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At Tiger Tiger Cardiff you will find a wide choice of British and international dishes. With differently themed rooms Tiger Tiger has something for everyone.

"Tiger Tiger Cardiff is your one stop destination for great food, delicious drinks and a night out that unfolds however you want it to. Go wild on the dance floor in Groovy Wonderland, plan a Christmas party, reserve some space for the VIP experience or unwind in one of our uniquely themed hideaways. Gather your friends, don your newest party outfit and get on your dancing shoes, because a big night out in the jungle that is Tiger Tiger Cardiff is good times guaranteed. "

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Tiger Tiger Cardiff reviews

By Abby K.

I have been here a few times, at first i didnt like it but its now growing on me. I dont get out much,lol

By Rachel C.

Tiger Tiger for a night out with your friends is less than an average night out. The drinks are over priced trying to compete with London prices in a Cardiff club. The venue looks pretty classy but the facilities are actually quite dirty and considering they sell food this is quite off putting. The management are extremely unhelpful, especially if you're trying to organised a party or event ie) lucky-voice. The door-staff are very unprofessional too. So all in all a very disappointing night, which was surprising as a night out in Cardiff is usually fab!

By Nikki H.

Unlike Rach008 I thought Tiger Tiger was brilliant! It is classy in there and we spent my sisters 22nd there and she had the best time! We phoned a couple of weeks in advance and the sales team were very helpful and helped me plan my sisters party. We had a booth with lush leather seating jus off from the downstairs dancefloor in the Lucky Voice bar. We went for a birthday package - The party host brought out platters of nibbles for us and by lush cupcakes and they sang happy birthday while carrying a big cake shaped cocktail with fireworks on top and exploded a confetti cannon over us! It was amazing! Then we had karaoke pod and I lost my voice. Fun fun at tiger :) next time we're gonna try get that booth upstairs with private dancefloor! Xxxxx

By . ..

I always have such a laff at Tiger! Its not too big so you dont lose all your mates, lush cocktails, fit doormen!, great place to bump into International rugby players!?! Great classy night out and the karaoke is fab! X

By Rhian T.

Lucky Voice at Tiger Tiger is amazing fun - all your friends together in one room, the waiting staff ensure your wine is flowing and you sing your heart out – what more do you need on a night out!! :-)

By Keely L.

Tiger Tiger offers a choice of bars and dance floors, although it’s perhaps not the best place to go for food.

The Venue
Tiger Tiger can be found in the middle of Greyfriar’s Road, next to other high street stalwarts like Lloyd’s Bar and Varsity. Its close location to the city centre means it attracts shoppers for lunch during the day, too.

Inside, you arrive at the Tiger Bar first. There is a small amount of seating in here, but the rest is cleared for dancing and queuing for the bar. There is also a glass walled room at the back of the Tiger Bar which can be hired out for occasions. The room to the left is a VIP area, although there is not always a strict enforcement of this.

Upstairs there is the Medina room, which is long and a little cramped. A long bar runs along the back wall, and it tends to get extremely busy. Then, there is a small tunnel-like corridor, draped with material, which leads you in to the Club room, where you will find another bar. This is an island bar, surrounded on three sides by seating and it also has a dance floor. The bar in the Club room is a little less busy than the others, but that is probably due to the fact that, if it is your first time venturing into Tiger Tiger, the narrow corridor by the toilets is rather difficult to notice. The smoking area at the club is merely a door to the street outside, and no additional seating is supplied.

The People
The people visiting Tiger Tiger tend to be those looking for a fun night out and a place to dance. After a few pitchers this can mean people tend to be a little on the rowdy side, if you’re after a quiet night out or some specialist music, you’re way off target here. The bar staff are quite efficient, however they are not the charmers you get in some of the bars at other clubs, and the bouncers are a little power-driven at times.

The Music
Monday night is the club’s branded success story, Vodka Island. You will hear chart anthems, RnB, hip hop and soul. It is all very commercial and underground classics are not likely to be dropped. In the club you will find the latest and greatest dance anthems.

The rest of the week is aimed either at students or young-ish professionals, so the music is a mixture of the aforementioned chart bump and grinders and some middle of the road funky house. Nothing to experimental going on here.

Following on from the success of silent discos in other parts of the UK, Sundays at Tiger Tiger now offers a headphone party, where you are provided with wireless headphones and can dance around in silence to chart music.

Finally, Lucky Voice is the new karaoke experience offered by Tiger Tiger, and you can book a private room in which to sing your heart out.

The Drinks
Tiger Tiger does a roaring (sorry) trade on happy hours. Most days from 5pm-8pm you will be able to take advantage of offers like cheap jugs of cocktails, £2 bottles of wine and beer or money off champers.

The Food
Having recently upgraded their menu, Tiger Tiger is rather disappointing in this area. Although the dishes are cheap, the food tastes cheap. The burger and chips at £6 is undercooked and the patty isn’t very good quality. Tiger Tiger is definitely more of a club venue rather than a food venue.

The Last Word
If you’re looking for a party atmosphere, cheap drinks, and a place to let your hair down, Tiger Tiger offers just that. Perhaps not as popular as it used to be, it is still trying its best to keep up with the demands of the Cardiff clubber.

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