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Hangleton Manor is one the oldest buildings in the area. An extensive menu of British dishes is available and the large garden makes it an ideal choice for families.

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Hangleton Manor reviews

By Sarah J.

Me and my partner took my mum and brother down there for a Sunday lunch. The beef was raw and cold and the potatoes looked like they hadn't been cooked. My partner had a sirloin steak which was pure fat. I asked the waitress if she could ask the chef to cook mine and my brothers meat a bit more as it looked raw. After ten minutes of waiting for my food to come back my partner and mum had finished their meals. I told the waitress that my brother and I no longer wanted our meals. My partner also mentioned that the steak was very fatty and not very nice. They said that the three meals would be free (however they were not free as we didn't eat them). We then asked if we could order some puddings as we were hungry. We ordered our puddings and whilst we waited the manager and staff were staring and taking about us in the restaurant. It made us feel very uncomfortable and as if we had done something wrong. We ate our puddings and then sat there twenty minutes for someone to come and clear them. In the end my partner went into the other dining room and asked a waitress for the bill. The bill was then slapped on the table without the waitress saying a word. We paid and left. I shall not be going back there as the food/drink is poor and over priced and the manager is rude. A real shame as we used to love it in there a couple of years ago. I would just like to add that I have never sent any food back in a restaurant before and I have never not eaten food that has been put in front of me.

By Kim W.

I have marked them down on the service received and the lack of people skills not the fact that they won't hold wedding receptions. For 6 months on and off we were told yes then no then yes then no and from what you have said they have changed their minds again a couple of times since. I am sorry but if i am spending thousands of pounds i expect to know roughly where i stand without extra worry, if they change hands again, which they seem to be doing often, who's to say they won't honour your reception? They are well within their legal rights not to. I am glad we didn't hold our wedding here now as family who have been customers for 10 years have stopped going due to this lack of service, poor food and a few other niggles. My whole family has lived in this area for 90 years and the history behind Hangleton is very important to me. I am not so shallow as to make down just because we didn't get a wedding reception lol In the end we actually spent alot less and got alot more so it's neither here no there. Good luck with your Wedding but reviews are for peoples personal opinions and experiences and i'm afraid mine as are quite a few others very low of this place these days.

By Jo L.

I'm sorry you got that reception at the manor, I too went there to inquire about a wedding and was told they were no longer holding weddings we were gutted and trawled loads if other venues and found nothing close in beauty. I went back fir dinner (I live close) and spoke to the manager who told me that they had decided to hold weddings for another year so we of course booked and were very pleased. The management has since changed and the new owners are also not prepared to do weddings but are honouring ones booked (thank god). She told how much trouble it causes and that they are only allowed to hold so many a year. Tbh having spoke to them I understand why they don't want weddings, alot of there regular trade get put off by them and the extra work involved doesn't pay off, especially not small weddings. I'm really looking forward to my wedding and I'm so grateful to be allowed to hold it there (I'm also getting married in st Helen's). Myself and my partner regularly drink/eat and take our children in there beautiful grounds and think that it's a bit harsh marking them down just because they don't want weddings anymore. The other marked down reviews are people who are complaining about weddings being held there so no matter what they do someone will be upset

By Kate G.

I have had a similar experience in regards to the attitude of the staff. I was ask to leave the bar area because I had my FIVE month old daughter with my who was asleep in her car seat. I was fobbed off with an excuse about their License agreement. Well my understanding of the Licensing Act of 2003 is that children under 16 have to be accompanied by an adult over 18. My daughter was accompanied by 3 adults. Not as though she walked in of her own accord. Now I can understand they don't want children running around causing a nuisance in the bar but come on! This was a Thursday lunch time and hardly busy. What harm could such a little one do when she can't even sit up unaided, let alone run about? Pedantic attitude to say the the least.

By Kim W.

I give Hangleton Manor 1 star purely on the basis that it is a stunning building with a lovely garden. The other 4 stars fell due to the fact that me and my partner rang The Hangleton Manor earlier in the year to discuss holding our wedding reception here. We got quite an abrupt response saying that they aren't holding receptions here at the moment as they are waiting for their Civil Ceremony license. What the license has to do with a wedding reception, i don't know. We were getting married in St Helen's church so there was no need for a license! Never mind the fact that the way it was put was very rude- like we weren't good enough for them. Because i really wanted to hold my reception here as i grew up in Hangleton and am proud of the history behind St Helen's and Hangleton Manor, my partner and i visited H.Manor in person hoping that face to face we might get more of an answer. Well, it was a complete waste of time. We thought we'd have something to eat and a drink and ask to speak to someone when they had a free moment or to arrange a time to go back to speak to someone if they were busy. The manager, about 20 minutes later and without even saying hello asked how many people would be coming. We answered with approx 60 and with that he said that they might be able to do it but it would have to be across two rooms and they wouldn't know if they could do it until later in the year in a very sharp manor. Needless to say, when you are booking a reception that costs alot of money you want to now for sure that there will infant be a reception and not be told at the last minute that it;s not possible. Secondly, as a paying customer and a polite one at that you'd expect to at least get a polite response in return. I can understand the space issue but unfortunately we were unaware that the Manor couldn't hold as many people as were attending. All in all a very bad experience and as anyone in this sectorr should know a bad experience travels further than a positive. :(

By A G.

My friends and I went to the Hangleton Manor last night for a Christmas Meal. I must admit, I was not expecting a fabulous meal as I found the Festive Menu to be somewhat limited and uninspiring but I figured you can't go too worng with prawn cocktail and a traditional turkey roast. Sadly, the food whilst edible, wasn't very tasty and certainly wasn't value for money. My prawn cocktail was mostly salad with about a dozen of the smallest shrimp I believe I have ever seen, a drizzle of sauce and some bread on the side with a block of rock solid unsalted butter. The main course was what I can only describe as a tribute to Bernard Matthews! The roast turkey was not. It was shaped like a slice of turkey but was some reformed thing with smooth sides and fake grill marks. It was served with two roast potatoes, three sprouts, a piece of brocoli, half a dozen slices of carrot and a scoop of peas. There was some strange flat, sausage shaped reformed stuffing thing too and a drizzle of gravy. The whole thing was tasteless and dry. I am not a huge desert fan but given the starter and main course, I was expecting it to be the best bit. It was, but not in a great way. I had poached pear with ice cream which looked lovely but sadly, was all cold so I don't know when exactly it was poached. Coffee was cold, cheap and tasteless and the whole meal was very rushed with one plate replacing the next immediately. When however, we were ready to pay our bill and go home, we couldn't find a member of staff for love nor money! All in all, very disappointing. The venue is beautiful and the food on the blackboard in the bar sounded lovely so it could just be one of those where a good pub goes bad in the name of mass Christmas Dinners. I wouldn't write it off completely but I wouldn't go back for Christmas again.

By R P.

I recently had my wedding reception at the Hangleton manor and could not fault anything! All my guests were impressed with the choice of food and how good it all tasted. Having eaten here many times during my wedding plans (and since) I cannot fault it, even when the restauraunt was very busy we were welcomed in and were able to get a table fairly quickly! I would and do actively recommend the Hangleton manor to friends and family!

By Hammy H.

5 of us went to The Manor for a meal,we hadn't been there for years and last time I went it was pub.We checked out the menu & blackboard, my bro-in-law chose beef stew & dumplings, my wife had steak,one of us had a jalapeno veggie type thing,the other had lamb-shank, & I had steak & tanglefoot pie with fries,we also had two bottles of red wine(which was not too bad) & some beers.OH DEAR! the (3) dumplings were like bullets & about as big as sprouts,my wifes peas were like bullets and the steak lukewarm,my pie was okay but rather expensive for the size,my friends jalapeno was all jalapeno and off hand I can't remember the problem with the lamb shank. When the table was being cleared my bro-in-law told the girl about the dumplings and my wife told the waitress about the peas,end of conversation,at no point was any comment made by the staff,no apologies were made, so the evening became a bit flat.It's a great PUB but that's all it is, if I were the owners I'd do away with the food because I'm afraid they just can't handle it!The staff were friendly enough but some sort of apology would have been in order.It certainly isn't cheap and somewhere we could not recommend,a chap I knew happened to be sitting in the bar & when I told him we were there to eat he made a negative comment.

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