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Cathouse reviews

By James D.

Amazing night here with my Girlfriend and friends it was my first time here But was ruined by the coat attendant at the end . When taking our coats at start of night she gave us 3 tickets for 4 items I said where's the other one and she replied I didn't include the bag which was great but at end of night I gave my tickets to same girl and she didn't give girlfriends jacket back she just repeated "you haven't got another ticket" even after I explained she repeated same phrase not even listening to me then I got angry (which is reasonable after not listening to me and after few beers I have less patience) I swore twice and the got the bouncer to me but I explained why would I come 14mile with a girlfriend without a jacket in a cold night he explained his policies regarding the jacket which would be invalid because I don't go to Glasgow much (once or twice a year) but the bouncer was great he seen that I wasn't leaving and i had valid points and then he went and looked for it (found it within seconds of looking) as soon as I seen it I said that was it straight away he explained it was in a hanger next to my ticket number i thanked the bouncer for his time to understand as I walked away with a ruined night because that just killed the good mood of the night but thanks to the bouncer he was great after I convinced him I was generally angry at the service and distrust that I got. To never let this happen again I suggest the coat attendant get better customer service and not see everyone as drunk and give tickets for every item if there going to forget.........

By Nat R.

Ive been going to the cathouse for years now and it has changed a fair bit. 1st floor is great but the second floor plays chart music, Its suppose to be an alternative club.If i wanted to listen to chart music i would go to 90% of the other clubs in town. I still love you cathouse and i dont mean to sound nasty but it should produce what is advertised. Alternative music!

By L J.

man_whore - glad you enjoy a happy atmosphere. We're not always so upbeat but hopefully you lot understand our stresses in trying to maintain one of the busiest clubs in town!Keep on rockin'!Cathouse Maniacs

By L J.

EdTheLam - it sucks that you didn't have a good time in the cathouse, hopefully you'll give us another go soon and if you dod you'll see things aren't quite as "scary" as they once were. Yes there are just as many blokes with make-up on as their are girls, but that's just their way of letting loose and saying "sod it! who cares how daft I look, I'm out to have fun!" and other stuff like that. Try to reach beyond the outer apperience and you'll see that the majority - if not all - of them are not that different from yourself. Music-wise, the top floor now plays almost every genre of music every night (thursday through sunday and any weeknights we have aftershows on), and we now have Sure Shot every sunday firing out old skool hip-hop, R&B and break-beat nonsense up at the spiderweb bar. Not to mention our latest weekly event, our Open Mic Night, every sunday from 9 AM - 1 AM (just added it to this site so you should be able to find more details on it within the next couple of days). Hopefully see you back in soon. Best, Cathouse Maniacs

By Daniel S.

It does what it says on the tin, its an altern. music scene. the 1st floor is all metal, the 2nd has changed a lot, used to be more punk but has moved towards mainstream with dance music with the scattering of indie/alt rock bands thrown in. If you like cheep drink and are after a laugh its the place for you, basically look at the que on the way in, if that scares you then avoid, if not you will have a great night

By Mason J.

this club is fantastic whether your into the rock/ heavy metal scene or not. down stairs is where the rock is but up stairs you have various things happening from hip hop to dance to pop to just plain fun cheesy music. the staff are really friendly as well. no matter what you have heard about the security, they are really nice friendly people even when they are kicking you out they have a laugh and make you not mind getting kicked out. nicest people iv met in a long time in a club. if your looking for a place for an excellent night out the cathouse is the place to be

By Edward M.

Probably the worst nightclub i have ever been in. The music is absolutely terrible and its like Halloween every night in the place too.

I wont even go there when it comes to the dress code to be honest. If you are not a big fan of heavy metal then avoid this place.

The top floor is the best if you are not a heavy metal fan and you are being dragged for your information.