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The Alma is a bustling pub on Russell Court. They offer a wide selection of drinks alongside a food menu of British dishes including traditional roast lunches on Sundays. All the latest sporting fixtures are shown as well as hosting quizzes and live music.

"Weekly Events

Tuesdays is Ruby Tuesday. A choice of five curries (Chicken Tikka, Chicken Korma, Beef Madras, Chickpea & Spinach or Chicken Jalfrezi) for only £5 all day long. Every curry comes with Pilau rice and a naan bread.

Wednesday means it’s Songsmith Sessions. Without doubt the best open mic night in Cambridge. Now into its fourth successful year, just come and play or have a listen to some of the best original artists in Cambridge. Entry always free.

Thursday is Quiz Night. Probably the best and most regularly attended quiz night in Cambridge, get here early to guarantee a good seat (especially in term time!) We love giving away prizes (including lots of Haribo) and we even give a prizes to whoever finishes better than average and last but one! There is also the Jackpot Question at the end of the quiz where teams try to answer one question- nearest to is guaranteed a prize, could be £25, £50 or even £100!

Saturday & Sunday. Look out for posters featuring the weekends sporting action, we will be showing all the Rugby Premiership and Premier League action!"

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The Alma reviews

By Marcus H.

I was in the Alma last night and left promptly after 1 quick drink. The young girl that served me was rude, immature and incredibly unwelcoming. I asked if I could pay by card and she said they didn't take card, for some reason. It turns out they do and I eventually paid by MasterCard. Not sure if she was having a bad night, or I had somehow offended her, but it's the worse customer service I have ever been unfortunate enough to experience. We went there as we were told they would have live music. When we arrived we weren't sure if it was live music or a comedian. Very strange! I will not be going back, that's for sure!

By Cambridge M.

Having read the reviews from "Alan Jones" I can only assume he is referring to a different pub. His reviews paint an incredibly poor light on what is a fantastic pub. This is, by far and away, one of the friendliest and most welcoming pubs in Cambridge, with a great selection of well kept, and reasonably priced beers and ales. In addition to this, the food is some of the best around, and to call it "pub grub" would be to do it a disservice - freshly made pies and pasta, and I don't know many other places in Cambridge that do pheasant burgers! In addition to the great food and drink, there are regular music nights (all for free) that showcase the best in local and up-and-coming musicians. If you're not into that sort of thing, the pub quiz is a great laugh, and gives you the chance to win £100 (and I've seen it done - multiple times!). The Alma is also one of the only pubs in Cambridge that is dedicated to showing regular rugby and cricket. So bundle all of that together, and I think you have exactly what most people are looking for in a pub. On the other hand, if all you're worrying about is that you just want to drink over-strength beer, then I'm sure The Regal will gladly take your money. But I'm sure you won't get the same friendly welcome as at The Alma.

By Deni G.

I'm always on the lookout for a good place to stop and read when I go for walks around Cambridge in the afternoon. I've found The Alma an ideal spot for this. With friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere, I've found myself regularly stopping here. A recommended hidden gem.

By David M.

If you want extra strong ale for £1.99 please go to Weatherspoons. If however you like a decent pint in palace that's not crawling with 18 year olds drinking alcopops then The Alma is a great place to drink. As a regular i can recommend Wednesday nights as one of the best nights in Cambridge- the quality of the musicians you can hear for FREE will bowl you over. Thursday night is another popular night where you can be entertained with a Quiz for the price of £1 and have a chance to win £100. So perhaps you should try visiting on a night that isn't a Saturday for a true reflection of a pub- very poor reviewing.

By Alan J.

I have been back since my last review and nothing really much has changed yet the new landlord has been there over a month now. The new landlord is a pal of the previous one who is now only at The Clarendon now, rather than running both pubs. No signs of anything spectacular yet, so it looks as if it will go on as it was before. Tom Smith must have been lucky on his visit if there was a good band. No sign of any improvement on this front on my visit. Did i pick a bad night???Given poor choice of expensive weak beers, a visit to Wetherspoons is almost appealing.

By Tom S.

Since you have written your comment the landlord of the alma has changed. There have been a few subtle changes that i believe will help the alma greatly. for example the free breakfast with the england rugby games. i found it interesting you commented on the music, have you stopped by on a wednesday for the singer songwriter night that is ran by Ezio? if not you should and then reconsider your 1 star! although i do agree about 1 of the bands i saw one saturday night!

By Alan J.

Despite the two previous reviews, I have to question as to if the current landlord is losing interest by his choice of beers. The Greene King range of 'little boys' beers' and guest ales were evident on my last visit, the strongest being IPA and not in the best of condition. I am not liking what I see with all this bedwetters' fodder. Food is still good and reasonably priced. The music on Saturdays is of mixed quality and on occasions has emptied the place. Landlord needs to reaffirm his commitment to the place and soon before we all lose interest. There is a rumour that the landlord from The Panton Arms is about to retire, and soon hopefully. Should this prove true it may well empty The Alma.

By Paul B.

Agreed. I visited last Saturday and watched a great band Capricorn and the beer and atmosphere very pleasant.

By Laura P.

After hearing that the Alma is finally changing hands and the new landlord is bringing it back to it`s roots with good food, live music and sport

this is now something that we in the area have been waiting for in a long time.

By Neda H.

In the midst of the rows of identical houses of Cambridge suburbia, The Alma is a great student pub that's hard not to feel relaxed in.

The Venue
The Alma looks like an average pub and it's on such a quiet street it's hard to imagine there'd be anyone inside. But you can always see a student or two cycling towards it to meet some friends.

It's brimming with fresh-faced students, and it's fair to say The Alma is a popular student hangout. The decor suits this very well, with a pool table, a few TVs, plenty of large tables and sofas that are basic but practical.

Rather randomly, there's a telephone box inside, which adds some quirky British humour. The colours are all warm, earthy tones, with modern photography on the walls to add a contemporary edge.

Everything has been kept quite basic to keep it informal for students to feel comfortable, with a few details to make it a bit different from your average pub.

The People
As The Alma sits in the middle of the student area of town it has become somewhat of a second home for some of Cambridge's undergraduates. When they're bored of their own mess, or fed-up with their flatmates, they head here. This at least guarantees the place is hardly ever dead.

The staff are friendly and enjoy chit-chatting with the regulars, and lots of people stick their head round the door on the off-chance they'll see someone they know. Invariably they do.

Students here are the scruffy, laidback sort, rather than earnest intelligentsia.

The Drink
The usual Greene King ales are here including Abbots and IPA for £2.90 a pint, plus the pub staples such as Fosters, Stella, Heineken and Carling for around the same price.

Wines are mostly New World and, at an average of £10 a bottle, they're cheap to suit the student budget. The spirits list is similarly basic and around £2.50 to £3 a measure.

The Last Word
With an addictively relaxing vibe, which only students can create in a pub, The Alma is a pleasant surprise in such a quiet area.

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