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Why not share a banquet with friends or family at the friendly China Star. They serve authentic food and variety of alcoholic and soft drinks.

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17:00 - 23:00


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17:00 - 23:00


17:00 - 23:00


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15:00 - 22:00

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China Star reviews

By S H.

We've ordered the same thing from this takeout many times. This time the 'crispy' duck arrived and it was soggy and pale. (the clue's in the name guys) When we called up we had to explain to 3 people the issue, they weren't bothered and argued (over the phone) it was exactly the same as always and perfectly fine. They wouldn't send a replacement but instead sent the driver back out to collect it for them to inspect and with no refund?! The service of this establishment is the worst I have ever encountered from a takeaway. Complete madness for a £6.50 meal. If they're that tight on replacing a meal what other costs are being cut.

By Sutton L.

We went for a meal for my partners birthday.The staff were really friendly and helpful. The food was great best we have had in ages. The restaurant was clean and the toilets were spotless. My partners sister is in a wheelchair and the excess is easy and the disabled toilet was also spotless. The china star is in all a great place to have a fantastic meal

By Katie F.

I wouldn't even rate my recent experience with China Star with one star! Where do I start? I called up to place a take away order to be delivered and was told I would have to pick the order up as the driver was too busy! I wasn't very happy but agreed that I would collect it, when asked what time it would be ready I was told to arrive at 6:30pm (half an hour after placing the order)i live 5 minutes drive from the restaurant so left my house at 6:30 and was waiting 10 minutes before I was even acknowledged. I was then approached by a man who was very polite and he said to take a seat and he would get my meal for me. He arrived back 5 minutes later with a very small carrier bag and handed me it whilst placing his hand out for the bill amount (which was around £30) I queried this as there was nowhere near £30 worth of food in that one bag! He went back into the kitchen and informed me that 4 dishes out my order hadn't even been done and had been forgotton about! While I was waiting for them to be done another customer returned demanding a refund, his order was freezing and the fried rice to go alongside his dishes were missing! None of the staff looked like they even knew what day it was and when I got home with my cold order I had more things I hadn't ordered than what I had ordered so had the totally wrong meal. The food wasn't fantastic and I will not be returning, very very dissapointed.

By Xavier W.

Purely great food and it is rare to find a Chinese restaurant which doesn't use MSG additives so the food is so much better and no headache at the end of the night. I would definitely go back there again in the future!

By Jane K.

Absolutely rubbish. Not only did they give my food to the wrong person but they then had the audacity to give us attitude about it. Avoid this restaurant at all costs, we made the mistake of going back after their last cock up, but they certainly don't learn by their mistakes. Food is not that good either, we just used to go as it was convenient. I would rather go without now rather than give my business to such ignorant individuals.

By Mike F.

We have been going to the China Star for approx 5 years now, both on our own as a couple, with our 5 kids and sometimes upto 17 of us!

Staff are fantastic, especially with the children, and always remember us by name, and enquire after anyone who isn't with us.

Service has always been fantastic - Mike the head waiter is excellent, as is Kelly.

Food is probably the best we have ever eaten at a Chinese, and we are particularly fussy - If we ever get substandard service or food, e never eat there again.

The whole place is spotless, including the toilets - and the large aquarium is perfect for entertaining the kids whilst we finish our coffee's!

We can, and do recommend the China Star to all of our friends, and they also rave about the place.

By David L.

The food and service here is the way better than other restaurants nearby. Staffs there are kind and always recommend u new types of food, they speak good English and have enough knowledge of their products