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Buffalo is at the heart of Cardiff music with their resident DJs and live bands coming from all areas of Britain to play here. They pride themselves on combining the different areas of entertainment like dining drinking and dancing. They have an extensive cocktail range and for those who are hungry they have a simple menu with dishes made to order. They also have a garden area with seating where they show films and mellow acoustic acts in the evenings.

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Opening Hours

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12:00 - 04:00


12:00 - 03:00

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Buffalo reviews

By Mark J.

Went at 11ish on Friday night. There were two staff on and it took 20 minutes to get served, there were nine of us and as it took so long to get served we just tried to order in one round, both to get drinks quickly and save time for the staff, after half a dozen drinks the arrogant staff said, "that's it no more for you sonny". The other guys had to wait a further 15 mins for the other couple of beers. There is only three words to describe Buffalo... Never, Never again!

By Georgina K.

Never again will I step foot in this hole of a place. The manager has a disgusting attitude. I went there tonight to watch a friends band (20th March 2009), bands were running a bit late, paid £4 on the door to get in, and paid nearly £8 for 2 drinks, well overpriced considering that the wine was cheap and tasted like vinegar. When the band overran by nearly 5 mins (just gone 10pm) the manager nearly blew a fuse and almost pulled the plug on them. When they went to sing 1 encore song, he did pull the plug, luckily us fans knew the words, so we sang their next song for them. But during that time the manager brought the bounces in to threaten to drag them off stage, and started complaing to people that there were clubbers waiting to pay £4 to get in. I felt like slapping the idiot that there was over 100 people already in there who had all paid £4 to get in, but he didn't care about us lot there to see a little reggae band, he wanted a different clientele, and that's exactly what he'll get. Of the people I spoke to, none of us will ever go back there. It was topped off by the manager actually pushing me out of the way (didn't even bother to say excuse me) so that he could move a stool... this is NOT what I call customer service. The bar staff were equally useless, serving people in the wrong order, and when you mention it to them (that they're serving the wrong person), you get totally ignored... I think the management here need to go and get some training on customer service, otherwise they'll find themselves with no customers very very soon. I mean, they've written off 150 repeat custom tonight alone, if they keep up that rate they'll go through the whole of Cardiff in no time.

By Mark J.

I have been there once and I was the only customer in the whole place, stood at the bar where there was 2 bar staff talking to each other and I still had to ask to be served, and they got my order wrong! A must go for loafers and students, everyone else stay well clear.

By Emily J.

Had my works Christmas party here and I must admit it was a FANTASTIC night! The food was amazing, I had the prawn cocktail to start which was delicious and everyone was raving about the soup even asking the chef for a recipe. Turkey dinner was AMAZING and the dessert of sugared doughnut fingers with chocolate sauce was divine!I have been since for a night out and again had a brilliant night. The place was busy but not over crowded and a great atmosphere with great music. Can't wait to go again, soon hopefully!

By Huw R.

A genuine Cardiff bar with good beer, comfy seating and a cracking beer garden. Great spot for having a few drinks after work. Reading the rest of the reviews on here, if you cant afford it, don't live in Cardiff.....simple.

By Heather A.

Actually love it here, definitely my favourite place in Cardiff to go out to. Amazing vibe, great cocktails (although definitely worth spending that little bit more on them rather than 241s), some interesting draught and bottle beers, tasty food, awesome beer garden, and open really late every night! Can I live here please?!

By Ian D.

I'm a regular at buffalo and i'd recommend it to any one, good food, good drinks, good service and it gets pretty lively in the nights, all in all an excellent venue, plus it has an awesome beer garden!

By F R.

Awful place. Full of pretentious students with chips on their shoulder (ie: major superiority complexes). The barstaff serve as if they're doing you a favour, and the place is small and stinking. NEVER AGAIN.

By John D.

Had a great time on Friday! Partied all night! The Djs are great and it has a warm atmosphere devoid of a**holes. One of Cardiff's top independent spots!

By - -.

Expensive, poor service, overcrowded (beyond capacity IMO), understaffed and you have to queue for everything; toilet, bar, beer garden, to go upstairs, to walk across the room. This place is a joke! Plus you have to pay to get in (after a certain time). Don't even try to get drunk, you'll be broke and still waiting to get served. Patrons only go there because everyone claims it's 'great'. Currently the 'buzz' bar I guess. Generally, regular patrons come across as quite pretentious too. On the flip side, it does stage live music. A commodity thin on the ground in Cardiff. Although, it's not the best venue for live music. It's not designed for it. The only time I've ever enjoyed it is before 7pm, before it gets busy. I feel this little bar is 'punching way above it weight'.

By G.

Alternative, modern and effortlessly cool, Buffalo has set a new trend for Cardiff bars that, try as they might, chain bars just can't imitate.

The Venue
Fancy going to a bar that impresses you rather than going to a bar to impress? Then get yourself to this little converted townhouse. Packed with a mish mash of retro frills such as 1960s lampshades, chandeliers and comfy sofas Buffalo is not, repeat not, an identi-kit bar. After one visit it's likely you'll wonder what the hell you did for a night out in Cardiff before you found this place.

Outside there's a sheltered patio for summer barbecues or, if we're being realistic, a bolthole for smokers. Even here there's been some thought put in and you're sheltered from the elements by a large sail-like white canopy.

Upstairs hosts non-mainstream, eclectic theme nights throughout the week including live events and DJs. Loads more design detail has been packed in with black couches, royal blue walls, tall plants and wallpaper depicting galloping horses with flying manes. London fashion people would call it bijou.

The People
It's a creative place with art exhibitions and the invitation to host your own nights so most people who hang out here are in the creative industries, or at least they want to be. During the evening there's an alternative, chilled-out crowd which varies according to the music night.

The Food and Drink
As you'd expect the menu here isn't run-of-the-mill so paninis and nachos are off. Instead treat yourself to a proper Victorian afternoon tea with scones, clotted cream and jam for £3.50. Or there's falafel salad and squash, butterbean and feta burgers for main meals. Prices are around £7 and given the quality the prices are competitive.

Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails. Yep, you'll find all the old familiars here like Tom Collins, Daiquiris and Black Russians as well as some exciting new ones like Bakewell Tart and Berry Beach Iced Tea and they're all priced £5.50.

On tap there's Franziskaner, Leffe, Hoegarden, Becks, Staropromane and Stella and then there’s Baltika, Lapin Kultur, Peroni, Bombadier, Asahi, Tsing Tao and Westons in bottles.

The Last Word
Buffalo offers some charming cool to Cardiff’s bar life with an indefinable something that's common to all great venues. If only you could bottle it.