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The Donkey is a friendly bar well known for their live music of many genres. Past acts include the Fun Loving Criminals and Sandi Thom. The Donkey also boasts a large beer garden and car parking.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Thu 11:00-23:30
Fri-Sat 11:00-01:00
Sun 11:00-23.30

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The Donkey reviews

By Zoe M.

Get a grip man and try curb your anger or you'll end up living with ya momma for eternity! You know nowt about the Donkey apart from the door man stole your woman and that's why your angry!! Ooh no what to expect back?........?........?

By Zoe M.

Very bitter and nasty comments by two folk that are obviously the same lying pillocks! It's clear why your so. Venonmous about such A top place if not the best night out in leicester! Comments like your Cannot be taken seriously at all,far to vicious Rather then constructive like previous comments! Your comments only suggest that you were kicked out for Misbehaving in some form or Another and to this day hold A grudge. Quite Pathetic Really :)the Landlord gets slagged off for many Things and he Finds it hilarious you take the time to Think about him Negative or not! :-) :-) :-)

By Matt R.

Bit dingy inside, outside needs cleaning up a bit but not too bad. Wouldn't come back but might be fine for others.

By Zoe M.

Thanks Empty sacs of ball shit i'll make sure I pass it on to the staff next time I'm there enjoying and appreciating something so clearly you can't get your uptight self into!! You may reply but I seriously am no longer intrested in your dribble,you've slagged so many places off so your clearly a miserable twat!!

By Zoe M.

Yes I like to spend all my time on here rather then tell people to there faces because I have no balls!! Get a grip you sad Pratt!!

By Zoe M.

The donkey is the best live music venue in leicester at the moment and it gets better and better in every respect! The place has character and soul and only those with either previously mentioned would get it! The best live music, great feel, great folk,cosy and characteristic surroundings and the most eccentric landlord I've witnessed yet :-) Go see for yourself you won't be disappointed unless your a wally to put it politely !

By Zoe M.

Obviously this world is not for you.....Try mars I've heard it's very calm up there :-) The Donkey is the place to be unless its someone that just doesn't get it :-)

By Philip D.

Very good small to medium sized live music venue (near Leicester Uni) in a city that's getting steadily better and better for live music venues.

By Bill B.

you sir are cleary a member of the team hustle customers. your pub is disgusting and so are you and the baldy little fat fella. 3 posts on the same day saying about it being the best venue in the midlands?! idsay you come a close 100 to the top, perhaps the best place shrivel up and die, not venue though. lets see what immediate positive feedback we see to this? oh yeh smackhead

By Bill B.

Let me tell you something about the donkey and the little baldy fat fella on the door. A charity fundraiser was taking place to support a local childrens hospice, yes thats right guys, dying children. 20pound was paid on the door, which was being manned by a little baldy fat fella, he seemed to fancy himself but i couldnt help notice his lack of confidence with the women, given away by his attemp to attract a mate by pumping his little flabby breasts out, needless to say his attemps failed, over and over again, surely by now he should be questioning his approach, the only thing he was questioning was the dirty beardy vagrant who claims to own the place the whereabout of their pills and cocaine, and yes there is a speaker on stage presently talking about sharing a story of a recent experience of caring for a little boy through to his dying day. The baldy little fat man meanwhile had called his jobless mates from the local estates who were now congragated in the car park. then cooincidently upon the arrival of several of his jobless mates ,baldy little fat man musters a pair. what he chose to do however was accuse me of looking suspicious, and proceeded to perform what i only can guess was a medical assessment of my vision. and left me with the avice to leave it outside, whatever 'it'was. he then attacked my friend, attacked me and tried to romance the ladies in our party...what baldy little fat man doesnt understand though is, ladies dont like or respect bald little fat fellas and dirty beardy vagrants such as those pair of criminals at the donkey.

By Gyi F.

Bit of a tip. Bar staff unfriendly & pretty run down outside, told that it used to be a lot nicer. Didn't see music so can't comment on that side. Would give it another chance if descent act on but not for a social evening.

By Trance I.

Saw the Specials last night, they were fantastic as ever, the night only tarnished by frequenting the Donkey in Leicester where bar staff and their henchmen assaulted both me and the wife and basically ended up stealing my debit card. Good look trying to spend that you bunch of THUGS! Should have been a happy Ska revival night. The Donkey was shamelessly out just to make money. I was punched twice and my wife was knocked to the ground and her glasses broken before her, not a random attack. Like I said before this was by the staff and henchmen. Loved the specials, love Ska music. Visit the Donkey at your own peril. I shall never be returning.

By Michael E.

We had A meeting local and popped in for A Pint at Dinnertime on A thurs, it looked A Bit rough and ready and I can Imagine on A good night its Banging With A very mixed crowd , its defo got character , didnt spot any blood Stains on the doors Think theyd been wiped up , def worth A Session if I was in lester one night

By Kelvin S.

Whoever wrote the very derogatory and frankly untrue review clearly has a personal axe to grind and, if the organisers of view leicester wish to retain any integrity, they should remove it immediately. The Donkey is, quite simply, the friendliest venue in Leicester, run by people who are passionate about live music and creating something that is unique and different. Yes the Gaffa likes a beer, as do many of the regulars, but I've never experienced any trouble and have in fact seen the Gaffa calm down trouble makers (who usually arrive already drunk)and explain that aggressive and disrepectful behaviour will not be tolerated. The Donkey is the little jewel in Leicester's live music scene, offering a diversity and atmosphere that is unique. On a good night the place may well be loud, boisterous and packed but, if iots your first time please come again, try the lovely Sunday Sessions (4pm to about 8 ish) which rae family friendly and chilled. Come a second and third time and I guarantee you won't leave as a stranger. Ignore the spiteful individual who clearly has a wish to spoil something special for their own unknown malicious motives, come down the Donkey and make your own mind up.

By El M.

Not a pool table or fruit machine in sight I'm pleased to say. This person sounds quite deluded!

By El M.

This Man or Girl really does have an axe to grind! Your opinion would've been taken a little more seriously if you didn't get so personal and talk such twaddle! We feel safe at the Donkey and have been treated very well indeed. Your attitude is towards people is vulgar & terribly rude. Your opinion is NOT constructive in the slightest!

By El M.

We saw The Fun Loving Criminals,Alabama 3,The South + much more and thoroughly enjoyed our night! Great venue that has provided us with the most memorable nights to date!

By John S.

thats ok, wasn't talking to you anyway :) at least I'm grown up enough to be able to accept criticism of the things and places that I like. Enjoy

By Paul W.

Came to The Donkey a few weeks back. Was ok, not gr8. Bar staff ok bt took ages for broken glass to get cleaned up. Wud cum back if I was passing but not out of my way

By Anna B.

The Donkey is brillaint. friendly pub, excellent music for very affordable ticket prices. The bar staff are great and its just wonderful to go there :)

By John S.

absolutely 100% correct you are! No balls whatever, so I'll take those empty sacs off to somewhere decent :) what charming friendly bar staff they have there these days :)

By Simon A.

Great pub with friendly staff, best small live music venue in Leicester if not in the country, a real variety of music and a great atmosphere.

By John S.

Nope pal, just the sort who frequent there most weekends. Seen it with my own eyes, admittedly only the once as that was the last time I ever went in there. And - top tip here - fake positive reviews are pretty obvious to any regular users of this site.

By Alan G.

What kind of coke head chav kid leaves un snorted lines of coke in a pub toilet. It's addictive ya know!! Oh right I know which kind, The fictitious kind. You clearly have some axe to grind Or a very lively imagination.

By Alan G.

the donkey is a friendly,old fashioned proper music pub.the beer may not come in its labelled glass,and the landlord has a very silly beard but the donkey has a rare and wonderful atmosphere.put on some top bands thru their amazing soundsystem and gaz at the controls.and where else can ya sup a pint next to members of the specials,or fun lovin criminals,alabama 3,the slackers,urban voodoo machine,or other major acts and have a laugh with em??the donkey rocks...may rock too hard for some,but they can always go to some nightclub/working mens club/wine bar..(if thats their thing!!)

By Sarah B.

The Donkey is the best live music venue in the city. They offer something for everyone. I always find the bar staff friendly, Zoe in particular, who always creates a great atmosphere. A great place to go if you want to support live music and an independent establishment with people who care about what they're doing.

By Andy W.

The Donkey is probably the best venue in the Midlands with very friendly staff, excellent atmosphere and live music on most days /nights. A quick glance through the bands / acts that have performed there over the past few years shows the high regard that both local and 'name' musicians hold for the place. I can only assume that the negative reviews posted by some people on here are either by rival pub / venues or people who have some personal issue against the staff there. Their reviews are entirely fictitious and wholly incorrect. I regularly go to the Donkey and have never experienced anything remotely like these reviews.

By John S.

Believe me buddy, if The Donkey is the 'place to be,' I'm perfectly content to be nowhere near it - preferably in a beer garden of, y'know, a decent pub where aggro isn't staring at you from it's coked-up, sugar-rushed head at the pool table.

By John S.

Coke-snorting angry kids off the Saffron Estate! Need somewhere to go because your mum's kicked you out again? Need to hide from a debt collector on that side of town? Then come to The Donkey! We can meet all your chav-tastic needs including: lines of unsnorted coke left in the bogs, bar staff too afraid to challenge you unless you park your tricycle outside the entrance, overpriced watered-down booze, deeply unfriendly bar staff, and a really foul attitude towards anyone who's under 25 but also clearly has a job. Lording it over this dump is a chap called Warren, who not content with turning the Donkey from a relatively nice boozer into a chav-infested toilet has also done the same to the New Road Inn next door. What used to be a couple of nice pubs have now become the sorts of places you'd find Frank Gallager's kids drinking in. On the plus side, they do occasionally get some decent bands in. Not too often though.

By Fuck Y.

Over-priced, overly annoying place with loud music that annoys local residents. An poor excuse for a bar. I wish it would close down... yesterday!

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