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Jamies Italian offers informal rustic Italian cuisine at affordable prices, and is located within the St David's 2 retail development.

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Jamies Italian reviews

By Mark J.

Funny how all the bad reviews are long and the person has only reviewed one restaurant... Jamie's. Looks like staff being forced to fill out reviews to compensate all the bad impartial ones.

By Mark J.

I have been a head Chef of a Cardiff restaurant (not in competition) for some considerable time and I do know about food, and Jamie's food is poor.

By Mark J.

If you want to queue for an hour in the cold to get in to a restaurant that serves normal pub food be my guest, if not try any other pub for possible better food.

By Mark J.

There was a queue outside. An hour in the cold before you even get in then maybe over an hour inside. I don't think so for pub grub!?!?

By Stephen K.

Jamie's Italian Cardiff, terrible service just avoid this place! We booked in advance for a very busy Sunday, after a family day out. We expected it to be busy, with World Cup on but wanted a family dinner. We turned up 25mins early for our booking and were asked to wait at the bar, no problem. After 15mins of standing being ignored by bar staff and looking at lots of empty tables, I went to enquire again about our table. I was advised they were very busy and our table would be late, by perhaps 30mins. I asked why, as I could see at least 8 suitable empty tables with 4 or more seats. The young lady managing seating advised we're waiting on several "large parties" to arrive and those tables will be joined together to accommodate them. Really I replied, even those empty round tables? She evaded the question replying were very busy and we should have a table for you by 7.30. Needless to say facing a further wait of up to 40mins until the "large parties" we're seated I voiced my disappointment, cancelled our booking and left. We have always enjoyed Jamies restaurants but won't be back again and will be telling everyone we meet to avoid it. This was disgraceful customer service, despite having booked in advance and arrived early we were treated like second class citizens. The large parties, yet to arrive, were obviously the restaurants priority! It totally ruined our night, it was so busy in town we couldn't find anywhere nearby with a free table to eat. Thanks for nothing Jamies!

By James B.

Dumping some parboiled factory made pasta, tinned tomatoes, a leaf of basil and a blob of Mozzerella in a bowl does not make a pleasant or hearty meal. I was expecting some complementary bread, but when asked for it was stale. I went for the "Italian Experience" and came out feeling I had eaten the leftovers in my pantry, and had been robbed of £8. The staff were young college girls with no word in Italian, but friendly. I was also attracted by the Jamie Oliver brand, but obviously this restaurant has no connection with him or Italy and is run by the Cardiff Mafia and 1 star chefs. You will get a better bigger cheaper meal in the chip shops round the corner.

By Anne K.

We had a lunch break at Jaimie's yesterday and think we must have been at a different place! We had the fish platter, very reasonably priced, and were amazed to discover that the two items listed below on the menu, were part of the deal. All the staff were charming and helpful, the food was not overlong in coming..... You expect a bit of a wait if it is being freshly prepared ..... the combination of flavours - crisp fish - crunchy carrot salad (a bit bland) ....were interesting and perfect for lunch. We normally go to Carlucci's for lunch and love their tuna fish cakes, but had an equally enjoyable experience at Jaimie's. Glad we hadn't read the negative reviews beforehand. The raspberry frangipane, which my husband had, and my warm chocolate brownie, both with ice cream, were delicious and the total bill very reasonable indeed.

By Daphne O.

we went to Jamies Italian in Cardiff and had a fantastic experience, food excellent, wine delicious, wonderful ambiance, and a brilliant waitress. I have a condition where I cant eat more than5 grams of fat at any one meal, they went above and be-honed to help me out even making me a low fat sauce. I would definitely recommend this Restaurant to anyone. We had cocktails one had pink peppercorns in I wasn't sure when I ordered it but it was delicious. The service was excellent and quick.we where a party of 4 and all of us had a wonderful time, the pimped steaks where amazing. I did not have a sweet but the rest of the party did and the chocolate brownie was to die for, a great rustic Italian experience. We will definitely be going back when we visit Cardiff again it was one of the highlights of the holiday. 5 stars for this great rustic experience.

By Carole T.

Went to Jamies in Cardiff for an early evening meal, as the weather was hot it was already very busy. However when we were given a table it was not clean, we were told over and over again that our jug of water, one bottle of lager and one wine was 'on it's way', from where I wonder, as it took nearly 20 mins to arrive. I agree with the other reviewer, no taste to the crab at all , poor, expensive starter. When the mains arrived, I ordered cod which was the smallest piece ever, and my friend had the burger which was dry,tough and unedible. By the time we managed to attract any of the staff attention, to complain , I had eaten my fish but not all the vegatables. My friend declined an offer of another burger, so they whisked the offending burger away, and took my plate as well! We were then presented with the bill even though we had not asked for it, and were not even offered a coffee or desert! Poor, poor show, too expensive and all about making money not customer relations. Next time we'll go down chippy lane for value and service!!

By David T.

Ensure you read this Jamie Oliver. We visited Jamies Italian today as we thought that it would put the seal on a perfect day for our daughters Graduation celebrations, how wrong we were. We ordered starters and mains and waited some considerable time to then have our mains delivered to the table. We advised the waiter that we had not yet had our starters to be told that the starters were not ordered although we went to great lengths to describe what we required. We were advised that they could not waste our food as it had been cooked, so we had to have it without starters. We had also ordered drinks which did not arrive when we questioned a waiter they did not know what we were talking about and had to be shown the menu. This was taken away and shown to the Bar staff to make up the requested drink but when it was brought to the table it was still wrong. When paying the bill they had the cheek to ask if we wanted to give a tip, they would have to do better than that before I would consider any tip. I have just returned from France where we were treated with superb service, attention and food, Jamies Italian was very poor and a taint on the reputation that its owner is trying to present, think again Jamie Oliver and pay more attention to people you employ who are doing their best to ruin your reputation and name.

By Jodie H.

Had the crab special today. Couldn't even see or taste any crab! Chocolate brownie was cold and hard. Will not be visiting again

By Meriel B.

Food excellent, service good but tables not hygienic. Gaps in Formica where crumbs and waste gathered. On the expensive side.

By John G.

After visiting Jamies at Canary Wharf and having a great experience we decided to give Cardiff a go. Oh dear, what a difference. Completely Chaotic, with people waiting for a table having to wait by a small area by the bar (us included), a very slow bar and a poor member of staff aimlessly wandering trying to find the people who had booked tables. Food ok though. Bar very expensive. Contrast this to zero degrees the night before, wow what a difference, great beer, food better than expected and no chaos. Moral of the story, try zero degrees first ! A shame Jamie Oliver is spending too much time with tv and not enough on the restaurants. Get Gordon Ramsey into sort the chaotic running!

By Suzanne A.

Went for a birthday meal and what a disappointment. Resturant was cold, food bland and very expensive. We did complain about the cold (others were wearing coats to eat their meal). Staff lovely but this didn't make up for the apalling food. Will never go back and would never recommend.Shame Jamie is letting his name and reputation being spoiled by such tasteless food.

By Jane C.

found the staff lovely as did so the interior and atmospere but the food was very poor and over priced.

By James M.

i went to there with my nan. The food was a bit on the expensive side, but i was really nice food and reasonable quick service. The drinks are overlly priced, a bottle of still water £4 and a bottle of bear £3.45. I would go back and try some different dishes.

By Alexey S.

I just can not understand how does this site works. It rates Bella Italia with 4 stars and Jamies place with 2 stars. I visited both for two days. Bella Italia is a place with junk food and I'll never go there again. But Jamie's cooks are great. Ingredients are amazing, and even chips looks awesome in the end. Of course you may wait long, but it's not a fast food in the end so grab a fine bottle of wine. Yes, it's quite warm when you are seated near the kitchen, but it's so nice to see how your lamb is getting juicy and sweet. Price is high, but in the end it's worth it. I'll be visiting the place again. Thanks.

By Roy S.

Although tasty, I am not impressed when the menu describes the meal as, for example “Oxtail with Pasta” and I get by a plate of pasta topped with a minuscule piece of meat and also at a high price. Been there twice won’t make that mistake a third time.

By Katerina B.

Where do I start? You cannot book a table, the quality of food is poor, portions tiny and prices ridiculously high. First mistake was ordering Wild Boar Salami as a stater. For £4.25 you get 9 see through slices. Feeling a bit cheated I order some bread for extra £3.25. Rabbit Ragu Pappardelle as a main course was shockingly bad. We left very disappointed and certainly not coming back.

By Beth S.

I went last night for a work event and, having read reviews beforehand, I was not very optimistic. The atmosphere was great, we sat at 5 so the restaurant was not crowded and the staff were attentive and friendly. The main issue I had was the fact that a great deal of my favourite foods that were on the menu, now also contained chilli, which makes me very ill. I imagine if sat on a table for 3 or 4, you can ask the chef to make you a prawn linguine without the spice, however being on a table for 28 people it wasn't an option. Having Italian in-laws also made me aware of how the menu was jazzed up a bit from traditional Italian food, which personally I don't like! I had the Mushroom Frittas for a starter and they were delicious, however the pot that they were artfully displayed in also contained a very large ball of scrunched up paper, meaning that you got a lot less than the appearance of the dish suggested. The general opinion on this course was very good, as was the selection of drinks. Being a very large group we didn't have to go to the bar at all as the waiting staff kept a close eye on our drinks! The main course was also good for most people, I had the pheasant however, which was not a very good choice! The bones had been broken up enough that every time I took a bite I would find an unexpected crunch, and it was over-grilled. The fried livers were nowhere to be seen, but I also had funky chips and salad, both of which were amazing! Don't order any sides if you're on a low-salt diet though! Again for dessert I made the wrong choice (Ice cream) as the portion size was ridiculously small and the fruit topping had bits of the stone still floating around. The tiramisu was well-received, as was the majority of the other options. As this meal was work funded, we could all order sides and drinks enough to fill the glaring lack of quantity on each dish, but I would never go here on my own as the prices are very inflated. Don't expect anything other than a rip-off!

By Mrichard P.

Yes it's busy, yes it's noisy (especially when they seat you at the back near the kitchen) and yes it can be expensive, but my first 'Jamie experience' was certainly not as bad as I was led to expect it would be. The nacho starter was very more-ish, the sardine tasty though a little shy in the portion size department, and the mains of buffalo ravioli and prawn linguine were great, as was the shared salad side. The service was fine - we certainly weren't ignored or left waiting. A second visit on a busy evening rather than our late lunchtime service is probably needed to form a better overall picture, but I will definitely go back.

By Jaime M.

I went to this Restaurant with the in-laws who live in Cardiff and we were visiting from London. I have to say the experience was not great. We were sat right next to the kitchen and it was very warm and loud. At one point I heard the head chef shouting and swearing at chef's. I ordered a Pumpkin starter/salad and it arrived cold (not sure if thats the way it was supposed to be) After the kind waitress told us about the menu and specials we ordered the smaller portion of the pork pasta with giant butter beans, however when it arrived there were no beans and when questioned the chef replied "they must have broken down and hidden inside the pasta" ! I found this to be a poor excuse. Luckily I didn't mention the lack of sauce and the water floating at the bottom of my pasta bowl. The meal was very bland and very expensive all in all and I would never go to one of these chains again or recommend this to anyone.

By Miriam B.

I visited Jamie's restaurant with a friend last week for lunch, and found a prompt and welcoming service. The waitress was knowledgeable on the menu and very pleasant. The nibbles to start with were lovely, and we failed to finish the Nacho's which were very tasty. Our main meals of tagliatelle and ravioli, were heavenly. Although the restaurant is very noisy- it has the ambiance of a buzzy real-life italian restaurant. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

By Callum B.

I have eaten here a few times and enjoyed the ambience, the friendliness of the staff and the food. But I go accepting it for what it is. A chain restaurant. If you're expecting food on a par with Fifteen in London, you will probably be disappointed. But it's not that kind of place and the prices reflect that! I think of it as competitor to pizza express, caffe uno, and it is certainly a cut above them. I enjoy it and will go back. Often.

By Peter D.

Left a lot to be desired! Speed of service - on the slow side (once you’ve queued to get in that is!)ambiance - varies. Outside ok if you’re outside and the sun shines, ground floor inside crowded and loud, 1st floor (gantry?) crowded, loud and dark. Food - mediocre. Between us my wife and I had 4 dishes - the starters were ok but the main courses were greasy. Didn't like receiving my food on a dirty old plank of wood. Prices - not the cheapest on the block. His name might have allowed him to get away with this if it were the best on the block but it isn’t. (and I have tried all of the others.)staff - pretty friendly and work hard. Location – spot on. Overall –it’d probably be ok if you were having a few beers on before or after the rugby but that’s not the case if you’re out for a meal with your wife.

By Jane H.

I have been to this 'Jamies' cardiff 5 times now. In summary in same apple's to each visit. The service is excellent. The staff are great, above and beyond. The food, ive had the daily specials which are always good. However pasta from the main menu is no better than you can coOK at home, so although 'nice' not worth the money. Chicken cooked on a brick is very boring. I find the restaurant is expensive as you have to pay for all side dishes. You get no veg or salad with any main meals. The house red wine is excellent. Every desert I have had there is very disappointing. I think it is the main weakness of the restaurant. The chocolate tart is not sweet enough and the chocolate brownie is more like chocolate cake as too spongy. Again both ok but nothing special. The atmosphere is excellent. For a birthday treat i would recommend it. But for a normal night out, it is too expensive for not special food.

By Simon R.

OK, I was in Jamie's Italian Cardiff last night. I am in no way connected with the Jamie brand or food industry and was alone there on a business trip. I read the reviews prior to my visit and decided to see for myself as I have previously enjoyed Jamie's in Bath twice and have bought gift vouchers as a present for my parents. Keeping it brief, the service was better than excellent (Lucy B), the food very tasty and fresh (rice balls to start, half-moon pasta filled with mushrooms as a main and brownie to finish. Maybe the pasta could have been a larger portion for some people but I figured I should have ordered some bread to go with it. Price wise I think it is good VFM- people are quite happy to pay way over the odds in the likes of Pizza Express and Bella Italia. I like the open kitchens and the theatre going on around. I suspect a few people are not accepting the place for what it is- if you want to be dazzled you need to pay more and not go to what is essentially a higher class of the above mentioned restaurants. If you want good fresh food and great service at a reasonable price, give it a whirl. By the way, if this stuff is coming from packets can someone please tell me where to buy some? Simon.

By Richard W.

My partner and I visited Jamie's on the night of Friday 10th August 2010. The restaurant was reasonably busy but not overly crowded. We were seated upstairs and the ambiance of the restaurant was very relaxed and very enticing. Now I like to start off with something nice so I'll start by saying that the service in the restaurant was excellent: The young guy who served us was polite and attentive (but not overly attentive). However, the food we received was possibly some of the worse food I've ever had in a restaurant. Presentation wise the starters were slapped on a plate with no thought for how it looked; the crostinis i had were over seasoned and a little too crunchy (as if they had been prepared too far in advance and had dried out slightly). The main course did not lift my already depleted spirit as it too was over seasoned, over cooked and tasted of a supermarkets value range ingredients. Of course there is nothing wrong with value range food if you are buying it for use at home but when paying premium prices it is not what is expected. Whilst at the restaurant we noticed several other tables complaining about the standard of the food they had received. If you want quality service and quality food at a reasonable price this is not the place to visit. Avoid at all costs until such time as something is done about the standard of foods. When you complain about the standards you get shrugged shoulders; I am still waiting for a reply to the email I sent following my visit.

By Vanessa T.

as a family of six, we visited Jamie's last night and have to say how disappointed we were with the food. four of the meals had so much chilli and spice in them, that we could not taste any of the food, which was extremely disappointing as it was the prawns, mushroom ravioli and scallops that we should have been able to taste. and one of the meals was served only warm, and was then cold before finishing it. when we received the bill we were also rather surprised that a service charge had been added to our bill of 10%, because we were a group of six people! i have no idea why and no one told us about this until we were given the bill, needless to say we complained about the extra charge, and they then deducted it.

By Angelique A.

We went to Jamies Italian for the first time tonight as a small family. It was the worst experience we have ever had! The food was awful (salty, preprepared and burnt), the price was ridiculous for what we got, the place was hot and noisy (noisy we can live with being a family). We were charged the wrong amount for the food as well and when we queried it were made to feel awful. We will never be back and will never recommend Jamies Italian to anyone. We go to a place that people say makes its food from a packet - well the experience there is 1 million times better than we had tonight. I feel sorry for Jamie having put his name to this!

By Marlon M.

@simonqweameni've bin there last week with my wife, we come from holland and we live near the belgian boarder,visiting restaurants is one of our hobbies we have bin in all kind of places even with 3 michelin stars (oud sluis from topchef Sergio herman fo example) when I viseted jami's italian in cardiff I was curious if it was as good as fifteen london well I must say it is! What you see is what you get, good food, nice staff and a great venue! For all the brits who like to know what means good food go see one of jamie's restaurants! Cheers from holland

By Lucy M.

Visited this restaurant last week and although the food was reasonable the service was terrible. Nobody explained the specials (in-fact had to call waitress over to take order). It's because of the bad service that we won't be returning and also the coffee was more Greggs than Italian!

By Jane F.

I went for lunch at Jamie's Cardiff last week with my husband after several positive reviews from friends. We went in for lunch and were greeted immediately by the lovely smiley host (how many restaurants in Cardiff have a permanent host on the door? Amazing) We were sat upstairs straight away and mentioned we would prefer a seat closer to the side so we could look down on the restaurant, not a problem. We were never made to feel we were being difficult and moving wasn't a problem. The waitress came over instantly (a young lady with bright pink hair I'd like to add, she did mention her name but I am afraid I have forgotten it)and put some water with lemon on the table which I thought was a nice touch and made us feel instantly relaxed and understood we were being looked after. I could go on and on about how wonderful the food was but in this instance I would like to concentrate on how utterly fantastic the service was! Efficient, friendly and Outstanding knowledge. I was particularly interested in the olives which she described came from Puglia where the winds allow for perfect organic growing, she even told me where I could buy them outside the restaurant. I can honestly say I have never been so impressed with a waitress. She even brought over a replacement espresso after noticing the first was slightly too watery. I would like to commend Jamie's Oliver Italian highly on all the staff. My only criticism would be there is no available email address to write directly to the manager.

By Robert B.

My family and a group of friends visited Cardiff this week (12/7/2010) to attend a graduation ceremony combined with a visit to Jamies Italian for lunch. First impressions - noisy, draughty (we had to sit near the entrance) and difficult to find something that was appealing on the menu. We did think about going somewhere else but with time against us we decided to stay. What a big mistake, my food tasted the way it looked - disgusting as did daughter's cheeseburger and chips - tasteless. I would like to point out that we have lived overseas for many years, including third world countries, and have of course tried all sorts of different foods. Sadly I would go as far to say that the food we ate at Jamies was arguably the worst meal that we have ever experienced. To sum up, overpriced rubbish!

By Simon S.

Stop all this. I think that most of you people commenting know nothing about food or are simply going to the wrong restaurant. I spent a fantastic Saturday afternoon in Jamie's Italian Cardiff, the service was excellent, I was not rushed in any way (you must eat too quick) and the food was exactly what I expected. One of the most amazing comments I have seen is someone complaining that their children didn't like the food because perhaps the burger was too fussy! Listen, take your kids to Burger King or Mcdonalds. Even more bizarre is the man who says his thinly sliced beef was bland! Does he not know what Carpaccio is? Its thinly sliced raw beef, next time go to a Harvester and have a well done steak and put ketchup on it. Someone has also said that they have been four times and each time it gets worse! Why keep going back? It doesn't agree with you, go somewhere else. I also like the comment about the surroundings being very basic! There is a man stood in the dining area constantly making fresh pasta (is this a common sight in restaurants hmm) there are all manner of meats hanging behind the bar where they are being freshly prepared for platters and there is a constant buzz, they even have long mirrors at head height so that when you are the person who ends up sitting with your back to everything, you can still see everything, pure genius Basically I would warn anyone reading the nonsense on this page to ignore it, these people live to complain, I bet they are all the type of people who demand to change rooms as soon as they check into a hotel. The food was excellent, its rare that we have three courses but were compelled to by the choice on the menu, my son who is seven had a pasta dish which he wolfed down, anyone with seven year olds knows that this is a great sign. I had to write this because i'm sick of people in this country running everything thats great down to the ground, its why Britain never wins a World Cup.

By Q M.

I knew from the first sip of my house red, something was lacking in Jamies Italian and the wine was certainly a true reflection of the poor quality of this establishment. Service is slow, meals are nothing to write home about, so I won't write home about the piece of plastic in one of the meals, the meat sauce that had the audacity to name itself bolognese along with something that vaguely resembled carbonara. I feel sorry for the kids who eat his school dinners if Jamies Italian is anything to go by. I certainly will not be returning.

By Alun W.

I am amazed at the negative feedback to this place. I have been there on 3 separate occasions, twice with my family and once as a work group and it has been superb on all 3 occasions. I think some people are expecting a Gordon Ramsay fine dining experience and not enjoying this place for what it is. On my last visit I had a superb chicken salad and my son loved his prawn linguine. The service was warm and friendly and the waitress totally enchanted my small boy. This is easily the most consistent Italian restaurant in Cardiff in terms of service and food quality and we cant wait to return. Thank you Mr Oliver!!

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