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This stylish, Moroccan themed club on Market Passage is popular with the student community.

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Fez Club reviews

By Lucy B.

Really frightening. First trip to Cambridge and this club - saw guy on his own being held by two others while another guy punched him in the face. Couldn't find any bouncers to help.

By Vince W.

I'm not sure what the person complaining was on about - I went to Fez last night - best night out I've had in a long time. The sound system is actually worth having, isn't being pushed to the max to the point where it sounds awful, the DJs haven't just heard of mixing, they actually know what they're doing - I didn't spot a single duff mix or failed beatmatch all night. The music was absolutely stormingly good - thumping tunes, decent bunch of people at the venue (only spotted one total moron - you gotta have one) but it seems to attract a slightly "better than average" crowd. Staff were all pretty friendly too. Drinks a little on the pricey side (what do you expect on a Saturday night?) anf beware of the "bog troll" but otherwise a very very enthusiastic thumbs up - will be going back!

By Mr J.H. P.

This review is obviously a fake, put up by the management or some friend of the place. Quite unnecessary, as the genuine reviews are mostly favourable!

By Scott A.

fez club is my favourite club by far, it has a kv2 sound system almost as good as the "funktion one" and turosound of london clubs (that is if you go on a night that it ghts turned up, thursdays- d&b and the all nighters. if you do go to these events you can expect it to be more like a packed illigal rave, but thats the best bit of thoes nights. i have worked in all but one of the local clubs and cambridge fez was the best.

By Jo L.

We always liked going here in the past - then we went to the Bank Holiday 'All nighter' at the end of May (2010).... what can i say - the loos were filthy & overflowing, the dance floor so sticky & disgusting it was hard to move your feet - and that was at 11.30 pm, not at the end of the evening. Anyone else been recently & would like to comment as we're now really reluctant to try it again.

By James B.

as Cambridge clubbing goes this is easily your best bet, good music, okay drinks and great prices (on Monday's) with the added bonus of being right next to two very nice bars.

By Guy S.

Open 7 Nights a week, the Fez in Cambridge is popular with both students and professionals alike with a dazzling array of world class DJs behind the decks and a long list of premium products behind the bar.

By Emma E. S.

The Fez Club is unique and stylish. Its diverse music and drinks deals ensure there's a night to suit everyone, no matter what their taste in music, or financial situation.

The Venue
It's tucked away in in Market Passage and during the day you could walk past without noticing the Fez Club. However, come the night, the crowds gather, and the excited voices and varying music leave you in no doubt of its existence and popularity.

Its Moroccan theme is obvious as soon as set foot inside. Traditional intricate Moroccan lanterns illuminate the club with warm and atmospheric amber lighting, and large palm leaves are displayed in rustic plant pots.

Upstairs in the main club area, sections of seating are linked by arched holes in the walls, which look like windows, and some of these are decorated with ornamental metal frames.

Arched mirrors are mounted around the sizeable dancefloor, and candles in stained-glass holders are on most tables. Other small, yet effective touches, like wooden shelving and ornate floor lamps, add to this Moroccan style.

A section of the floor is leather cushioned, so you can squash up with friends if all the seating is taken, or have a lie down if you've overdone it on the dancefloor. Seating is plentiful given the size of the club, however, if you arrive after midnight most are taken.

The People
Fez clubbers vary and it depends on the night, although most are under the age of 30. As you'd expect, the club attracts a large number of students, especially on nights such as Monday and Wednesday, when deals on drinks are available.

The time to enjoy the distinctive decoration and its stylish, soothing atmosphere is early on in the night. The unique Moroccan details are hard to spot as it fills with people, however, the crowd of fun loving clubbers create the excited atmosphere for which this place is known and loved. As in most clubs, a thirsty and often impatient crowd can surround the bar, however the staff generally remain cool and efficient.

The Music
Different nights offer different styles of music. Sunday, or Oasis, is dominated by indie bands, a contrast to the R'n'B and hip hop of Tuesday night. Wednesday is Fiesta, the international night, featuring music from around the world such as Latin, salsa and reggae, and Thursday changes every week with a monthly line-up of everything from techno to breakbeat.

Monday night, or Fat Poppdaddy's as it's known, is a popular one due to reduced drink prices. It's a massive mix of music and people. As with most other clubs, Friday and Saturday nights are busy, and music tends to be chart-topping hits that are popular with the crowd who are celebrating the end of their working week. They also host Hed Kandi and guest DJs.

The Drink
Prices vary, but basically weekdays are the cheapest. On student nights, which are Mondays, Wednesdays and, during term time, Sundays, you can get your mits on a bottle of beer for just £1.50. Or you can take advantage of a two for one offer on cocktails on selected nights.

For the Friday and Saturday night crowd, the drink prices are what you'd expect from a club. Cocktails hover around the £6.50 to £8.50 mark, although they do have specials which are only £3.50. The cocktail list also has a Moroccan theme, so you can get Iced Moroccan Teas, Souk Iced Tea, or a Marrakech Mule. They also do the classics such as Mojito and Mai Tai.

If you're in the mood for a quick kick, they have a menu of shooters and shots with a range of B50s as well as the classic favourites of Goldschlager, Sambuca and Jagermeister. And if you're making a night of it you can buy spirits by the bottle and these come with two jugs of mixers. There's also wine and champagne.

The Last Word
The Fez Club is fun and individual, and it offers a mix of music and drink deals, and guarantees entertainment when visited on the night which is right for you. You're best getting there early to avoid queues and to get cheap entry. And if you're on a budget stick to the nights with drink deals to avoid off-putting prices.