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Queen of Bradgate reviews

By Disco D.

This pub has been fully refurbished and now is a nice place to go to.

It has excellent seating and a nice drinks selection. DJ every weekend and live bands every Sunday.

I would definitely recommend it as a place to go for a nice chilling night out.

By Tacita V.

What about half a pint of John Smiths for 80 pence? Here you can get the cheapest half measures Leicester has to offer.

The Venue
Queen of Brigate is a pretty old timer pub with a large wooden bar stretching all the way to the ceiling, a green pool table on a raised platform, some red paint on the walls and all the classic pub furniture you can imagine. Actually, there is furniture but not that much of it: the place looks rather empty and it would deserve more tables and chairs. A fireplace, old leather couches and an outdoor patio somewhat improve the situation.

The Atmosphere
Queen of Brigate appears as a sort of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde of a pub. During the day, it is the hangout cum drinking spot of people who are above sixty. However, they have a regular karaoke and Fridays and Saturdays even see the appearance of live DJs. You do not expect them to spin Frank Sinatra and Doris Day for the old crowd, do you? It is more probable that the day crowd retires to bed at 8PM to leave space for younger blood.

The Drink
Beer here is truly cheap: the peculiarity are the half pints, priced at exactly half the cost of a full one. Hence, you can get half a pint of John Smiths for only 80 pence! And a full pint is only £1.60: cheaper than Wetherspoons! Fosters is £2, Carling is £2.50, Kronenberg, Guinness and Stella are £2.60 and you know how rare it is to find a pint of Irish stout for less than £3…

They also serve some shooters and shots: imagine Slippery Nipple, Baby Guinness, sambuca, Goldschlager, Aftershock and others including absinthe. During the weekends you can get them for only £1 and three bottles of beer are only £5.

The Last Word
The beer is cheap so it is always worth to visit Queen Of Brigate: be smart about it and use that 80 pence half pint to inspect the premises to discover if the Mr. Hyde weekend night makes it worth coming over with friends and spend the evening here.

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