, good music, a few rooms etc.., Beware of the door policy here, the only thing that can describe it is apartheid. You can be dressed in the most casual or smart way but as long as you're not a certain profile, you most certainly aren't getting it, no matter how mixed the group is or how multicultural the group is. It's quite sickening the way they let people in and refuse others dressed the same way but based on your background or how they assume you're gonna cause trouble. South Africa nowadays is much better than gate crashers and I've never been subject to such poor excuses to refuse entry, sort it out guys this is modern day England. There's a facebook group with thousands of supporters on this. Stop creating racial tension.

By J A.

I've gotten into this place once before and quite enjoyed my time, very spacious, good music, a few rooms etc.., Beware of the door policy here, the only thing that can describe it is apartheid. You can be dressed in the most casual or smart way but as long as you're not a certain profile, you most certainly aren't getting it, no matter how mixed the group is or how multicultural the group is. It's quite sickening the way they let people in and refuse others dressed the same way but based on your background or how they assume you're gonna cause trouble. South Africa nowadays is much better than gate crashers and I've never been subject to such poor excuses to refuse entry, sort it out guys this is modern day England. There's a facebook group with thousands of supporters on this. Stop creating racial tension.

By Mico R.

I went to Gatecrasher when it initially opened with 4 friends. All of us were dressed really nice, 2 of us girls and 3 boys. That b**ch at the door just told us that we are not getting in and would not even give us a reason...This place should be reported and investigated as it is definitely racist and horrible to people. It is not nice when you get dressed up and look forward to a nice night out and then get turned away for no valid reason....

By Raj V.

Dude Birmingham is trying up get itself established as an international city,however , I've been round the world and still some of the clubs bouncers in this city are seriously screwed up . Clubs like this take us back in time. I remember the old libertys club having the same criteria 'not tonight...' and look what happened to them!

By Matt S.

As a clubber who has been kicking around clubland since the end of the 90s i have generally watched the decline of clubbing in the uk and in particular the gatecrasher brand which was once the forefront of British clubbing to see what it has now become is a travesty. from a brand that at one point had its finger firmly on the pulse of the dance scene it has become a very commercial endeavour based on profit more than passion though i am sure Simon Raine will be laughing all the way to the bank . right rant over and onto the review of the night and venue the venue whilst very pretty inside very similar to gatecrasher loves Nottingham and the old gatecrasher one it seems somewhat soulless for a night where the likes of ferry Corsten and Marco v on the bill i have never experienced such a quiet crowd and talking of noise until 3am i thought the amps to the bass bins where turned off having seen Marco v in Sept at another Birmingham club the atmosphere difference was staggering which i think gets somewhat lost in the cavernous main room (although the security staff were slightly oppressive to the point that they were highly visible around the dance floor and on more than one occasion i was almost bowled over by there exuberance to stop people climbing over the seats around the dance floor and i am no small guy although to be fair the first time the security gent in question immediately apologised the second time it happened the security guy in question just looked at me like i was shit for getting in his way) and on a final note to the comments about gatecrasher and racism whilst I am in no way disagreeing with anybody's experience and to a degree saw signs of it last night i will point out that gatecrasher have always been twats on the door admission to the point i have been turned away from nottingham with the line "you are not getting in in them shoes mate its Dave Pierce tonight you know" like Dave personally put on his rider no lonsdale trainers LOL

By Maj R.

I went on saturday and was dressed smart apart from my top that I was wearing had a small logo so I got refused. So I i asked what if I went and got changed an came back. They said you still can't come in. Whilst I was standing aside they let white people with large logo and prints on there clothes in. I see this as racism as I am asian. Never going back!

By Kel H.

OMG who do they think they are, went out on saturday with my partner and another couple we que'd up for around 45 mins only to be told by some ugly woman on the door "Not tonight" with no other reason this was our 7th visit to this club and i WONT be going again but if i ever see this woman again without her Bodyguard doorman i will floor the B***H !