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Khublai Khans is a Mongolian restaurant serving flavoursome meals to eat in or takeaway.

"In the 13th century, it was custom for the warriors of the great Khans, who ruled Mongolia, to cook their food on their up-turned shields over a camp fire.

In this way they would prepare slivers of meat, cut with the sword edge, with a combination of vegetables, aromatic spices, oils and sauces.

With these ancient traditions in mind, we bring you one of the world’s least known, but most original dining experiences; Khublai Khans Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant offers a genuinely unique, fun and relaxed dining experience with a lively, interactive atmosphere."

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Khublai Khans reviews

By Jennifer F.

We recently ate at this Mongolian Barbecue restaurant and were completely bowled over! It really is somewhere genuinely different.We went for the Mongolian Feast priced at £19.95, this allows you to choose a starter and a dessert and to visit the BBQ buffet as many times as you can manage. However, from the menu we saw that there are cheaper options available.The starters were an interesting eclectic mix - I had ostrich enchiladas!

But the main event is the BBQ when you create your own dishes. You go thro to the rear of the restauant where there are great pots of rice and noodles and then choose whatever you like from a selection of about 20 different types of fresh veg. Then you move on to the meat counter that contains the likes of venison, ostrich, wild boar, kangaroo and zebra as well as chicken, lamb, beef etc and seafood.

We'd never seen such a choice all under one roof!After selecting your meat(s) you add sauces and oils (about 15 to choose from) then top it all off with your choice of herbs and spices.Your concoction is then stir fried on a MASSIVE open hot plate by chefs using swords!The other great thing is that you can return to the BBQ as many times as you like so you can try loads of different meats and combinations.After you've eaten your fill, you select a homemade dessert - the banana and caramel cheesecake was heavenly.

All in all, the food was fantastic, the staff were really laid back and helpful and the atmosphere was buzzing. We are all planning return visits, especially as my boyfriend has a Birthday coming up and at Khublai Khans we witnessed them dress up the "lucky" person in Mongolian robe and hat and seat them on a huge wooden throne! At the end of the meal they turned the restaurant lights down and played a hilarious Birthday song and brought out the dessert with a huge firework in it. We asked and that "Birthday Package" is FREE!

Get yourselves down to Khublai Khans if you fancy a cracking ni

By Carolyn R.

Not for those seeking a quiet evening, a visit to Khublai Khans is all about the experience.

The Venue
Situated in the increasingly upmarket Merchant City, Khublai Khans is conveniently close to the popular Candleriggs area. The theme of the restaurant is Mongolia, specifically the conquests of Genghis Khan.

Stretching across one wall is a map showing the 13th century Mongolian empire, and tapestries and murals hang elsewhere. The main dining area is large and slightly gloomy, but the overall effect is atmospheric rather than dour.

The People
Khublai Khans is all about celebrations. Birthdays and stag and hen nights all find a comfortable home here. The staff even provide a throne and crown for the birthday boy or girl, and your evening is likely to have at least one Khublai birthday routine.

This includes the lights being dimmed, an ominous voice booming out and a cake adorned with a firework arriving at the birthday table, usually carried by an unenthusiastic waiter.

The Food
You order starters in the usual way, but when it’s time for the main course you’re directed to the kitchen to create your own concoction. A variety of meats, vegetables and sauces are set out, with suggested combinations for those who need a little guidance.

Meat-eaters won’t know where to start, with a choice that includes zebra, kangaroo and ostrich. Vegetarians are less well catered for, with a fairly small selection of vegetables and no tofu, quorn or equivalent. Once you’ve made your choice you hand it to the chefs, who cook your food on an open barbecue.

You can eat as much as you like, though the whole process can get a little time-consuming, especially in busy periods when there are long queues. Prices are moderate and a pre-theatre option is available.

The Drink
The drinks selection is wide and includes a good range of bottled beers and wines. Beers are priced between £2.50 to £5 which is fairly typical for a city centre restaurant. Khublai Khans also offers a variety of coffees, all of which are fairtrade.

The Last Word
If you’re looking for a lively night out with a large bunch of friends, and you don’t mind risking a bit of a wait for your meal, then Khublai is perfect. If you want a cosy chat and sophisticated cooking, head elsewhere.

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