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Jamie Oliver brings his version of rustic Italian cuisine to Liverpool's Paradise Street courtesy of Jamie's Italian.

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12:00 - 23:00


12:00 - 23:00


12:00 - 23:00


12:00 - 23:00


12:00 - 23:00


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Jamie's Italian reviews

By Roy B.

Dropped in one day after shopping in town. Ordered a burger. Apparently, you cant get ordinary chips, you get 'funky chips', these come in what looked like a little metallic bin and the burger came on a dirty looking bread board. The burger was cold, the bread not fresh and on top of the burger was some sweet chillies that squirted out cold liquid when you bit into them! The inside is noisy and resembles a canteen. All this and a bottle of beer and not much change out of £18! Not very 'pukka' that, is it Jamie? When I left I wished that I would have gone around the corner to Mcdonalds, the food would have been hot, tasted better and cost me a quarter of the price! Avoid! Roy Schoch

By Gill B.

Went Saturday teatime and it was busy! We were going to sit outside but the tables looked disgusting, untreated wood with lots of stains on them. Finally got a table inside right next to the bread being cut. The menu is very limited and well overpriced. I had a burger served on an old breadboard, it didnt come with anything and was over £11. Husband had a bowl of very average pasta and it was almost £16 for a caraf of house wine. We wont be going back!

By Natalie C.

I love Jamies Italian. I first went in january and was blown away by the amazing staff as soon as I walked through the door right through until I left. The food! Wow! Jamies Italian lives up to the Jamie Oliver name


Food wasnt up to much. I had lambchops,not much to them so I had to order A few sides. My husband ordered fish in A bag,again not much to it. Childrens meals were awful,spag bol,rock hard spag! Lasagne,swimming in grease,couldnt Find the pasta sheets or the Mince! Not an overall nice experience,much prefer 'host' on hope street,excellent,steer clear of jamies.

By Cara M.

I went to the restaurant on Monday evening with my 2 friends. We got seated quickly which was good, as I had heard that there had been a 20-30 minute wait for some people. We got seated then forgotten about for umm 45 minutes. When we got the attention of the waiter and proceeded with our order, we were then informed that out of all the starters on the menu there was only bread available!! Surely we should have been informed of this upon being given the menu. We placed our order then 30 minutes later got served a below average meal, chips that were far from fresh, a prawn linguine that missed the prawns, pasta that was not cooked right through !! We sent the chips back and just accepted the poor quality food. Not once did we get asked how was our meal, would we like more drinks, I had to get the attention of a waiter to request more drinks, which resulted in another 10 minute wait, we never got asked would we like desert! We sat there with dirty plates on the table till we left. Overall extremely disappointed. I really wanted the Olives on Ice and couldn't have them.This is a new restaurant I can't understand how the service, the food and the lack of choice on the menu can be allowed!! I am sure Jamie wouldn't be impressed with this, his reputation is going to be damaged. I expected more. There are so many other restaurants in Liverpool that are miles better than this place. Casa Italia is a proper Italian restaurant.

By Phil C.

Went for tea on a Monday night (with wife and five year old) and overall it was OK - the big plus for me was being able to go to an Italian restaurant in the first place as I don't like pasta or tomatoes! The menu is varied and not quite your normal Italian offering (Interestingly they don't do pizza - i don't pizza either!) The kids menu comes courtesy of a viewfinder - nice touch, though I think I thought more of it than my son. Food was good, they did a custom pasta dish for my son, though I'm not sure the wooden platters work myself as plates for meat dishes. Staff were pretty good too, friendly and adapted their style to that of the customers, value for money - we paid £65 for shared starter, 3 x mains, a couple of deserts and couple of drinks - I'd say reasonable. As a tea time experience ( our general restaurant experience these days) I'd say it's pretty good. Only downside, even though we were sat near the kitchen we didn't see Jamie one ;-)

By Helen C.

Monday lunch time disappointment. My main course was not available(prawn linguine) and half the dessert list was also 'not available'. I tried the meatballs - mistake, the cinnamon which sounded intriguing was completely overpowering and quite frankly unpleasant. The pasta looked like intestines ( what's wrong with tagliatelle?) On the plus side the house red was surprisingly good and my husbands choice (from the specials board) porchetta was delicious. Pretty poor performance so wont be going back.

By Kay S.

This was a trainee place right?! The staff were incredibly young and very few of them seemed to know what they were doing and seemed very over-excitable. Seeing one inexperienced girl trying to train another was interesting. I assume the chefs were also training because the bruschetta was burnt and dry and although the mains were ok the only sides available were chips or salad and I'm not sure chips go with everything. Having said all that it was definitely an entertaining experience and we enjoyed our evening, although probably not for the right reasons!

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