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Jamie Oliver's passion for Italian food shines through at his restaurant Jamies Italian, which serves a range of authentic dishes at affordable prices. The restaurant has a casual dining concept and fresh seasonal produce is used throughout the menu.

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Jamies Italian reviews

By Sam J.

Really bad when you compare cost to exp! Atmosphere - for some reason they were playing loud dance/rock music which: 1. made it hard to talk to each other 2. Ruined the atmosphere of the restaurant and made it into more of a club/bar, certainly not an italian! Food - Well I got food poisoning from the seafood dish so am def. going to be biaist. Others though enjoyed their starter meat and veg platters and italian burgers. Me I would not eat seafood there again after that exp. which is ashame as seafood should be good in Brighton!

By Jackie C.

Last time I went a year ago, I was really impressed, but today after a lovely swim from pier to pier we took guests, hoping to impress. Sadly we were left with egg on our face. All the way down in the car we were raving about the food, namely the lamb lollipops, but we got there, no lamb on the menu, veggie options were very poor, and struggled to choose. When we had ordered the food my, £16 steak was over cooked (didn't even include chips, these were an extra £3.50!!), had ordered main size pasta dishes, but got the starter size, had a sleezy manager man when tried to complain. Only upside was the truly wonderful waitress.

By Luis G.

Extremely disappointed! Took my partner for the first time as I heard great things about it. We asked to sit outside with our dog. The waiter said that he would have to ask the restaurant manager... Really? .....The manager was on the phone and so we had to wait (to sit outside) As the manager came over he didn't even look at us and said yes we could sit outside to the waiter. We were given menus which had great, excited blurb about how its all about family and friends sharing Italian food. Not sure if any of the staff have ever been to Italy but honestly Italian family and friends treat you a lot better than this! We waited 20 minutes and yet no one came outside to even offer us a drink. What great detail it would've been if the waiter had said can i get you a hot drink etc etc! Seriously, no one was bothered. I looked through the glass to see if the bartenders would look over so I can wave and all they did was lean against the bar after they cleaned the work top ( i honestly didn't think id have to go in and ask to be given food) No one looked over. Finally we looked for another restaurant on our phone and finally found one that even took a reservation. We did all this while still sat at the table. The snobbery of that team couldn't have shone more during our visit. I was more disappointed as I wanted to really experience the food. We had already chosen drinks, antipasti and main courses. they really lost out on a pretty big order and future ones too as I have told a few people who thought they would visit Jamie's in Brighton. There's a long way to go if Jamie wants to instill a sense of family and friendship in the Brighton team. They really think they are above people sat in their outside area.

By Dan S.

I'm not a fan of some of Jamie's restaurants, but the Brighton one is fantastic. Decent prices, good hearty, simple (well done) food. The atmosphere is excelelnt, big, buzzy, fun and the service is courteous and prompt. Top restaurant - my favourite in Brighton.

By A F.

Sadly this place is really dissapointing. Wish I'd gone to Zizzi's across the road. I'm a veggie and the menu is almost arrogant in it's lack of decent vegetarian offering, which is crazy considering Brighton has a large veggie/vegan population. I ended up selecting a starter for my main and it was tasteless and unpleasant, really wish I hadn't bothered. Not only that, myself and my husband have both had a dodgy stomach following our meal :-(

By Gina H.

Really disappointing. Waited ages and ages and then when got table lots of menu items no longer available. Had a black pasta dish with scant seafood - very average. Staff were offhand. Would not reccommend.

By El S.

My husband and I were very dissapointed. The prawn linguine was bland, watery and tasteless, I felt sick all afternoon. Don't understand why Jamie is putting his name to this?! Have been to Italy and the food is nothing like this!

By Takei Hansu T.

We have been very disappointed with the lunch we've had at Jamies restaurant. Food is overpriced and portions are very small. No vegetables came with the meals. We've had ice cream which came in a very tiny bowl. One starter was ok, the rest of the meal was very poor. We cannot recommend the place and won't be going again. Also the food didn't seem very Italian to us.

By Pam P.

Expensive for what we had. Starters were better than the mains which were very disappointing. Seated at back of ground floor in the corner near sink and the excess furniture depositary so not the best ambiance in the world to make up for it. Glad to leave - won't be going back

By Vero L.

Me and my partner are both 50 somethings and absolutely love Jamies and have since it opened we like it because all ages go there and not just youngsters ... or old people!!

By Rob C.

Don't be fooled by the reviews, this is expensive for the portion sizes. I had a hard day out on Shoreham lifeboat and I was ravenous. Thirty eight pounds and an hour later, I was still hungry and so was my friend. Food was nice enough though. Jamie's Italian? Jamie's scmitalian!! Rob Cullen. 2/5.

By Sharon M.

Jamie, has got this restaurant right from the ambiance to the music there's something for everyone.....it was my first visit last night (16th Nov) We were greeted by friendly staff we waited around 15 Min's for a table. in the meantime we ordered the organic house red very Moorish,this was poured into a large carafe. our table was ready we were taken to a booth and presented with the menu,i was impressed by its content .....we settled on the bread and olive oil plus the wild boar antipasti for the starter, we chose one of the specials pork belly on a bed of lentils for the main.The food was well presented the pork belly tickled all our senses the smell the taste and texture of the dish was so orgasmic we didn't want the meal to end...I would recommend this restaurant to any one who enjoys food it was professional but friendly on the whole a truly wonderful experience.

By Peter J.

I think teh problem is that people are expecting fine-dining because of the name celeb chef thing. What we have is fast Italian food that you have to wait for because you can't book. Not being able to book has the effect of keeping the punters in the younger generation because older people don't want to just hang around - and this means that Jamie's is lively with predominantly young people going there, keeping the place fresh, lively, noisy and fun! It's a clever trick and although people don't see the reasons immediately, if the place was taken over with middle-class over 50s, you'd soon see the reasoning. The food is simple, but of the best quality. On top of that it's very cheap. I personally love pasta. It's my favourite food, and Italy and Rome especially is my favourite bolt-hole - for the food and atmosphere. Jamies Italian captures that spirit far better than anywhere in the uk possibly could. My favourite restaurant in Brighton. No contest. It rocks. Just have the lobster/prawn/crab Linguine (it varies its main ingredient). Absolute heaven.

By Melanie F.

I love Jamie's Italian! Not as much as my husband of 6 years, but almost! We came down to Jamie's Italian in Brighton to celebrate our 6 year anniversary this weekend. So many times we've splashed out on a meal only to be disappointed by either the food, service or atmosphere, we didn't know what to expect but being great fans of Jamie's work (part of the Middle Class 'jamie Oliver's Army' according to The Sunday Times!) we were hopeful. Nothing disappointed, the atmosphere was warm, cosy, relaxed, buzzing but somehow still intimate enough. We had a bottle of wine at the bar, (which we then took to our table to continue drinking with our meal) we waited 45 minutes but enjoyed the buzz of the bar, people watching and chatting. We shared a plank of yummy cured meats, cheeses and pickles etc for starter which was delicious and served in an interesting and original way - very Italian! Plus a bread basket which included every different type of Italian style bread - we loved it! I had the grilled chicken and my husband had the catch of the day, which turned out to be a plethora of fish, including prawns,squid and whitebait - both dishes were cooked to perfection and simply delicious. Our sides were different,tasty and and complemented out mains perfectly. Service was discreet but attentive - if that makes sense! Thanks to all the staff for such an enjoyable evening, the whole set up was just what we needed and our meal at Jamie's was the highlight of our special weekend away from our two wonderful but loud children!

By Sally K.

I have eaten at Jamies during the week with my partner food and service excellent, but on the weekend the food was dry and of poor quality and as a fan I was shocked Jamie would want his name linked to the poor food we were served. The waiter was also trying to flog us certain dishes and was overbearing in when trying to get us to choose certain dishes. We certainly wont be going again or recommending to friends that visit, there are far better restaurants in Brighton. You want to be careful Jamie, Gordon may feature you on hells kitchen.

By Julian H.

Regular visitors to Brighton, visit many restaurants. We are foody people and I am a very good cook delivering authentic dishes, although not professional, and was a contestant on Masterchef! Italian? I have seen more italian style and resemblance at a little chef, sorry! Food covered in oil, orange in colour that stained my daughters mouth! Spaghetti that was bland. I had the "chicken cooked under a brick" It must of been, it squeezed all the taste out and made it dry! Very very disappointed. Bad service, seemed keen to sell sides and pricing was a little on the rich side. Shame the italian tomato sauce wasn't! Shown or told of no children's menu but insistent on selling an adult menu. Jamie, I would really want to have some serious input into these restaurants if your name is to be upheld. Also, if we were enjoying our meal, I do not want to share it with smokers who had been inside being allowed to smoke outside by the waitress where others are dining, come on! Upside, we now know of the Vietnamese street food restaurant next door, that was packed! The Horner family.

By Jason S.

Highly overrated and as a novelty restaurant it's on notch higher than my visit to 13. Very very long wait (2hrs) for a table and mediocre and slightly pricey food. I won't be going again or recommending it to others.

By Angela T.

Lovely to have tried this restaurant with my family - but i was expecting better value for money. A small steak and a couple of slices of mushrooms with a small amount of watercress was £17 and not a good cut of steak.A couple of us had pork loin (two very small pieces of pork although cooked ok). My small plate of ok cooked food was swimming in oil - bathing in it! The waiter confirmed that this is the way it should be served! The other plate of pork loin that was brought to the table was not even slithering in oil...obviously not the way all plates of food arrive from the kitchen to table or they would have all been bathing in it! Very noisy so difficult to have a conversation other than with the person sitting next to you. The wine Rose was lovely. Came out of Jamies clothes smelling of oil and garlic!!

By Diane R.

My partner and I visited Brighton for a short break in June and stumbled on Jamie's quite by chance as it as just round the corner from the hotel where we were staying. We decided to try it as we both love Italian food. We did not have a lot of time as we were going to the theatre afterwards but we did not have to wait to be seated although it was busy, probably because we only needed a table for two. We were so impressed with the food and the service that we went back the next night to enjoy the experience more leisurely. The waiting staff were excellent and the food lived up to our expectations. The only disappointment was that we were not more hungry so we could have tried more dishes. We can't wait to visit Brighton again.

By Shelley M.

27 June 2010 I went to Jamies Italian for my birthday yesterday - the food was very average or poor really. It was very empty where we sat upstairs yet they made so many mistakes - bought still water instead of sparkling, bought me the wrong pudding, when 2 of our party had coffee we had to ask for milk after 5 minutes. The icecream scoops were more like teaspoons. I had squid ink pasta with scallops, the pasta was overcooked and there were only 6 scallops in it and that was all. We wont be returning.

By Cunt C.

Sorry - didn't realise that the review system gives 3 starts by default. Amend my previous review to 2 stars.

By Cunt C.

The food was staggeringly average. But it took ages to arrive. Save yourself the bother of going (and tipping) by just buying a book and cooking it (better) yourself. A massive waste of time and money.

By Alex K.

I totally agree with everything you have put there! At first the wait staff seemed a little too relaxed, but that Jamies's style in general I think. The food was really lovely and we ate it all up without complaint. Our waitress was attentive and as she finished her shift, she informed us of who would be taking over. Our next waitress was just as friendly and helpful and showed a genuine interest in us as people! I would definitely return to this restaurant. The food was beautiful in taste and appearance. Some really lovely flavours that I would not think to put together myself. The whole menu showed enthusiasm and character!

By Steve R.

Having read three poor reviews we still went for lunch. I had a completely different experience to the other diners. Firstly we were seated without fuss, then offered a carafe of tap water (and had it refilled without asking). Service was fast and pleasant. The food (antipasta) was just fine and the mains of chicken and the burger were just fine too. The salads that we ordered to accompany the mains were very good. The food I could see being delivered to other diners all looked interesting too. There were plenty of waiting staff, none of whom appeared to be avoiding me. All of this seems different to the previous reviews. My advice would be a) don't go there if you're expecting a romantic dinner for 2; b) don't go if you're looking for somewhere quiet, as the atmosphere is lively; c) do go if you want nice food that's relatively inexpensive.

By Maureen B.

Style over substance? We visited on Monday - a rare get-together of family (& therefore a special occasion). There were 8 of us, three generations & all ages, all enthusiastic to visit the restaurant. We came away feeling that we'd had a barely adequate & unexciting meal - and that the restaurant was as much about advertising the Jamie brand and merchandise as anything. There was a puzzlingly large number of unoccupied young staff (I counted 9 while we were waiting to be allocated a table, five of them aimless and chatting). We were seated upstairs and had a perfectly friendly waitress - not her fault that the food was poor. The 'viewmaster' presentation of the children's menu was a fun idea, and the main menu promised interesting dishes; but, alas, the food didn't live up to expectations. One dish of dipping oil/vinegar to accompany the bread was a bit mean (and tricky for 8 people to use.) All the pasta was lukewarm. Three of us had meatballs and could hardly detect the accompanying sauce, so it was a strangely dry dish. Child's burger arrived on a bit of wood with a pile of lettuce leaves - awkward for eating and an odd way to get children to eat greens, the total lack of variety (lettuce-leaves-only) hardly makiong for an appealing salad. The design of the restaurant clearly hadn't allowed for late afternoon sun - which shone directly on our table and was blindingly bright. We couldn't move tables, apparently, so a young man improvised makeshift curtains using aprons. Some of us were still blinded by the sun whatever he tried. Puddings were ok but hardly good value. Serving brownies on wooden platter and ice cream in a tiny dish meant eating them together was tricky and messy. I'm really rather cross that we felt we could have had a better meal if we'd gone to a standard pizza restaurant. Giving everyone a badge on the way out and having lots of merchandise on offer are peripheral. The food is what should be the main event!

By Tony D.

Took my wife there to celebrate ourv anniversary unfortunately. They refused to take a booking and then kept us waiting over an hour whilst other people were shown to the tables they had booked. The management will say that they accept bookings for large parties; four is not a large party. Getting served at the bar was extremely difficult as the sweet child of Jesus serving would break off to take glasses to anyone who wanted them except us. The order was not that complicated, one bottle of house wine and two glasses. After 15 minutes one of the other bar staff told him to finish unscrewing the cap and serve us. I used to admire Jamie Oliver even though he is a drummer. Will never visit any restaurant he is involved with again.

By Nigel B.

Been there three times for differet occasions, birthdays etc. Have been wholly unimpressed each time. Poor service. There's plenty of staff but my goodness do they try hard not to be distracted from serving. They come across as indifferent and uncaring. The food is very, very average. It's poorly put together pap. I've had three different pasta dishes, all of which tasted like they'd been prepared by a chef who's idea of seasoning is to throw in more salt. The food is unsubtle stodge. Hugely disappointing consdiring the reputation of the owner. Pukka, this food ain't...Pants it certainly is!

By Lynn H.

I visited Jamie's Italian in Brighton yesterday (13feb2010) with my husband and our three year old daughter and we were not disappointed. In fact it was one of the best meals out we have had. We had a ten minute wait which, over the lunchtime period, was not bad at all. Our waitress was excellent and one of the best things for me was how 'child' friendly the place was. There were lots of families and children in the restaurant, sitting alongside many valentine couples without any apparent problems.

As for the food - amazing! We have had many holidays in Italy and this was the closest you can get to being there. I had prawn linguine which was a perfect balance of fresh prawns, chillies and fresh rocket. Gennaro's winter salad was simply gorgeous. My husband had 'the best bolognaise' he's ever had while our daughter finished her plate of ravioli in record time - a sure sign of excellent food! I will be honest and admit that I had my reservations about going to a 'celebrity' restuarant as they don't always live up to the name - but this exceeded my expectations and them some. Can't wait to go back. After I have booked our next trip to Italy! Thank you Jamie and the team at Brighton - we will be back! X

By Greasy T.

The food is average for a restaurant, I've had better pub food. Jamie should really keep an eye what he puts his name to. The food at Jamies Italian is not up to the standards he demonstrates in the media. Some people I know have had good experience with the Steak and the pasta, mine was indifferent the first time I went. I think there is an inconsistency in the service and it might be due to the staff, depending on who is working when you turn up you could have a good meal or a bad meal but you'll never know until you get it.

However, I recently went in for the Christmas meal and the Christmas Pork Belly was insulting: it was cold, there was very little meat, the stuffing in the middle had raisins and a rolled up slice of processed ham in the middle. There was no crispy bit either, it was appalling, the worst attempt at Pork Belly I have every seen or tasted and it is my favourite main so I have sampled it many times in many places and so far this is by far the worst. Maybe it is because Jamie's name is on it but I expected a very high quality of food so the disappointment may have been exaggerated due to the expectations. But those standards were set by Jamie himself and it is not unreasonable to expect that quality of food from his place.

The Christmas Pork was sooo bad it wouldn't matter who put their name against it: Jamie, Gordon, Ronald Mcdonald, Greasy Tony; anyone who cooks food for a living should be deeply ashamed of them selves and if they are not they have no place working in the food industry! Jamie, get your self down there and have a word mate!

By Steve R.

Expected a lot given the way Jamie bangs on about fresh ingredients. So imagine my surprise when the food served to me felt centrally produced to be plated then served on the premises.It was early and busy; the staff were already showing signs of harassment. The dishes we ordered where, Ravioli with wild mushrooms and Tagliatelle with truffle shavings. The plates came with no colour, a dull brown of the mushroom and pale white of the Tagliatelle, no attempt to liven them up with any colour at all. The green salad was a fist full of leaves covered in yoghurt and possible some olive oil. It was bland, dull, the pasta did not taste home made, and the ravioli was tough; as for the truffle shavings, only place they appeared to be was on the menu; the cream sauce was thin and tasteless.

The proudly proclaimed cheesecake with ice cream tasted supermarket quality and the ice cream, which one would expect to be Italian, had the texture of a cheap supermarket.I came away feeling this restaurant was trading on the name of Jamie Oliver, not on his advertised skills. If the food was produced/made on the premises, it arrived at the table looking and tasting centrally produced, with little care or imagination.

By Steve J.

So ive read a number of reviews on this site and felt compelled to write my own , after visiting the restaurant last saturday for my fiancees bday.

We were a group of 8, and unfortuntely didnt think ahead enough to see if we could book one of the limited group tables, so we had to queue to get our table.

However we knew this was likely, and expected about a 90 minte wait. Therefore as we wanted to eat about 9ish we all met at the restaurant at 7.30, got into the queue system and were told it was likely to be about a 2 hour wait.

We took the pager and went to the pub next door where two hours flew by . Our pager flashed and we went to our table. The waitress was very friendly and helpful , told us all the specials and know about every item on the menu.

We ordered the meat/veggie boards for starter which were delicious, then a combination of steaks and pasta were ordered. I had a pork dish which was fantastic, very tender. I would happily go there again, people just need to remember there is a system to not getting annoyed by the wait:

Get there much earlier than you want to eat, get in the queue, then have a few drinks, then you are fine. The best part of the experience, was the bill, we drunk 4 litres of wine, and the bill came to 30 quid a head.

I have paid a lot more money for food and service that good.If they did take bookings it would get booked well in advance meaning what we did last wknd just couldn't have happened.

Basically don't go to this restaurant if you are expecting to sit down straight away, you wont, but if you are happy to wait its worth it.

By Colin R.

Had lunch yesterday with my wife, We did not have to wait for a table.

I did ask for a table with a little more room as I am partially disabled which was no problem for the staff.

The waiter could not have been more helpful as he explained all the specials in detail, and when we decided what to eat he helped with the wine which would drink the best with the food. We decided to have the Anti-pasta plank which was really good, the large olives were the best I have ever had.

My wife then had the Butternut squash 'Lasagne', She said it was absolutely lovely. I decided to have 2 starter portions of Pasta, first I had the Crab Spaghettini (fantastic!) and then the Truffle Tagliatelle (Great but I would of paid more for a little extra truffle!).

It did start to get a little more crowded later on, the staff also advised the best times to eat without generally having to wait very long. A really good lazy lunch!!

By Paula B.

I recently visited Jamie's Italian for my sisters birthday and had a very enjoyable evening.

The meal was top notch, some tasty olives to start, I ordered the Ribeye Steak with some garlicy chips, and some proper italian icecream to finish off.

Drinks were surprisingly reasonable too and our waiter was more than attentive and knowledgable.

I have read some of the comments previously with much amusment... I feel these people either visit Wetherspoons far too often or they dont know enjoyable dining....

Very typical of the area's trashy folk. The only negative thing I would say was when we arrived we waited for a table about 45 minutes which was poor...

However, it was worth the wait and will return soon.

By Nelly B.

Had lunch yesterday ( 22-08-09) and while it was a nice warm day the air con was full on which did not make the experience of eating a very pleasant one.

The decore is a bit odd and I did not care for the chain mail curtains. I did like the toilets though.

Food was very average and did not really match the words of the master on the menu. My flash steak with tomato and chili salsa was just ok.

The meat was of good quality but the salsa turned out to be just large chunks of tomatoes thrown over the steak and I could not taste the chili.

The dish at £12.95 did not come with anything but a bit of a rocket salad so I ordered the Chunky chips with garlic and parsley (£2.95). These were served in a carton cup and were a dissapointment, lthey were flabby and lacked flavour.

My two friends had opted for pasta and did not complain. We would have tried some desserts but service was so slow that we gave up waiting. All in all nothing dreadful but a dissapointement nonetheless.

By Dean A.

one of the worst restaurants I have ever been to had to wait over 2 hours to be seated after being told an hour to an hour and a half. Really poor service staff . The worst squid I have had, over cooked greasy muck. The main was as bad a lump of stodgey spaggheti mixed with crab poor beyond belief. The sweet was ok but can you go wrong with ice cream? I will say the toilets were very good but then mine at home are nice and that is were I should have stayed.

By Grainne R.

Went on a busy Tuesday night in August and the place was packed- but only had to wait 15-20 minutes for a table and the staff were all very friendly and helpful. Ordered some delicious cocktails from the bar (tried the special lime and cucumber martini and thought I was in cocktail heaven) and took in the nice buzzy atmosphere. Our food order was taken quickly and enjoyed a bit of banter with the waiter. We both loved our starters and main courses and desserts- everything was cooked to perfection and thought portion sizes were spot on- I'd rather have a little of something really tasty than overloaded with tasteless stodge. The decor was nice- red plastic chairs were much more comfortable than they looked and gotta agree with the toilets comment- I even nearly took a photo! The biggest surprise was the bill- not including the drinks we had at the bar (we drunk water with our meal) it came to £50- the same as what I'd expact to pay for three courses for two in pizza express/zizis/strada/prezzo. But we got food of a MUCH higher standard! I believe tipping should only be done when the service warrants it- and never in my life have I left more than 15% but the 20% I left at Jamie's was earnt by every member of staff who made our experience the highlight of our honeymoon!

By Roland B.

Our party didnt even get in the restaurant as we had made a reservation 2 months ago for my son's 18th birthday for 8 people.

I was told this was the minimum number of people required to make a confirmed booking.

One of the elderly members of our party were unable to come due to illness. I contacted the restaurant to inform them of this and was told this would cause a problem for the restaurant which meant they were unable to honour our booking as we no longer had 8 in our party.

We were told we could queue outside and wait our turn with all the other customers that hadn't booked.

I found the attitude of staff appalling and had to hurriedly book another restaurant at the last minute.

I shall never visit this restaurant in the future or recommend it to anyone else. I do not believe this attitude is necessary and shows exceedingly bad customer relations.

I can only assume money is more important to this business because they gave up a confirmed booking because 1 member of a party had to cancel.

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