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Gallus reviews

By James O.

Sir James hosts the Gallus Quiz night on Wednesday nights from 9pm Be prepared for topical banter, showbiz nonsense and all the music, pictures and triva stuff you could ever wish for. It's free entry and there's booze, cash and biscuits to be won. Full details of this week's cash jackpot and pictures of last week's winners in the Venue Quiz Blog on Sir James's Glasgow Pub Quiz website.

By Emilie M.

I've been to couple of live band nights at Gallus called Under The Influence and I've had an amazing time at every one of them. It's on the first Friday of every month hosted by the same band the Raw Kings and the place is always jumping with a really great selection of beers. They also have music on Thursday and Sunday nights which is quite different to the night I've been to but I'll definitely be checking them out if the standards are the same as the Raw Kings Nights!

By Tacita V.

This modern pub hosts regular live music sessions that threaten to bring the ceiling down.

The Venue
This modern pub was formerly known as Solid Rock West and, before that, Bar Zoo. Music still takes centre-stage, but the decor has been re-done (in 2005). Now there's a large metal chandelier dangling from the ceiling, circular booths, a pool table, game machines and TV screens for sports. The stage is located just past the entrance, so you may have to fight to make your way to the back, or to the bar. Since the room is split-level you can find a seat on the platform and watch the performance without having to stand.

The People
The live sessions at Gallus are alive and kicking. You can see a bit of everything, and crowd participation is guaranteed. Gallus attracts a crowd who are in their late thirties and above, and quite a few of them work in the nearby hospital. Every Sunday the house band takes to the stage and this is when the regulars have the most fun.

The Food and Drink
Gallus is a rather no-frills bar when it comes to eating and drinking. They serve pizzas as stomach-liners, very cheap at £2.50 and rather large. To wash it down, there's Guinness (£2.70), Staropramen, Miller, Budweiser, Becks, Fursterberg and others (£2.60 to £2.85). Beer here is cheap. Alternatively, you can pick from several bottles of wine, very affordable at £10.40 to £12.40, or £3.60 to £4.10 for a large glass, or £2.70 to £3.15 for a small one.

The Last Word
Live music, cheap booze and a family atmosphere make the Gallus a popular stop-off. Tacita Vero