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Alfresco is a friendly family run Italian restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere and excellent service. With stunning views of the sea and pier, this is a great place to enjoy a relaxed meal with friends and family. Cocktails and snacks are available at the bar.

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Alfresco reviews

By Natalie K.

Sitting outside overlooking the sea was so relaxing! Great food and friendly service too, will definitely return.

By Sarah C.

I love this place. I was on holiday and I went everyday for a week. The waitors were so friendly, the food very pleasant and the location very brighton. The views are right across Brighton and I cannot recommend this place enough whether a family event, romantic meal or a quick business lunch. It suits all occassions, wide choice of dishes using fresh and homemade pasta. Nice Italian cocktails. Perfect, a little expensive.

By Alex L.

Superbly brilliant and faultless, food pricey but alcohol cheaper, but considering the location I do not mind. I had a splendid time with my husband and I. I am from London and was recommended by a friend who has eaten in most places in Brighton. It was my husband's and I 10th wedding anniversary and as we could not afford to go away I did not mind as we were by the sea being spoilt by the staff at Alfresco. The manager made us feel like we were dining in Amalfi where we celebrated our honeymoon. I could not thank them enough for everything they did.

By Alex L.

I think that this is one of the best Italian restaurants I have eaten at, outside of Italy. The food is fresh and rustic (meaning yes there are olive pips in olives), the service attentive adn the staff always fulfil everything that has been asked of them. I could not recommend this restaurant more highly. We have dined there for family meals, corporate dinners and on a social level too and they never fail to disappoint. The location is breathtaking and no where like it along the South Coast.

By Davina K.

I cannot fault the service my husband and I experienced whilst dealing with the event managament team in the lead upto and during our wedding reception. The family run Alfresco was accomodating, even in my bridezilla state, and allowed us to fulfil the dreams I had of my wedding day. Great food and a great location. I will def make the effort to visit more often. Thankyou so much.

By David L.

Ive eaten in Alfresco more times than I can remember, it is a great place offering fantastic views and great customer service. The menu changes with the seasons and the chef has created some inspired dishes. Considering the capacity of Alfresco the menu is daring but is managed appropriately. I cannot fault Alfresco at all. Top place, great people, fantastic view and good food. What more can you ask for. Alfresco is Brighton exemplified.

By Hannah F.

I echo the first two reviews of this restuarant. It is disgusting, horrendous and outragously rude people that run Alfresco. The staff snatched my 2 year old sons fork from his hand when he was being so quiet and well behaved eating his dinner with it. They gave him a plastic drinks decoration and a tea spoon to eat his dinner with. They didn't talk to us about what they were doing at all. They showed us a tea spoon they had one side of the table and when I turned around another waiter was snatching my sons fork out of his hand. My little boy was in total shock as he was just happily sitting there tucking into his pasta with it completely content and happy. My husband and I were in total shock too as we had no idea what was going on and why our little boy had just had his fork snatched from him. So my husband got up to get him another one to eat with. With that a very rude, what I can only think was the manager, came over with a disgusted look on his face and said the noise he was making was not nice for other people. My little boy had made maybe 3 chinks on his bowl with his fork. He was sitting extremely quietly in his highchair eating. We could not believe what we were hearing. We were so angry that they felt they had the right to treat our little boy so badly that we left without paying saying they should not welcome children to there restaurant if they felt that way about them. This is the rudest restuarant I have ever been too in all my adult life and we eat out a lot. Since our little boy was born 2 years ago we have taken him into many a restuarant every weekend and he has never been treated in such a rude unwelcoming way. We were appalled by the service we received here and outraged at the way they treated out little boy. Do not go to Alfresco unless you wanted to be treated a disgusting way by the staff and owners. Our little boy was treated like a piece of dirt. Not at all child freindly, the worst restuarant we have ever entered. Horrendous!

By Vanessa S.

I have lived in Brighton for nearly 20 years, and Alfresco's is probably one of the worst choices of Restaurants you can make in Brighton. It has a great view, but just about average food which is very expensive for what you get. Also they have really realy bad customer service. Olives are served with pips. Last time I had a pizza there I cracked my tooth on such a pip and had to pay £80 for an emergency treatment and £350 for a crown. The waiter (and owner) did not even apologise or offered me a glass of water to wash my mouth or considered some sort of compensation. I was told that I have to live with the fact that Olives have pips. Well fish has bones, but I assume they are removed before serving.

Anyway there are many good restaurants in Brighton, so don’t do the same mistake I did, and go to this tourist trap because of the view and it is getting cold. You will be disappointed! For food, go up Preston Street (just opposite up the hill) and there are many more restaurants to chose from, including Italian. For a drink and a view carry on towards hove until the Bandstand and go to the café below. Both options are less then 5 mins away. Do not go to Alfresco’s!

By Finn D.

wow i have never dined at such a poor disgusting place

the staff here are the rudest i have come across they lied about my booking and we were celebrating a friends birthday and they told us they would order a cake with his name and happy birthday on

yet despite 3 weeks otice they did not do this they then sat us inside despite asking for a table outside and there staff all stood around the door with there coats on waiting to leave for the night

even though we had not finished they were unwilling to help with the complaint and despite spending nearly 400.00

they say its upto them were people sit I have rang to talk to them but they are so so so rude and are unwilling to talk to me

i would not recommend this place at all its awful overly priced and full of appalling people i will be posting this on as many forums as i can as do not want anyone else to waist money here

By Peter C.

Location, location, location.

What a brilliant idea it was for Giuseppe to open this restaurant about fifteen years ago, having built a decent reputation at the now defunct Mama Mia of Preston Street.

Everybody has a superb view of Brighton and the ocean from the glass pavilion; the sort of experience you should get on the pier, but don't.

Service is always very professional and attentive, and the food is certainly above average and reasonably-priced.

The pizzas and pasta are popular, and range from the standard family Italian dishes one would expect to a few slightly more ambitious items (the single enormous prawn is something of an oddity, but worth a look).

All-in-all a deservedly popular restaurant, astutely run, well-patronised despite being a little way off the regular tourist track.

By S.

A beautiful place that mamma would certainly be proud of; Alfresco is an Italian restaurant not to be missed on the beach adventure which is daily life in bright and breezy Brighton.

The Venue
Perfectly situated on the beach on Milkmaid Pavilion and towards the old West Pier you are closer to Hove than Brighton. There are so many things to say about the structure. What looks like an old lighthouse, is in fact a vast restaurant and bar that has been beautifully constructed over levels. It’s a curved building which stretches to accommodate outside seating and attractive pillars are also thrown in.

The upper level has a central dining area with plenty of large paned windows that flood the restaurant with natural light. There’s a clean and crisp layout with light beech wood floors and modern smart tables that are not too posey. The semi circular terrace with its smart decked out balcony gives some magnificent views onto the seafront. This really is dining with a view.

The Atmosphere
Well dressed regulars fill their lungs with salty sea air as they mingle with a savvy work crowd who are here on business lunches. You'll find the odd well turned out tourist here too who are out to soak up Brighton’s ambience but really this is a locals place and is ideal for a spot of food if you're feeling jaded by Brighton life - you'll soon remember what you love about living by the sea.

The Food
You can almost taste the freshness of the food and the sea location seems to make everything taste fresher still. Starters include a warm, crisp goat's cheese on a bed of fine green beans with a pepperonata sauce. The salmon, caper and crayfish cake is delicately flavoured with lemon, parsley and spring onions. This is served with avocado salsa and mixed organic leaves direct from their own specialist supplier. Try also a salad of freshly authentic borlotti beans, grilled artichokes, sunblushed tomato, olives, organic mixed leaves and anchovy fillets which have been beautifully marinaded. The beans are soft and well cooked and the saltiness and piquancy from the fish and olives is the ultimate combination of flavours when mixed in a salad like this.

Mains include fresh tagliatelli with an array of wild mushrooms, black truffle butter and parsley, Rigatoni all’Arrabiata (which is rigatoni in a fresh tomato sauce mixed with stong flavours of chilli, garlic and peppery rocket) and Saffron risotto with smoked haddock and spring onions. The risotto is creamy on the palate and with small chunks of the soft, flaky haddock running throughout this dish it’s a real blend of smokiness that hits your mouth up until the last second. There are other Italian classics as standard including Pizza Calabrese, a melee of freshly prepared Alfresco tomato sauce, mozzarella, fennel flavoured Neapolitan sausage, wild mushrooms with rocket and finished off with truffle oil and Pizza Caprini which includes fresh tomato sauce, Italian goat’s cheese, sun blush tomatoes, Greek Kalamata olives and mixed peppers. This Mediterranean combo works well and the peppers are just the right side of marinated to not slide off your fork.

Other meat and fish dishes include an attractive looking Alfresco salmon and crayfish cake infused with lemon, parsley and spring onions and served with avocado salsa and mixed leaves or tender medallions of marinated Angus beef fillet with watercress, sauteed potatoes and a mustard and wine cream sauce. The sauce is well put together and doesn’t dominate the overall taste of the meat.

The Drink
One Italian wine to choose is the light and dry Verdicchio Classico or the intense bouquet of the Pinot Grigio. Some reds to pore over are the full bodied Grottino with its dry, strong and velvety aroma or a warm glass of Canneto which has an elegant oaky bouquet. A good alternative to Prosecco the classic Italian dry champagne would be to go for the sweet and seductive Asti Spumante.

The Last Word
The true meaning of dining alfresco is found here accompanied by some decent quality dishes and spectacular views that even if you've lived in Brighton for years it will tempt you to find a camera and start snapping away.

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