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The Bedford Tavern is a 200 year old pub just off the sea front. Here you can enjoy a wide range of food and drink including guest ales. The Bedford Tavern also has its own unique restaurant The Mariner's Kitchen offering a wide selection of seafood, organic meats and vegetarian dishes.

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The Bedford Tavern reviews

By Kim F.

The Bedford Tavern is a proper traditional pub which is becoming a rare thing now a days. It makes a nice change to enjoy a beer in the traditional surroundings.

By Mark C.

Only one visit so far but definitely the highlight of this year's Brighton Pride. Six of us went for Sunday Lunch which was amazing. I have not enjoyed a Sunday Roast as good as this for years, all home cooked and devine, the slow cooked Pork with crackling was to die for. All six choices were excellent. Not to be missed and all at reasonable prices.

By Mark H.

This is definitely the best Bar in the world. The staff are fantastic. Rachel and Liz are the best. Matt is just fantastic and Adam is the mostest of the hostess as the manager. The Sunday roast are great too. I feel so lucky to have this pub as my local. I love you, love you, love you. Thank you Bedford you have made my life in Brighton so much happier.

By Kevin H.

The Bedford Tavern is a truly outstanding traditional pub with a great community feel. It's run by an award winning team, who serve a wide range of refreshments to very welcoming customers. The team clearly love what they do and the fun and enthusiasm they have is infectious. It is by far my favourite pub in Brighton, a place I can rely on to make me feel immediately welcome and surrounded by new and old friends. Regular events at the Bedford include Friday night karaoke and Sunday home cooked roasts and sing-along Piano Bingo - not to be missed. Adam, Matt and the team have built strong links with the local community and annual charity events include the Easter Bonnet Parade and 'drag race'. The only downside is how popular these events are - down with queues at the bar! I award the Bedford Tavern 5 stars without hesitation.

By Tony F.

I LOVE this pub! From our very first visit we were made to feel like regulars (we are now) Adam and his team do an amazing job and make everyone feel at home. Sunday's are in our opinion the best day to spend at the Bedford. We always enjoy the lovely roast lunches prepared by Sharon, probably the best roast in town and its less than a tenner including wine. Following lunch there is a piano sing-a-long and the outstanding piano bingo is not to be missed. It's a shame there are not more pubs like this in Brighton.

By Jodie S.

I don't recognise the pub that Jackblaster is writing about! This is the friendliest pub around and has been ever since the New management have been there. All the staff and regulars lovely my only issue is I don't get to go as often as I'd like anymore.

By Brenda R.

What a pity that you couldn't use your own name. The staff at the Bedford could not be more friendly nor more professional. The customers are varied to say the least and have to be nice otherwise they would not be welcomed. As a single woman they always make sure that I am not neglected nor made to feel alone. They even have a trusted taxi driver to take me home. Not many pubs take that much care. 'carry on Girls'brenda Roberts

By J W.

Clearly, jackblaster is talking about some other pub. The Bedford Tavern (or the Betty to the many loyal regulars) is way out of town only if your idea of Brighton & Hove extends no further than The Lanes. Seriously, it's about a minute walk from the Peace Statue (2 minutes if you have to wait for the crossing lights). It's a fantastic local, and I consider it one of the best things about the area I live in - I moved down to Brighton a couple of years ago and I've made many wonderful friends in the pub from the get-go: the regulars are really that friendly and the bar staff are lovely. Adam (the landlord) always keeps things fresh with crazy theme nights and regular weekly events - they even let me sing appallingly at karaoke on Friday nights. Imagine if the Queen Vic was real and people actually did chat to each other like that - though with rather a few more gay men than you might find in the Queen Vic.

By Andrew W.

Jackblasters 'review' is not recognisable to me at all, nor I doubt its many fans! Quite simply The Bedford is a gem and many peoples faviourite bar, a very friendly local, with excellent friendly and welcoming staff, well kept drinks and fab food is now back on sundays. It attracts a mixed friendly crowd of regulars and welcomes newcomers, its worth mentioning that Adam and crew put on loads of treats throughout the year.... Easters shenanigans will soon be with us...... Bring it on the brilliant Bedford. Andy

By Adam B.

Jackblaster are you sure you went to The Bedford Tavern recently? I would agree with you on most of your points had you visited pre December 2009. However, as all other reviewers have pointed out this pub is simply fantastic. The management have done at superb job in turning this pub around and for the past 3 years it has been a joy to visit, ask the countless customers who have returned to this jewel of a venue.

By Jackblaster B.

DO NOT GO TO THIS PUB, it is run by money grabbing scamps of society. The customers are the most horrible side of Brighton life and you are guaranteed to be greeted to a vile night. If you dare to enter their WAY OUT OF TOWN little crud-hole of a dive, I would suggest leaving straight away or you will be subjected to abuse and no doubt wishing you never walked into this pathetic hole of an excuse of a reason to never come back to this part of town. Your customers are vile, your drinks are vastly overpriced and the whole gig is beyond reproach. Ultimately disgraceful

By Rachel H.

Friendliest pub around. I love this gem of a bar filled with friendly staff and customers, there is always someone to talk to and have a good laugh. Also don't miss the karaoke on Friday evenings or and Piano bingo on Sunday afternoons

By Mark J.

Went along to the Bedford on Easter Sunday 2012 and had an absolute blast (as always when i go there). It's a shame they no longer do Sunday Roasts but this is more than compensated for by the entertainment. The fabulous Sunday afternoon JB piano bingo and sing-along is just fantastic as are the cabaret acts and Friday night karaoke. The staff are friendy and genuinely nice people and i always make a point of taking friends and family there when they come to visit. I would have no hesitation in recommending this place to anyone. A true gem of a place!

By Graham R.

I seriously think that all the one star reviewers are workers of other pubs or doo-lally and need incarcerating. The Bedford is my favourite 'gay bar' in B & H. It's the kind of place where you don't mind paying that little bit extra for drinks as you can be safe in the knowledge that you're supporting local trade. I'm even a little star struck to see that Stevie Wonder has popped up with his review; likening the decor to an 80s council house. In fact, the decor is beautiful; cosy oak furniture and Chesterfield seating make for a homely atmosphere. My mother and father always nag me to go to The Bedford when they come down from Sunderland, as Matt, Adam and Spice are always so welcoming, the music never becomes intrusive and we love playing Scrabble with a pint. The only down side is that Spice no longer cooks his gorgeous Sunday dinners; they were definitely one of the best I've eaten down here. Please ignore the one star reviews from those loonies; this pub is a gem worth seeking out in an otherwise saturated market!

By Jimmi E.

I have been to the Bedford Tavern now on 4 separate occasions. Once on their 2nd year anniversary (since the new management took over) once for a Sunday lunch, once for my birthday celebrations and yesterday for the piano sing along and bingo session. Everytime we have been there the welcome we have received has been excellent. The Bar staff are friendly and attentive even remembering our names and what we drink after our 2nd visit. It is very much an old type boozer with log fire old sofas and wood furniture. If you want modern hi tech then this is not for you. Mainly a client base of mid 30s upwards but everyone is friendly. I look forward to going again and on many other occasions.

By Jo T.

The new management have turned this place around. It's warm, friendly and everyone is welcome. After the disaster in 2009 us locals are delighted. Everyone seems sympathetic to the close quarters of the residents and do's finish at appropriate times. Its a fun place to go and its a great place to have on your doorstep!

By Adam B.

This pub used to be fantastic and then slowly went down hill as the reviews below all point out. However, after my recent visit it would appear things have dramatically improved…for the better! Under new management, with a sympathetic makeover, this pub looks set to return to the glory days of The Bedford. This old tavern has been lovingly restored to a cosy local boozer and a warm welcome was offered to all who walked throughthe door. I can’t wait to see how quickly this place takes off and urge all fans of the old Bedford Tavern to give this place a try once again – I will certainly be a regular once more.

By Richard M.

This pub was once a very good place to go, and in keeping with the surrounding area.

Now it is such a dreadful place that im surprised there is not cage fighting in the corner amongst the bad decor, as the locals do not frequent this place anymore, as they have been replaced with some unsavory types.

Unfortunately there is no lower rating than 1 star, as if it was possible my rating would be minus 1.

By Brian J.

I agree with one of the other reviewers that the surrounding pubs and bars nearby, are experiencing a double in their trade since the Bedford Tavern re-opened.

The Bedford is run like a sink-estate pub and not a local boozer. The pub interior looks like a badly decorated cheap and chintzy 1985 high-rise council flat, which is very off-putting.

I would avoid this pub at all costs, unless you are into that sort of rough dive-bar and want a pint and a fight - I would NOT call that a good Brighton night.

I would have liked to give zero stars to this pub, but unfortunately, this web site won't let me.

So one star then, which in my book, is one star too many for this pub.

By Well H.

I agree with the last review. This pub has recently been taken over by new management app. and they have emptied the pub of all their regular customers.

You could hear the music from the bottom of the road before you could even see the place and once inside it was like being in a squat in Brixton.

I reckon that the new management will be outed within the next couple months or the bar will be closed down.

If your in the area, take a 2 minute walk past the Bedford, take the first right and you will find the Lion and Lobster.

Their turnover must have doubled since the takeover at the Bedford.

By Jon P.

Terrible pub now. it has new management that dont care about the customers, they are rude and obnoxious, especially the girl that offended me so much i will never drink here again

By G.

If you like your pints served up in a historical setting then the reputedly haunted Bedford Tavern may well be the bar for you.

The Venue
Regulars claim that this is Brighton's most haunted pub and after a few pints it's likely that even the most cynical drinkers will catch themselves wondering if there's something to the rumours even if it's nothing more than the ghosts of Christmas past - this pub hasn't been updated in years.

Other Brighton pubs may lay claim to the most haunted tag but one thing that's beyond contention is that The Bedford Arms is bucking the trend for contemporary style bars by ploughing a resolutely traditional path. On the corner with Norfolk Street, it's a country pub in the heart of the city. There are hanging baskets on the outside and brasses and beer barrels buried within. An L-shaped bar leads into a partly-partitioned back saloon. There's also a working fireplace for those windy seaside nights or to fend off a ghostly chill.

The People
It's no surprise that Halloween can see the Bedford Tavern attracting a ghoulish crowd but that date aside, the punters here are salt of the earth types who don't feel the need to dress up or change their shoes before heading out for a few jars.

The Drink
Apart from Fosters and Grolsch, there's Harveys Best, Bombardier, Old Speckled Hen and guest real ales on tap. Bottled beers include Becks, Budweiser, Budwar and Tiger. The budget conscious are best off sticking to house spirits though with house doubles and a mixer coming in at a cheap as chips three quid.

The Last Word
A welcome taste of tradition amongst a throng of pub modernisations, the Bedford Tavern is succeeding in keeping the passing of time firmly outside its four walls.