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The Globe is Leicester's oldest pub that has seven well conditioned real ales and serves quality food right in the heart of the city centre.

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Opening Hours

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11:00 - 01:00


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11:00 - 01:00


11:00 - 01:00


11:00 - 01:00


11:00 - 01:00

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The Globe reviews

By Philip D.

"this place hasn't changed much in the past century" - that's being very iffy with the truth, the place has just had a massive and very insensitive refurb in late 2012, so it's changed a lot in the past six months yet alone in the past century! Yes some old features have been left but both the food and beer are not special.

By Andy G.

Great pub with lots of history and character. The stories about banning military personnel are rubbish - check the press. So sad that a pub's reputation can be anonymously and maliciously trashed like this.

By C E.

A little more research before jumping on the bandwagon and you would of found out the story is a complete fake. Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol so why would they be in a pub in the first place. And the photo used is not of the Globe or the management. ( roll my eyes in dispair ).

By C S.

The story circulating relating the ban on military personnel at The Globe pub, has been exposed as a vicious rumour. It is a complete falsehood. Apologies to all concerned.

By Chris C.

I've never been here but the story about this is a load of rubbish. Do a bit more research before posting a load of crap next time, eh?

By C S.

Would'nt go here if you paid me. They should have their license revoked for banning military personnel(in case it upsets muslims - Excuse me are real muslims not meant to be alcohol abstainers? so what are they doing in a pub?). This is what's wrong with Britain, lefty loony people taking it upon themselves to be "politically correct". another load of tosh invented by the left wing do-gooders who have fresh air for brains! I sincerely hope this establishment is vetoed by every decent Brit and goes down the pan fast - where it belongs.

By Saint G.

The globe has recently banned all British forces personel from drinking in there pub,wat an absolute disgrace they should be ashamed of themselves if you have any patriotic blood left in you avoid the globe at all costs,bad beer bad food and bad company

By Bob M.

Disgraceful anti-military owners Banned soldiers from entering the pub as not to upset Muslims...

By Jon H.

You would be hard pressed to find worse food than this across the globe. I would never have thought that a very simple chicken pie with rustic chips and vegetables could be so poor. I was asked if everything was ok before I even picked up my fork. My pie was cold, and I asked my partner if her meal was ok and the only reason I did not return both dishes straight away is that we had both walked 9 miles and were starving. We both left our pie filling and I told the staff it was cold. The only answer given was he would let his chef know. If you fancy rustic chips which actually are normal chips with peri peri, 4 soggy parsnips and a cold chicken pie then this is the place for you. I was very surprised not to be either sitting on the toilet or in hospital after eating the meal. It’s a shame because there is some fantastic pub food offered across Leicestershire.

By Tacita V.

The Globe is a nice historical pub located right in the middle of Leicester. Not only that, it sells a rare treasure - the locally brewed Everards beer. Not to be missed for locals and tourists alike.

The Venue
This traditional old-timer has an old wooden bar and lots of small rooms with couches, padded wall benches and typical pub furniture.

Some of rooms are separated by partitions made of wood with glass panels and this place hasn't changed much in the past century. Tiles and mosaics cover the floor and the lampshades are pretty frosted-glass bowls.

Upstairs, The Globe is even prettier with old floral wallpaper, burgundy walls, a pool table, a fireplace, a carpet matching the wallpaper and a traditional atmosphere. If you can, drink here or, even better, hold your private party here.

The People
As well as a pool table, there's an old dartboard, and a weekly quiz to keep you amused. Even though it looks like a conservative old pub it manages to attract the early twenties crowd. In fact, groups of all sizes and ages go to the Globe for a good old knees-up.

Needless to say the pub has a casual and laidback atmosphere, just like it used to be in the good old days, and this is definitely one of the reasons it's popular.

The Food
The Globe sticks happily to traditions in the menu as well. You can get sandwiches and jacket potatoes with classic fillings or the local black pudding melt. There are also daily soups (£2.75), Sunday roast (£6.55) and a selection of classic mains. The only exotic addition seems to be chilli con carne on rice (£6).

The Drink
Everards is a local producer of ales and The Globe has their whole range available. There's Beacon Bitter, Tiger Best Bitter, Sunchaser and Original. All pints are less than £3.

Guinness (£3) is also available together with Bitburger (£3.05), Budvar, Holsten and other ales like Cockery Hop and Moorland Original Bitter. St Helier cider is also one of the options.

Wine? There are only eight bottles to choose from but, even though selection isn't that great, you can't complain about the price. Bottles go for between £10 and £11.25, or £3.45 to £3.85 for a large glass and £2.65 to £2.85 for a small one. Finally, spirits are served in rather generous 35ml measures.

The Last Word
Traditional atmosphere, pretty surroundings on the first floor and local beer. The soul of Leicester is encapsulated at The Globe.

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