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At the Bridge you can enjoy a variety of British meals and roast dinners with a wide range of drinks including real ales.

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Mon-Sat 11:00-23:00
Sun 12:00-22:30

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Bridge reviews

By Michelle T.

Avoid Eating here! We went this evening. Awful food, long wait for food to arrive and overpriced. I ordered asparagus and Brie salad at the cost of £12. About 4 asparagus, small pieces of cheese with a few salad leaves. Have absolutely no idea why they are so busy. Apart from the location although most of the tables outside had dirty glasses and plates on them. Very very disappointing visit.

By Gary L.

very poor meal last nite partner had chicken strips which you could of bought from tesco in a prepacked box no sauce just dry chicken ,a small bowl of salad and the same with chips.i had roast pork belly with a small dollop of mash, total time to consume about 10 mins very disappointed will never use again

By Heidimarie Julie P.

Went to The Bridge today with some friends for lunch. This used to be a very good venue when it first opened with Dee in charge. What has gone wrong. Food very uninspiring, not particularly hot and we were even asked to pay for a beer we hadn't had. Suggest you check your bill very carefully. Very sad as its a wonderful location. Perhaps a new Manager should be the order of the day! Come on Chef & Brewer, get a grip!

By Julie S.

My husband and I have eaten here several times, the food has been delicious well presented and hot and punctual. The waiting staff have been very friendly and curteous and I am surprised to read such disappointing reviews as we have never experienced this. We are not regulars and therefore visit randomly which suggests the service is always this way.

By Sue P.

I had a very nasty jacket potato on 13th January. Perhaps I should have heeded the auspices! I live in Waterbeach but I avoid going here like the plague. Not like it was in Tommy and Dee's day. They need to concentrate on doing something really well - like the food.

By Peter S.

My wife and I have been going to the Bridge for Saturday lunch for at least 10 years, generally every fortnight or so. In the last year the portions have become miniscule for the money, and - depending what you have - the food poorly cooked and not tasty. The curries are nothing like curries, just a bowl of spicy gravy with bits in and a small serving of rice. I'd be embarrassed to serve up most of it. Lasagne is probably the best value, but don't have a garlic bread side order because it's like the sole off my shoe. We've never needed to book there, and that's been a major attraction (plus the riverfront setting), but we took 2 relatives there a couple of weeks ago. We were greeted at the door by Noel, who did his best Basil Fawlty by shouting 'have you booked?' at us. Then grumbling because we hadn't. To be fair, he did find us a table (not that it was busy), but this isn't the way to treat VERY regular customers (who he should recognise as such) in front of their friends or relatives. So I'm sorry, Noel, but your place has been going downhill, food-wise, and your rudeness has just added the final touch. You've lost our custom. Pity, because the place looks nice, but that's as far as it goes.

By Alison N.

We had lunch at the Bridge 2 days ago and the experience was so poor I feel I have to warn others! As part of a large party we had submitted our orders in advance but only 2 of the meals for our table arrived together, another one half an hour later, we hijacked the fourth when the waitress had wandered around with it so long it was stone cold, and the fifth meal was delivered after several requests a full hour and a half after the first two. The beef was tough and chewy, the vegetables were cold and the calabrese so old it was yellow. Although many of the serving staff were clearly doing their best the kitchen was overwhelmed, understaffed and disorganised. With no table service for drinks and the wait for bar service taking over half an hour at peak time, many customers went without drinks. We were served by a rude and surly waitress who repeatedly barged past piles of dirty plates as if they weren't her concern. Poor service, poor quality chain restaurant food - the Bridge's only redeeming feature is its riverside location.

By Al H.

Very disappointed with this place the food quality has really gone downhill as has the service due to the low number of staff around (only 2 people in this large pub at lunch). True local specials have been removed and cost cutting and penny pinching seem to be the order of the day. Any local flavour has been removed and it is essentially an uninspired and poorly run chain pub but with high prices. Avoid Avoid Avoid There are plenty of nicer pubs in the area. The only pleasant thing is the setting although the state of the patio and the patio furniture is pretty dire as well. It’s a shame as this used to be a great place for lunch.

By Debbie M.

Dated 15th March 2010 After going to the bridge yesterday for mothers day i have to say what a fantastic service i received. When i arrived i was made apologies too because the till had broken down, regardless of this we were seated at our table and after about 5 mins our order was taken, although the restaurant was full to max. Our food arrived about 10 mins after our order which i thought was amazing considering the amount of people in there. I would like to say the service and food were very good and would recommend to anyone. Just to add i am a chef myself and it takes alot to please me so well done the bridge ***

By Peter T.

Called in for food last night on the off chance after shopping in Cambridge,have frequented this place in the past,never again!!The food was expensive for what measly portion you got.I had 'hotpot',cant go wrong with that i thought,wrong!it was chicken hotpot with 4 pieces of 1 inch square chicken,creamy sauce,very garlicky,spoonful of microwaved mashed potatoes with a crust,and a spoonful of veg all for £8.95. The poor elderly lady opposite us ordered the curry,to be told on a return by the waiter after her order was taken,that the curry was all gone(6.45pm!)and would chicken tikka be ok as that was all that was left(not curry by the way).she got one bowl of tikka and one small bowl of rice which the tikka drowned,she asked the waiter if she could have a bit more rice to soak up the sauce and he said i'll have to ask the chef.his reply from the chef was "no,you get what you pay for on the menu" wife is a chef and was flabberghasted. Give the place a wide swerve.

By Geoff S.

Like many others have mentioned, this used to be good but my last experience was quite the opposite.

long waits, starter sent back as not cooked fully and further wait for a main course with very little taste.

All basic food that is hard to get wrong. Main problem seems to be management trying to cut corners and work with as few staff as possible.

People will return for good food and service regardless of price. Shame as this place should have it all.

By Toni H.

I rang to book a table at the Bridge Hotel but was faced with a very rude member of staff on the telephone.

Due to her rudeness I decided to decline the booking I was originally going to make.

By Chris E.

I have just returned from dinner at the Bridge which I have frequented for several years without complaint.

Tonight was appalling. I have never had rump steak in any restauraunt that was devoid of fat.

It was tough as leather and had not been seasoned even slightly. The chips were a poor relation of oven chips and the mushrooms were definitely out if a tin - aweful.

Gordon Ramsey would have had a field day! I will return when the management had been replaced.

On a positive note, the drinks were great and the bar staff were very professional. It was obvious that the waitresses were not relying on tips!!!!

So sorry a great venu has been trashed.

By Andrew Z.

Interesting to hear all the bad news about the bridge.

It is a fantastic location and the internal decor is great for winter. We stopped going about 6 months ago as the food went down hill and the service was very poor.

The Plough and Fleece up the road is a completely different matter just drive the extra mile and pay a little more.

When they sort the place out we will be happy to return. The food has been pretty average for some time but the service has always been friendly.

Andrew Zarkos-Smith

By John G.

No stars really!!

We have been using the Bridge for the impromptu meals with friends for several years since the re-opening by Chef and Brewer - an ideal location by the river and reasonable priced food.

Well that was the case, it has changed managers and what a difference!

The bar staff were surly, the good waiting staff were 'cowed' by a manager who was happy to shout at his staff in front of customers..

yet when it came to a genuine complaint about very poor service - we had waited for our food for over an hour for a sharing starter (all cold) and an hour and half for our mains - the solution was and I quote 'don't come again, in fact you are barred!!'

When the food did come three of 5 meals were inedible, but having been 'put in our place' for complaining, only one of my party was prepared to stand their ground on their bad meal.

We did get a refund on one meal and a nominal 10% discount for the poor service.

We won't be going back until the manager has moved on, but listening to the other dinners and some of the staff, it should not be long.

Lets hope Chef and Brewer act quickly to rectify so that we can all enjoy this wonderful location again soon.


p.s the gents loo's are not to pretty

By Debbie A.

I was taken here for Mothers day lunch yesterday, felt so sorry for my family as the srevice was appauling !

We managed to get our starter & main course rather slowly but after waiting 45 minutes for our dessert we walked out after recieving a very rude responce when complaining about the long wait!

Rather over zealous delivering our drinks though as they tried to deliver the same drinks order three times!!!

Will definatley not be going here again! Such a shame as the setting is amazing......

By Paul C.

This place has gone really down hill over last six months, the food was tasty,good value delivered quickly.

I believe it has changed hands, and it certainly feels like it!!!Sunday Lunch time we arrived as the place opened at noon, got seated quickly at a table,placed order after 20 min wait, and then waited over an hour for for the roast to arrive,the meat was so raw a good vet could have got it back on its feet..

..the veg was luke warm and soggy...seemed to be two members of staff running the whole place .

Ate at The Bridge around six months ago in the evening (early)the starter I ordered was off,after placing main course I was told that also was off,after eating my main course picked a sweet off blackboard to be told that was off also!

Last time I,or my family will be visiting this once very nice Restaurant!