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The Royal Pavilion Tavern, or Pav Tav as it is affectionately known amongst the locals, is a traditional pub in the heart of Brighton. With friendly service and good food it's a vibrant and popular watering hole.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon–Sat 11:00–03:00
Sun 12:00–00:00

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Royal Pavilion Tavern reviews


I went here for a drink today with my husband and a friend i hadn't seen in a couple of years and none of us were disappointed. The staff were great, really friendly and the drink prices couldn't be faulted. Next time we visit we are looking forward to trying food from their menu.

By Alex S.

Went here for food attracted by the low prices. Took away a feeling of being cheated and exasperated by bad serviced. Let downs: I wasn't able to get a vegetarian burger on the "2 meals for £6" I told the barmaid that I would instead have the "burger and drink for £4.89" deal and could I please have the veggie burger. She ran through the order without telling me that the veggie burger cost extra and I did not realise this until checking my change later. When we asked for ketchup the staff member delivered an empty bottle. Suggestions: If someone asks for the 4.89 veggie burger, but the veggie burger isn't part of this deal say something, don't just run the higher price through the till without confirming the order. Make the menu pricing clearer, specifically if your deal is "burger and drink from 4.89" do not hide the word from with an obscure typeface and tiny sized letters. In addition do place it next to a similar deal that uses the word "for" e.g. "any pizza for £5.00". Customers don't like feeling as if they have been tricked, just be upfront, clear and honest about your pricing. The table next to us, served by the same staff member, also had service problems, they had to wait a very long time for their food. The excuse: "sorry, but our chef burnt the pizza(paraphrased)" Both myself and my friend will not be paying another visit

By Holly B.

I used to love this pub and was loyal to it until the bar staff became ridiculously rude. I watched one guy asked for a lime in his drink for the barman to reply with 'are you f***ing kidding me?' and didn't give him any lime for no particular reason. Me and my friends then noticed how the girls are extremely rude to girls, and the men are extremely rude to guys. I think the service has gone down hill dramatically and I won't be drinking there again. Reading the comment below proves my point too.

By Rosanna W.

NOT WORTH IT FOR THE RUDE BLONDE WITH GLASSESI started going to the free pub quizzes at the pav tav, which were great as was the quizmaster. But the service otherwise is appalling! I asked for a lime and soda, they charged 20p for a pint, 10p for a half and it was like that for a few weeks. Then my friends noticed a brunette behind the bar was being really rude to them (we were all completely sober that night). The next week I continued only drinking lime and soda all evening but the last time I went up the blonde girl with glasses told me "not to take the piss", I asked why and she said "we can't be giving out free drinks, this is a pub", I said I'd paid all along and was happy to pay again. She then told me to "drink a REAL drink like pepsi or lemonade", I asked why couldn't I get a lime and soda if I was willing to pay whatever it costs, she was extremely rude and dismissive. When I asked to speak to the manager she told me she was the boss. I really don't understand her logic whatsoever as we were loyal to pav tav until tonight, and none of us were lairy or drunk, we just wanted to come for the quiz!SORT OUT YOUR SERVICE PAV TAV, HIRE SOME DECENT BARMAIDS!

By Catherine C.

I visited this pub with my daughter and her friends because they said it was fab and it was. I had the best chicken ceasar salad I have ever tasted and everyone was very friendly.

By Lizzy B.

This is the best pub in brighton, there a wicked crowd, great staff and cheap drinks. We love it! thats why they cant get rid of us!

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