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Missing is a lively, entertaining bar that caters for all. From games to cabaret nights you will never get bored here.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Tue 12:00-04:00
Wed-Sat 12:00-04:00
Sun 12:00-02:00

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Missing reviews

By Robert J.

Situated right in the centre of the Gay Village in Hurst Street, Missing is by far the best bar in Town. Modern , stylish, vibrant, excellent hard working staff, and affordable prices too, unlike some other venues around, ie Loft, Village, Sidewalk, where they are overrated and over priced. The staff take pride working in Missing and it shows by constantly being the most popular bar in the area. A visit is a MUST.

By Colin S.

I agree with your observations about staff attitudes in 'Missing' however, you have to remember that it is a very human failing to make assumptions, and in this case the barperson has obviously assumed that you had not bought any drinks prior to your request for tap water. You should have pointed out this fact and at the same time demanded to see a manager or if that was not possible, return at a later date to voice what I consider to be an extremely important concern about your treatment there. I would urge you to still do this, even though over three months have elapsed since your experience. Missing barstaff have recently trumpeted their friendly and accommodating personalities in various gay publications which are to be found in all the gay venues in Bham and I for one have found these claims to often be disproved. Your own experience illustrates this perfectly. I occasionally go into the place but usually only to meet friends before going on to some other venue such as The Nightingale or The Village Inn. Its certainly not a place I would frequent on anything like a regular basis. In fact the first point of contact for anyone going into Missing is the 'security' staff ( I still call them bouncers) members of a neanderthal subculture who relish the prospect of exerting their 'authority' on anyone they feel able to. These guys, with one exception, are the most surly and offhand characters it has been my displeasure to encounter in the 'village' and the management of Missing would be well advised to give them a little training in the proper way to deal with paying customers because I know several ppl who refuse to give Missing their patronage purely because of the appalling attitudes displayed by the so called security staff

By Todd N.

Do not go here! The staff are extremely unfriendly. Me and two friends were on a night out (15th Jan 2010) and first visited a couple of bars before moving onto Missing. We arrived at Missing and bought two drinks each (4 Pints of beer and 2 Vodka and Cokes). After that myself and another friend felt like we needed some water, so when I asked the barman for two glasses of tap water he replied 'You can't come here and not buy a drink' giving me an awfully dirty look. He then said, 'you can buy a coke, a lemonade or some bottled water', so I replied saying to forget about it and we walked out. I have been to Missing many times before the new management took over this January and thoroughly enjoyed myself and I have spent a lot of money in there and would have continued to do so with the new management if this hadn't had happened, but we will never be returning. I also believe that a pub/bar/club which serves alcoholic drinks would have a clause under their liscense which states they must by law provide free tap water to customers, it would be interesting to find out.

By G.

A small but well decorated gay cabaret bar in the Village, Missing is a find.

The Venue
The outside patio at Missing is enclosed by a dark red wooden fence and is filled with cubic quasi-Bauhaus style white chairs gathered around white tables. It’s quite a small bar but well-styled with its dark floor and spotlights in the ceiling and an island bar which you can walk all the way around.

There’s a DJ booth and a small stage on the left for cabaret nights which happen every Friday and Saturday when the bar’s open till 4am. Red drapes hang from the tiled ceiling and at the back there are beige, cream and brown panelled banquettes which run all the way up the far wall. There are square lamps and animal print-covered ottomans and small round cocktail tables too. Another bar upstairs may be re-opening in the future.

The People
As it's a gay bar the crowd is, unsurprisingly, mainly gay and they're all up for a party. It gets packed on cabaret nights and it's also busy on Mondays when it's student night. It stays open until 3am on Monday and Tuesday and until 4am from Wednesday to Saturday. And most people stick around rather than going in search of late-night dancing elsewhere. The only night when they're not dancing till dawn is Sunday when it closes at 2am.

The Food and Drink
Strongbow, Carling, Tetley’s and Woodpecker are on draught and you’ve got Stella, Budweiser, Corona and Beck’s in bottles. They don’t do any cocktails which is a little surprising given the look of the place and the entertainment they put on. It’s £9.99 for a bottle of house wine and there’s no food.

The Last Word
This is a popular bar in the Village especially with the late-night crew who refuse to let the party end.