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If you are looking for stylish and trendy place to spend the evening head to the Island Bar. Here you can enjoy a stupendous array of drinks including an exciting selection of cocktails as well as catching a host of live music performances.

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Island Bar reviews

By Brent C.

Tried to get into the aforementioned bar at about 22:00 or so. Me and the 3 lads I was with (all 25-35 YO professionals) got told that we wouldn't be allowed in because we were lads, strange as it was quite early and considering it wasn't too busy... Needless to say we harmlessly protested with the "door staff"... A taxi of 3 young chaps tips up, of other race, straight in, no questions asked, guess there was a private party on eh...

By Jeff H.

I used to come to this bar for over 3 years. I left Birmingham for two years and have fount my way back to the concrete city. Within two days of being back I rushed back to enjoy an old fashion a once specialty of the bar. I was served at the bar by what appeared to be an arrogant student rather than a professional. He looked like Neil from the inbetweeners. He seemed occupied trying to flare, badly may I say. I ordered my drink and he offered me ' a twist ' on it. The drink was utterly appalling, the place stunk of feet and when I went to return my drink after taking a sip he simply refused. I asked if he could alter it and he walked off the bar to speak to the manager. When I asked to speak to the manager he pointed him to me? The manager appeared to be flirting with an under age red haired girl? I believe the old bartender who use to serve me was Lee? Not to sure I may be wrong, he had a large afro and a moody face but what he lacked in emotion he certainly made up in speed, quality of drink and professionalism. Have I missed the punch line? Is this bar under new ownership or am I simply being to fussy. I've only ever spoke great things about this bar but I find its simply morphed into some sort of chain you would find on broad street. Atleast the Victoria can still make drinks. For those who are new to the area its around the corner. Great music, great staff and wicked decor

By Ella G.

If you want to get assaulted and injured by a bouncer inside the bar - this is the place. Management don't care - they just take your money. Pity as with some hospitality and 'gastronomy' it could be a civilised place. As it is, sadly just a money making drinking hole that treats paying customers like scum

By Steve B.

OK, well I've always loved the Island Bar, to drink, to play music or to go and listen and meet friends. . I can see why the manager and staff wouldn't want them sort of comments on here attached to your establishment. . But as if you just slagged the people making comments off, straight away . . How do you know the bar staff never done the things said? why would someone make them up? and why would you wish to be shown as a complete cock by 'slagging' one of your customers off on-line?! Is that the responsible approach of a bar manager? I have been going to the island bar for years and have always enjoyed it and found the staff pretty great mostly. Doesn't mean bad things don't happen there. maybe you should investigate your staff before having a go at people who pay your wages . . . . . . . just a thought. happy Friday :)

By Jane F.

I loved the bar staff and must say that they are possibly the best cocktails I have ever tasted and after visiting vegas and famous cocktail places whilst there I would take that as a serious compliment. However I would say that the website should include information regarding deals on cocktails as I only found out there wrre offers after speaking to the bar staff.

By Richard H.

I fully agree with the comments above. Although the Island bar is a great venue, playing good music and serving a wide selection of drinks, it is severely let down by it's bar staff. I have visited this bar on many occasions with my friends and quite often it can be seen that the bar staff like to "have a laugh" whilst serving the drinks. This is completely fine and often occurs in any job. However on a few occasions we have ordered a few drinks and then been charged an extortionate bill. At one time, when challenged, the barman just casually stated "I had one myself, mate!". The other times we had to ask the barman to explain how the bill totalled so much and each time an apology was made and the correct money taken. This bar is fine as long as you check the prices before ordering and then double-check what you are being billed. Oh, and if you are planning to only drink bottles or pint's, expect to have a long wait behind a row of people ordering cocktails which take forever to pour!

By A S.

Excellent cocktails at a good price, lively venue with great music. The only downside is the arrogant and miserable bar staff, but if you can ignore that it makes for a great night out.

By Jason P.

This all sounds a bit far fetched to me. I've been visiting the Island Bar for a few years now and have never had a bad experience .. in fact, I would recommend it to anyone! In my opinion, they serve (possibly) the best cocktails in Birmingham and in my experience, staff have always been courteous and polite. Never have I ever witnessed any of the behaviour described above! This person's comments should be removed I suspect the writer had had a few too many cocktails when compiling this nonsense! Long live The Island Bar! :-)

By Chris C.

In response to the almost identical comment made by, I suspect the same disgruntled lady behind both comments, and i do use the term lady very loosely.

However, having been a patron of the Island bar establishment for about a year or so, I have never seen any of these alleged events take place.

Coupled with the facts of this bar winning Birmingham' best cocktail bar and best cocktail bar staff awards.

I find this tale preposterous, Madam I strongly suggest taking yourself and your slanderous comments to Lloyd's bar or somewhere of that ilk.

Recruitment Headhunter Chris A

By Kat E.

A group of friends and I went to Island Bar last night. Good atmosphere, great music and a nice and friendly place all round. Can you imagine my suprise when one of the bar staff started drinking from the bottles he was at the time making cocktails with... Needless to say my friends and I opted for bottles of beer which in a cocktail bar was a bit of a let down! Having read the reviews I notice that this behaviour has been commented on before and could I suggest perhaps that the Management look into this behaviour as it would be a shame for such a cool and fun bar to be investigated or even worse closed down!

By Mark A.

As the owner of Island bar I know none of my staff would dream of drinking from the bottle before serving a customer, the sheer idea is absolutely nonsensical. If the reviewer has had a lovers tiff with the guy involved can I suggest she takes it up with him and not involve my bar. We strive for the best customer service in town and employ some of the best bartenders in Birmingham. It is incredibly difficult for an independent bar in Birmingham to thrive against the corporate competition out there and this is the feedback we get for our efforts.....Can I suggest in future you keep to Broad St where you'll hopefully be much happier.

By Mickey M.

I don't know whether to give Island Bar five stars or none at all. Let me explain.... Island is a very nice bar, with an impressive array of cocktails, and a nice selection of draught beers etc. The decor is nice, and they play good music. It's all very professionally done, and the place has a good atmosphere. The music at weekends is a bit too loud, which makes conversations practically impossible (louder than most nightclubs) but on the whole, I rate it very highly. Unfortunately, I was put off the place when my friend was barred. Now you may be thinking that this was due to fighting or some such antisocial behaviour, and that my friend is a thug, but you'd be wrong! She's a smart, well spoken legal professional, very well mannered and generally above reproach. So what did she do wrong? Well, nothing. She ordered a couple of glasses of sparkling white wine. The barman took the bottle out of the fridge, put it to his mouth and took a swig, then proceeded to pour it into the glasses! My friend was understandably gobsmacked at this, and told the barman that she didn't want the drinks. The barman yelled at her in front of all of the other customers, and then shouted to the doormen that she was 'barred for life'! Now, I'm sure that putting a bottle to your mouth and drinking from it before serving the rest of the contents to a member of the public worked ok for Tom Cruise's character in 'Cocktail', but in real life, it's revolting, and almost certainly illegal. What wories me is that the bar has many jars and bottles of home made fruit purees and the like for making cocktails, and these are prepared on site, many by this same barman. I shudder to think of what the human saliva content is...

By E.

A vibrant, modern bar with a great atmosphere.

The Venue
Island Bar is a little off the beaten track but is still close enough to the centre to be an ideal early evening drinking spot. Independently owned and run, it’s a little more quirky than the average. Tucked away round the corner from The Mailbox, it offer a vastly different night out to the majority of bars in town.

Always a lively place, its bright neon furnishings are complemented by an array of music posters, and with something happening every night of the week it’s easy to see how it has previously been lauded as Birmingham’s best bar. The outside smoking area is a welcome addition, but pavement space is limited and it can become overcrowded on busy nights. Island does an authentic impression of a rock and roll bar, the music is generally great but it can be a little too loud for easy conversation. They host live music and DJs throughout the week and Thursday's open mic night is particularly good fun offering support for young and upcoming musicians. At weekends, DJs play a variety of music, with DJs from Kerrang radio often appearing on Saturdays. The rock-heavy playlist may not appeal to all but it is a key part of the bar's identity and it is loved by the clientele.

The People
Island is popular with students and young professionals for its mix of good music, great drinks and reasonable prices. The bar staff are friendly, polite and clearly enjoy their work, which really adds to the fun atmosphere. The high-tempo bar tending is great theatre to watch as well.

Despite all the fun they seem to be having, the bar staff clearly know their jobs well. The drinks are served with care and thought it is put into every aspect of their creation. They use premium spirits, and are knowledgeable about their craft, if you need help they will recommend drinks and add personal twists to classic recipes.

The Drink
Highly recommended by regulars, their version of the classic Bramble is one example of their skills. Made with gin, cassis, lemon juice and sugar syrup, Island's Bramble is sharp, yet sweet and very refreshing. At £5.50 its good value when the quality of the drink is taken into account. Another popular drink at the bar is the Mojito, this concoction is one of the best loved cocktail for a reason: it’s delicious. They serve a wide range of cocktails, both classic and their own signature drinks. Also available are a range of beers, including 19 different world beers. Amstel (£3) and Guinness (£3.20) are amongst the beers pouring from the taps, and wines are available for those not in the mood for a cocktail.

The Last Word
One of Birmingham’s best bars.