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Mirch Masala serves up a smashing menu of exciting contemporary Indian food. There are loads of dishes to choose from which includes an excellent selection of vegetarian options.

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Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00

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Mirch Masala reviews

By Sick O.

Why would you eat in the same place every day for 10 years if it was as bad as you say I don't understand!! You must be a family member who has become estranged to the family and were obviously forced to eat there, so now are trying to damage their business, yes?? You are really stupid to have eaten there every day knowing they dont wash their hands and have rats and have annoyed me enough to waste my time writing this!!

By Su H.

Forgot to mention the almost always rodent activity there. Am I right in thinking during infestation the place should be closed? If so then this place would almost always be closed! Also forgot to mention that although went daily for ten years, the married owners and the portly man with spectacles thought They were doing me a favour by letting Me in! On several occasions the male owner even said to me "why are you here again!" They're just bread heads here, simple as that.

By Su H.

For private reasons Had to eat here daily for 10 years. Tables, plates, cutlery, glasses Always dirty. As are the salt and chilli pots. They don't offer a choice of pepper. The ketchup containers had dried on ketchup virtually all over outside, and bunged up. Only two toilets, the ladies is alway dirty and smelly, with urine and faeces all over the toilet and floor, and always out of toilet roll. Poor hygiene to adequately wash and dry hands. The staff are rude and far too frequently get the orders wrong. I sat where could see into kitchen. An elderly lady wiped her runny nose onto the palm of her hand then wiped it on her very very dirty apron, then without washing hands proceeded to cook. On another occasion same lady put finger into her ear, flicked wax onto food in serving counter, wiped her dirty, greasy hair with her hand, and again without washing hands proceeded to cook. My colleague ate there for 15years and she had threadworms because one of the young boys never washed his hands after toileting. When she stopped eating here her thread worms gradually cleared. The menu boasts food from many continents, but they use the same base sauce so they all taste the same. The food is Never fresh, they use so much food that lays around for days, you can taste its stale, also they use the cheapest foodstuff, food arrives cold and frequently with hair in. This is because they don't wear hairnets. I am a Vegan and Every time I order tell them to cook without butter, yoghurt etc, but they still send me food with it in. When I query this they call me a liar. If I can manage to get the food taken back, they either bring back the same plate of food, or have seen them spit in it! The drinks are never fresh, and they use the cheapest pop etc. I am wondering where health&safety are, and where are environmentally health? Avoid these restaurants.


Very poor service slow and rude Food disgusting cold ,tasteless Probably the worst restaurant I have visited and would never return

By Hims P.

Ordered a takeaway and must admit, it was totally disgusting. Ordered Mexican and the ingredients on the menu was totally different to what I actually got. I would rather spend my money in a more authentic restaurant then soend in this FULL of LIES place. Never again.............................