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Meet friends in the Plan café for a light bite to eat, from their appetising menu. They serve a selection of beers, wines and spirits.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00
Sat 11:00-15:30

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The Plan reviews

By G T.

I have been here 3 or 4 times and ebery one was good. Grate location, intersting selection of food especially for veggies. Dont believe the other reviews here, I have always found it good.

By Chris G.

Went in for breakfast. Ordered an orange juice - tasted like packet (small glass). Then had poached egg on toast with murshrooms. I got i small egg (overdone) it fitted on a teaspoon. Two dry pieces of toast (no offer of butter) and 1 mushroom. The poached egg was £3.80 and the mushroom was £1.20. £5.00 no way. Basically food was average at best, service was poor - it seemed they were moving boxes in and out were more important than seeing to customers. Not one happy face in there. I will never go here again and i would advise people to go elsewhere, anywhere.

By Lucia S.

Hi, after reading your review on the plan I understand that you had a very bad experience. I currently am working in The Plan as a waitress and deeply apologise for the service you received last weekend. As you know it is a very busy cafe, in-particular on a Saturday. Staff shortage was a big issue for that weekend, therefore it was difficult to keep things at its best standard throughout the day. Again, besides this we really do apologise for your experience and can assure you that we work exceedingly hard to satisfy our customers. I completely understand that this is not an acceptable excuse, and the service you received should not be tolerated by any customer. Over the years The Plan has continuously tried to present its customers with a warm and relaxing welcoming in hope that they enjoy the friendly atmosphere. It is not often we receive a very bad review, and this experience you received is not of a regular occurrence. I would very much hope that you would re-consider visiting The Plan in confidence that this should not happen again. As a team, we would very much appreciate this but I recognise your disappointment and completely understand if this has prevented you from returning to our cafe. Sincere apologies and really hope for your return to The Plan.

By Nettie H.

Extremely disappointing! The cafe boasts being in the top 50 cafes listed by The Guardian and Independent papers. Our table needed clearing, which was done fairly promptlhy, but it wasn't wiped down - it was quite mucky. We ordered, and after a bit of a wait the food arrived and we were told that the cutlery would 'probably' arrive soon with the drinks. We waited. And waited. Eventually we asked for cutlery (food was getting cold) and we got the drinks and the cutlery - wrapped up in a filthy napkin. Also, the glass for the coke was filthy. We had ordered pitta bread filled with hummus - one was soggy, the other barely had any hummus in at all. We sent them back and re-ordered (no apology). Again,food came, no cutlery. The people on the next table were having the same problem and eventually got up, went downstairs and had to ask for it. The new meal - baked potato - was fine, but nothing special. On paying, I pointed all of the problems out to the girl on the till. No apology, just said she'd have a word with the kitchen staff. I told her that the lack of cutlery and the dirty glass and napkin were down to the waiting staff, not the kitchens. Still no apology. She really didn't seem to care at all. We were frustrated to get round the corner and discover a whole road full of eating places. We paid £14 for the pleasure of eating lunch in The Plan. Won't be going again - wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

By Dan H.

I've been to the plan a number of times, and although it hasn't got the quickest service it does extremely good coffee. It's nice to be able to go and have a hot drink in the centre of cardiff without it being a 'chain'. You pay for the quality of the food and the drink and it is a place I will continue to frequent.

By Lesley F.

My husband and I just went to the Plan yesterday and we had a great experience. The drinks came quickly, and the food followed shortly afterwards. The waitress was very friendly and helped to explain what some of the local dishes included (like Rarebit, which we had never heard of). Everything was delicious! My only complaint is that this place is not cheap, but we did get lunch for two for about 13pounds.

By Roger P.

Lunch there today 22/12/10. Chose Leek, mushroom & cheddar pie with mash potato and green beans. The pie filling was tasty, but the pie had been slaughtered in the microwave, so the pastry was flat in the middle and chewy at the edges, the filling was hotter than the pastry. And the mash potato was cooler than the pastry. There was a token helping of green beans. Each individual component could have been good if prepared properly and served at correct temperature. We paid bill and left, no-one having asked us if we enjoyed the meal. A disappointing experience.

By Leonie W.

(No stars, but no option for it!) Very poor experience one weekday early afternoon. Called in for a coffee and a hot chocolate. Waited ages to be served, despite the guy at the next table, who arrived after us, being served before us. Did not complain though. When my coffee (expensive 'specialist' in a small cafetiere) arrived, I waited a while then pushed the plunger down. Coffee and coffee grounds came out onto the table. I mopped it up with the serviette and didn't complain. As I was paying the bill, I told the waiter about the cafetiere and the fact that there were lots of coffee grounds in the bottom of my cup, but I was really polite and was really only telling him so it didn't happen to anyone else. To my surprise, he said, "Did you push it down quickly? If you do it too fast they don't work." I'm 53, I've been pushing cafetieres down for a whole lot of years, and I do know how they work!

We left, a little non-plussed. The waiter then came out after me, and I thought he was going to apologise, but no, I'd inadvertently given a pound short. The hot chocolate was nice, but I wouldn't bother ever again with 'The Plan". As far as looking after customers, seems they've lost 'The Plot'. The irony is, we'd deliberately looked for a small indie place rather than a Costa or a Starbucks. Hmmm.

By Alicia M.

One of Cardiff Arcade's many hidden treasures, the Plan cafe is a lovely hideaway for anyone wanting to enjoy a leisurely cup of tea or healthy serving of hot or cold food.

The Venue
The Plan is located in a two-story corner space, right in the middle of Morgan Arcade. The ground floor is great for people watching, with several huge windows facing directly into the arcade’s traffic. There are also a few tables set up outside for those wanting more space. The top floor is usually quieter with some bigger tables, more isolated from the bustle downstairs. Besides the massive old-fashioned chandelier that hangs from the ceiling, the decor is modern and simple, allowing for an uncomplicated visit.

The Atmosphere
The Plan has a casual, laid-back atmosphere as well as attentive service. On an average day you’ll find families eating breakfast together, friends sipping coffee over pastries, and young couples enjoying lunch. It’s a little more difficult to flag a waitress down on the top level than the bottom, but they’re usually pretty good at noticing you when you walk up the stairs.

The Food
Between 9am and 11am Plan serves a lovely breakfast, ranging from bacon and eggs in a fresh bap (£3.60) to organic Greek yoghurt accompanied by a selection of fresh fruit (£3.50). From 11am onwards, there are several hot and cold foods to choose from, including a Greek salad (£6.20), homemade chilli, jacket potatoes and a wide range of baguettes and sandwiches. On a cold day, warm yourself up with a hefty serving of soup (£4.50). There are usually a few to choose from, but the carrot and coriander is especially delicious. All of the soups are served with a warm white or wheat baguette, butter and two slices of cheese (except for the broccoli and stilton soup).

Plan is an excellent café for vegetarians, offering meals such as the vegan salad (£6.20) and vegetarian chilli with rice (£7.50) which are good value and very filling as well.

The Drink
If you’re looking for a place to sample a rare green tea or coffee from around the world, then the Plan is your next stop. The tea and coffee menu is the same size as the food menu, and with so many wonderful hot beverages to choose from, you won’t feel guilty savouring your last few sips as you watch the world go by.

The Last Word
Plan is a great place to grab a quick and hearty lunch or sit for hours over a cup of rare tea and a newspaper, pausing only to watch the consistent bustle of all the passers-by.