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Amici offers a unique Italian experience with home cooked meals with passion in a traditional environment. Amici is a family run restaurant who make you feel very welcome.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 18:00-02:00
Sun 12:00-02:00

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Amici Bristol reviews

By Chris A.

Didn't Pay ...... Won't Pay Just before this business opened we were asked to repair and descale the coffee machine, to this date Julian Hardy has refused payment yet they enjoy the use of it.

By Thomas B.

Welcoming staff, excellent food. Had a lovely evening. Will come again. Would recommend for an affordable evening meal with a partner of friend.

By Jenny K.

We had an awful evening last night. We were part of a large party which had booked at least a couple of weeks in advance.

There were not enough seats for everyone to start with. We then had to wait for 45 minutes before everyone had a drink - some people having asked several times.

We only managed to order our food after an hour of waiting. The food was fine and reasonably priced but the service we received was shocking!

One of our party has been vegetarian for over 20 years and ordered a vegetable risotto. However, after eating some it found that there were pieces of salmon in it!

It was tasted by someone else who found a big piece. The waiter was called who was very rude and refused to believe that it was salmon, telling us it was tomato!

Another plate was brought out, which again, had salmon in it! I took the offending fish on a spoon to the kitchen where another waiter confirmed that yes, it was salmon!

He apologised and I informed him that we would not be paying for this dish and were shocked that a vegetarian would be served fish and be spoken to so rudely.

I suggested that my friend should be given some compensation for breaking over 20 years of vegetarianism in this manner by offering her a free drink or desert (the least they could do as she was most upset).

He said he would go and speak to her and apologise.He did this but there was no mention of any compensation.

When I saw that he was not taking this seriously I reminded him about what I had said.

He then became very aggressive and shouted at me for daring to ask such a thing, saying I had no right!

By this point my friends at the other end of the table were wondering what was happening. I turned round to tell them which prompted him to start shouting at me again!

I have never had such shocking service in all of my life and would advise any one to avoid this resta


A family-run Italian restaurant and pizzeria that is pleasingly traditional and doesn’t deviate too far from the dishes you know and love.

The Venue
Sat boldly on Cheltenham Road, its size and positioning gives the impression that it is a major venue for eating out in the area. And unlike most Italian restaurants in Bristol, Amici does not rely solely on the colours of Italy’s flag for its decor.

From outside the restaurant comes across as a slick and contemporary with a black and silver theme. This impression, however, does not hold for too long; standing next to the doorway is a larger than life statue of an Italian chef doing the thumbs-up, providing a clever mix of old and new which hints more generally at what you are likely to find inside.

Amici’s interior is on the cool side of conventional for an Italian restaurant. The bare stone brick walls are rustic enough for you to feel that the venue is authentic without making you feel like a tourist being scammed with the ‘idea’ of Italy.

The People
The atmosphere is good, but not sensational. Expect a quiet meal, ideal for a family or a couple that want to be able to chat without a school-dinners-hall cacophony of customers drowning them out.

This place doesn't tend to get totally rammed and, even when it does, there are archways and booths which make you feel that the large space is divided up into more intimate sections.

As for the staff, they don’t look anything like the statue outside as they consist of fairly young, rather good-looking men, whose Italian accents appear to be genuine enough. On the whole they are warm, friendly, and welcoming, and will animatedly discuss the dishes on offer.

The Food
Amici is a good Italian and the quality of the ingredients is testament to this. Don’t expect anything deeply imaginative but do expect established dishes cooked to a high standard.

A wide pasta menu veers from tomato to cream based sauces, all of which are under £8 – the lasagne is a hearty and delicious and only £6.90. Risottos are fairly average with the best of the bunch being the risotto alla scozzesse (£8) which comes with a creamy tomato sauce, has overtones of garlic and pepper and generous strips of fresh salmon.

However, there is a consensus that Amici is all about the pizzas, which come with a thin crispy base and are large enough for sharing. A margherita is fair at £7 and toppings are fairly standard with things like ham, pepperoni, mushrooms and olives featuring (quite liberally) on many of them. Expect them to be mouthwatering and cooked to perfection with just enough crunch, a good amount of mozzarella, and a rich, tangy home-made tomato sauce used as the base.

Puddings certainly fill that traditional Italian slot quite well with the homemade tiramisu (£5.50) being the most noteworthy dish, which perfectly counters the heaviness of chocolate, cake, and liquor, with the lightness of whipped fresh cream.

The Drink
A good drinks list is available, inevitably largely consisting of Italian beers. A one litre carafe of the house white is cheap at only £10.60. Beers are provided in bottles and a limited list of spirits is available.

The Last Word
A very good Italian which sustains a great balance of modern and traditional. Excellent for the cautious eater who wants superior quality food teamed with the reassurance of familiar dishes.