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Smokey Mos reviews

By Bill C.

Good place for a laugh, but security staff are needlessly aggressive picking on people doing no wrong. Watched 2 security pop pills like they were going out of fashion. Good place to have a look at some of the sights! Definately better now its moved across the road. Sort the doormen out and you will have a cracking place.

By Lorraine H.

I have been into smokie joes tonight and I have never been so upset due to 2 bouncers at this venue amd then when I thought the manager was going to sort it she was the most un professional incompetent managers I have ever met and I intend to take this as far as I can I will be speaking to a solicitor on Monday what a joke don't ever go to this bar

By Karen J.

Yes I agree with vidgen, it is a good laugh overall but the dreadful bouncers on the door realy spoilt my night, I came outside to collect my friend to get our taxi and she was chatting to them so I asked if I could take their pic with her, they said yes, then as I was sorting out my fone to take pic, they asked me where I was from and when I told them Southport they started being abusive, telling me I should wear a proper fitting bra etc, I was shocked and stupidly tried to defend myself they became really rude and offensive about my bust, Im only a dd Ive seen a lot bigger, how totaly rude and uncalled for, I think because I hadn't had much to drink I realized just how sleazy and horrid they realy were! Yeeeuk

By Pat C.

Drinks etc, pretty much the same as other places. Karaoke is good with a decent host but if you want to see decent singers and not middle aged women prancing about looking like mutton, pick another place! The whole Butlins cheesey night out, is out of date.

By Jimmy J.

Excellent night out. Best karaoke in Liverpool. Watch out for x factor Dave. What a star! Lol. Saturdays would not be same without our weekly fix of smokies....

By Charlie M.

The place is fine, a bit dirty and that but ok. My only problem is with the security staff. They are old school bully boy bouncers that I thought we got rid of. Aggressive and over the top, can't stand coward bullies like this they just spoil a good night

By T C.

had good nights here main complaints is the place is dirty (toilets never checked and broken glass not been cleaned up floors very dirty) .... for money its makes could be a lot cleaner and more efficient

By Paula R.

Good times had! but manager tried to diddle me by not giving me the right change. He said i gave him 10 pound and i gave him 20 pound

By Kerry H.

Loved the bar, but be careful with the manager likes to hold back some of your change said i only give him a £10 when it was £20, and then told me it was because i was drunk,been on the shandys all day, he must go home with full pockets at the end of the night.

By Tacita V.

With a little imagination, this place could really be a saloon bar from the Wild West. Without that imagination, it is a fun bar selling cheesey cowboy hats and disposable cameras to capture the moment you happily lost all your dignity!

The Venue
Life size Indian and cowboy statues greet you inside this saloon bar. Inside, the place looks like a barn built by the first colonies in America. The place is entirely wooden, with light wood slabs and the chandeliers are even made out of wooden wheels.

There are ropes everywhere, bison heads, barrels used as tables and American flags make the theme clear, even if there are elements that have nothing to do with what a saloon should look like: what are the Irish decorations doing here? Never mind!

As for the rest, Smokey Mo’s has two bars and a half - one is a bottles only - a raised seating area for private parties, very large booths and an outdoor patio for when the cowboy theme gets a bit too much.

The Atmosphere
It is hard to imagine who the regular customer could be of a bar with such a theme. In the case of Smokey Mo’s, most people are in their 40s and above, and they all look determined to have uncomplicated fun.

And there are quite a number of them: this bar is quite popular! There are TV screens for sports and a stage for live music, but do not expect country and rhythm and blues only; from the speakers you will more often hear tunes that have nothing to do with the Wild West. Did they lose the Sergio Leone CD? Maybe they played it so much they broke it!

For the most extrovert or for those who had too much to drink already, Smokey Mo’s provides themed cowboy hats for £4.50: pick the Irish cowboy, the pink hat with fur trim, the runaway cowboy bride and many others. Disposable cameras (£4) are also on sale to capture the embarrassing moment.

The Drink
The place is far from pretentious and the casual approach is evident in the drink selection as well: Smokey Mo’s sells the regular stuff. The highlight has to be the margaritas made with a pale pink margarita machine. Maybe they are not really as good as fresh ones in a cocktail bar but you can’t complain about the price since a margarita is only £2.50. Shots are a mere £2 or you can buy four and pay £7. Jugs of an unidentified punch are also rather cheap at £10.

The Last Word
The more snobbish drinkers will frown on the theme and drink selection but the reality is that Smokey Mo’s is a quite a fun place, cowboy hat or not!