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Superstar Boudoir is a fun and vibrant bar. From being greeted at the door by the Drag Hostess to spotting the odd celebrity, this bar is full of glamour and excitement.

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Superstar Boudoir reviews

By Ali P.

The bouncers all need sacking from this place. I've met a lot of nice bouncers before but unfortunately even more unfriendly ones. Superstar Boudoir have a horrible set of bouncers. My friend who is a 31 year old mother of two was refused entry for "being too drunk" when she'd only drank a glass of wine and was not at all drunk. I politely questioned them why she wasn't allowed in to receive a reply of "She's not coming in so F*** off, you sl*g" (May I add that I was wearing jeans and a top and in no way at all was I dressed like a sl*g). Really not impressed. Why a doorman chooses to work with people when they clearly have no people skills I have no idea? Evidently, their vocabulary wasn't wide enough to think of an actual, more accurate insult and so they just began firing unintelligent abuse at me. It's a shame for the club that they employ such idiots to man the doors. Get rid of them, for everyones sake.

By Kelly H.

Disgusted at how the staff treat people in this bar of there not to busy trying to get there hands in everyone's pants there busy slagging everyone of and getting involved in everyone's business some one should do the hole of liverpool a favour and have this bar shut down before the scum of the place get someone seriously injured it's sickening to think that staff who are paid to serve some drinks think they have so much control over people's lives when all of them either live with parents or in shared accommodation and are tramps anyway it's cheeky to think these people have the right to say anything about any person on the scene and I will not rest until these place is gone or the staff is specially the manager jay who thinks he's the dogs bollocks

By Jamie-Leigh B.

Never known anything so unprofessional in my life. Superstar Boudoir and their staff seem to think it's okay to personally attack someone publicly via Facebook. They are just pathetic scum who will never get anywhere in life. Would never go here again.

By Jamie-Leigh B.

Never known anything so unprofessional in my life. Superstar Boudoir and their staff seem to think it's okay to personally attack someone as a company, especially a 'gay club' and publicly via Facebbook as well. Pathetic scum. Would never go here again

By Jack S.

Went to Superstar Boudoir a couple of weeks ago. I'm a straight male and was intimidated in there, not by by over-friendly gay men, but by thuggish type chavs who I can't imagine were gay at all. The clientelle was 90% 18-22 bald headed males with polo shirts, even as a straight guy who could be described as a bit of a ''lad'', I found it quite an unpleasant atmosphere, so I can only imagine what the more camp variety of male homosexual would think of it.

By Fuschia G.

i am the drag hostess @ superstar boudoir liverpool i have read ur review an if am tacky what has that got to do with you? the way i dress

By Fuschia G.

i am the drag hostess @ superstar boudoirliverpool entrance. i have read ur review, and if you have a problem with me come an say it to my face. as i have not done anything to you i dont even now you.

By Ronnie C.

Superstar Boudoir? There were four of us out on Sunday night from Blackpool we went in to Boudoir. I had to have cans my friends ordered larger that had to be sent back both pints smelled of bad eggs this telling me as a Bar manager the lines need cleaning. Bar Staff was very nice, The Drag Dj We could not understand a word she was saying she spent more time looking in the mirrors and stuffing her tits .There was no welcome at all from her in the end we left and went in the Navy and had a good night . PS sorry Boudoir things do need looking in too

By Rachael F.

Amazing night out

Love this place, went there last night with a 3 gays and 2 lesbians, I'm straight! Had a fab night, both dj's were great, funny but not rude at all! Brilliant performances by both, bar staff were great! All the people in there were having a good time. There was no trouble, the door staff were lovely, and the drag on the door, very welcoming. I've read some of the other bad reviews and our experience was nothing like that. Danced all night! Will be coming again!

By Cherry A.

Our hen party had a cracking time in Superstar Boudoir this weekend! The gorgeous dj was not only funny, she played requests and allowed us to have photos with her! The bouncers were brilliant, letting our raucous group of clowns in with no hassles! We enjoyed so much we went back later on in the evening! Thanks to everyone there for making our night so brilliant! ?

By Eve F.

if you enjoy being punched to the point of being in a coma for nearly a month by a member of staff at boudoir then this is deffo the place for you. If you enjoy a member of staff approaching someone in the bar accusing you of talking bad about ttheir family resulting in getting your life threatened and said member of staff showing no remorse and taking no responsibility for his actions then go to superstar boudoir. The place is a joke, the staff are snakes and have no idea what customer service or morals for that matter are.

By Linda D.

Visited Superstar Boudoir very recently,, It was absolutely brilliant the dj was great and played loads of request's ,, absolutely brilliant. Even when I went outside to have a smoke I felt comfortable and was chatting to Mike the manager such a brilliant venue and would highly recommend it. Well done to this wonderful team and I hope to see you all again very soon

By Adam M.

Realli enjoyed mi time there. Met loads of lads der, an they were lovelee. hehehe. Really still meet up with lots of the boys and we have some great fun x Highli recommend. XxxX

By David A.

I usually hate the gay-scene, but honestly, had an awful lot of fun here this week. The staff are by a long way the friendliest bunch of people I have encountered for a long time. I can't recommend SSB enough if you are in the area. Thanks to all the staff, esp the manager, as he made us feel extremely welcome.

By Mandy Jane H.

Had one of the best nights iv ere had on 1/6/12 the dj's and staff are awesome such a good nightand the music is just as i like

By Lyn C.

The host on the door Barbie is one of the most lovely friendly door gals you could possibly meet on a night out in Liverpool..........made us very welcome and meets and greets everyone with a smile and is complimentary to all the girls which is nice......thanks!!

By David R.

hi i am a member of the staff at the superstar and i would just like to say that barbie is very professional and is never rude to anyone and i know that she would never say a nasty comment to any customer so you are wrong about her and if u cudnt hack the dj having a laugh been runde in a funny way were people always laugh an comment on how they make there night more enjoyable so i believe u need to rethink as for hygene we always make sure the club is cleaned to the top most standard we can not be running round every 2 miniutes to make sure the floor is always wiped snd brushed every 2 miniutes as we have customers to serve

By Jane S.

I have never been here so no comment on the club. May be fabulous, may be a total pile of wang, I could not say. However regarding legal issues. The blogger who calls herself Miss Kitty is wrong. Alot of law firms will take on a case regarding misconduct of the staff and bouncers in a nightclub, and because it happens so frequently, in the night club world (not at this specific club i hasten to add) these stories are quite believable, and have quiet a high success rate. However Miss Fruity I urge you only to pursue this further if you are being entirely honest, because nightclubs tend to have CCTV and so if you were at all aggressive you are likely to be found out.

By Kate W.

Miss Fruity, Well, where to start. I myself work in a customer service environment and know 'your type' far too well. There are certain people in this life who feel that an eternal debt of gratitude for their pathetic existence is owed to them. I have to say that after reading your tirade I had to laugh and am very much on the side of the well spoken James (assistant manager) who responded so eloquently to your poorly written, misspelled and grammatically disastrous post! You clearly are not in-fact the industrious and entrepreneurial genius that you claim. For one, how can someone incapable of using the alt key to obtain a capital I possibly sustain the intelligence to form a company/business/anything that involves brain-power really? For two, insofar as I can ascertain I am unable to present a single court case yet to this date that has been won based on the fact that an individual feels that someone in a public establishment has 'been a little bit mean to them' consequently based upon your seemingly psychotic and imaginative personality I have to quite vehemently say that I would rather have my legs cut off than employ you in any capacity at all. Should you feel that you now wish to haul my slanderous backside through the courts (by the way I wish you and your lunatic concepts the very best of luck) then please re-post and I will be more than happy to directly provide you with contact details at which your imaginary legal team can make contact with my very unimaginary legal representation. Best regards, Miss Kitty Kate PS. James, your club is wonderful, do not be told otherwise by the above x-factor reject. Well done sir for responding with such dignity and professionalism.

By Jane S.

Amazing bar,, loved every minute of it all the staff were amazing and showed enthusiasm as they were dancing along the bar, dj's were good, and fabulous drink deals. Well done to the Management for running such a brilliant bar

By None N.

I've been a regular for years, but it's only just dawned on me how little regard the staff here have for some their customers and it's highly unlikely I will be going again.

By None A.

Complete shithole! Just like all the reviews above, staff are completely rude to the customers, no wonder it was empty: the place it's got it's fame! Just like the drag at the entrance (best job she ever had, or ever will!) there are other clubs you ppl can go to, just ask ppl on the street, they'll know!

By Damien B.

Used to be a regular here years ago but i have since moved away, on a visit back i went here on Wednesday night, around 10pm was quiet so we left and went to another bar, came back at about half 11 and were blown away with how busy it had become, possibly due to the drag queen D.J. who made us feel so welcome as we arrived! Don't remember her from last time i went but definitely a positive addition to the staff! Music was fantastic all night long, don't think i heard the same song twice and she kept us all giggling with her often rude but hilarious comments! Bar prices were reasonable as we were having such an amazing night and it was buy one get one free, stayed right till the end about 3am and the DJ (Glenda or Brenda i think her name was) came out of the booth and danced with some of the customers on the stageto some of my favourites! old camp fire and court of king caractacus!all in all a fantastic night, definitely recommended!Fantastic VenueFantastic DJFantastic EntertainmentFantastic Bar!Loved it Me and my partner will be back soon!Damien

By Na N.

Hi James. Thanks for getting bk. Ok few things the pix was real, recent and me. As ppl who know me around the areas will know and confirm. As for the demo cd. U asked me for it, I never had it with me, but did at the hotel. After the conversation took place I felt there was no need to send it, as you are not the type of people I would like to work with after that night. As for the conversation I have the whole of it on my iPhone, as it was recorded by accident by myself when I was holding my new iPhone. Mistakes happen. But never mind, I am bk to uk next week. I will ask my management to post the disc to the venues, so u can hear it for yourself, and c my statements where right. Many thanks and my case will continue. Fruity

By James N.

As assistant manager of this venue I would like to respond to your comment. Firstly I was at the premises at the time you visited regarding the night you would like to launch,We asked for pictures of you in drag and you showed false pictures, we asked for an example of your music and you could also not provide this. You were clearly not glamorous enough to represent Liverpool's Busiest gay club, may I also add the venue was empty as it was the month leading up to Christmas and Sunday was a new night that was launched the week before. The manager MIKE has been at the venue since it opened more than 7 years ago, when from then on it has been nothing but success. You were in no way verbally abused or insulted by any manager, staff or any drag queen at the venue. In Regards to Marlene she has been on the gay scene for many years and is very well know but as she doesn't work for SSB its not my place to defend her. Mike, Myself & the whole team at SSB are customer driven and our priority are the customer, we do not in any way shape or form intend to insult anybody at the venue and this has always been the case. If you feel you were insulted in such away then I Apologise but this seems to me that you were refused work and have "spat your dummy out". I would advise you to pursuit this if you are so upset as this is your right. Superstar Boudoir will be happy to liaise with the licensing department, your solicitor and who ever else you would like to involve. Once again I would like to express our apologies & Look forward to your correspondence. James Assistant Manager

By Na N.

Well firsty i would like to say that this place is totally awful. As I paid a visit to the venue on Sunday evening, it was worse than I had expected as many things happened. The venue was absolutely dead, when we were there. No wonder it is with having the management and the staff they have currently employed there. I have never felt so insulted in my life. And I have worked in many gay-bars and towns, as manager to drag DJ and host and would never dream to treat anyone the way they treated me that night. I went to try and discuss about launching a new night in Liverpool but I was verbally abused and insulted by the so-called manger mike, some supervisor I think he was and some vile so called wannabe drag queen called Marlene. Well i would advise anyone who is loOKing for a place to go out in Liverpool, to avoid this place like it never existed. And go elsewhere. As this place has no respect or feeling for there guests. You might think I am silly writing this comment, it's ok I am not bothered. But be warned this is not the end. I am already in-discussion with Liverpool licensing department and magazines in various gay scenes to take this further. I will not allow this bar to get away with what they are doing. All I can say is mike, be careful as you have upset the wrong people. I run a successful event company not a zoo like u. My solicitor will be in contact to discuss further, as my law team, say I have a strong case and the evidence of the wrong conduct of this bar is piling up. Thanks Miss Fruity, I will be back very soon, Mwah

By Colette O.

went 15/10/2010 on a hen party drinks very cheap buy one get one free any way my bag got robbed and all my money was taken i would like to thank the bar staff the doorman and the manager who did everything possible to get my bag back and could not have been more helpful so i would just like to thank them

By Tori F.

Hmm was just about to avoid this place at all costs reading the first few comments but the last two changed my mind I'll definitely check it out ^^ thanks guys :) Tori


What A complete dump. Went sat july 17 2010,tackey so called drag queen standing outside, walking downstairs the carpet was more like A sludge covered walk way. Ordered two drinks 1 came complete with A thick black hair. Superstar Boudoir is truly awful. I take it liverpool E. H. O. Have never Visited this shambles. My star rating minus 20. Gays of liverpool you really should get out of liverpool and try Other towns and Cities. Your being taken for A ride. William

By Anton I.

Visited Liverpool last week as a double birthday treat, Mamma Mia and an overnight stay , great show, great hotel, but what a shocking let down on the bar scene, we went to Superstar Boudoir. Big mistake, to be charged £19.90 for 4 drinks one of which was a diet coke in a bottle just bigger than a mixer , absoultley shocking! Shame on you liverpool for allowing this rip off!, had I been told we would never have gone there, 95% straight hen party clientle, a dirty messy floor , and vodka that did not come out of an optic, . I would not recomend Superstar Boudoir to anyone, and will tell all my friends avoid at all cost!, we wont be back , No wonder Liverpool has a reputation if this is what visitors can expect, Just because we were not local?, who knows, this was London prices in a back street bar.

By Jimmy M.

i was in the boudouir last sat. that dj sean was absouletly amazing, just found out ste ep is coming back omg the old boudouir gang is all back this is going to be the place to be not only in liverpool but the whole of the northwest, we can see all our old mates there now. well done to that lovely lady patsy... im bringing all my friends this week so see you all there xxxx

By Jimmy M.

in the past week or so since patsy and adam have taken over the place there has been a different trend to the prevous people that was running it. they seem to have there heads well screwed on and the place can only get better and better.. well done yous 2 jimmy mc c

By Tacita V.

No need to wear your wig, sequin mini dress and platform heels, Superstar Boudoir is a friendly gay club open to anyone wanting to have fun, fun, fun! And there is the DJ in drag, so you truly do not need to dress up.

The Venue
This basement club has recently changed management and, while not exactly super glam, it has the potential to bloom into a kicking, party club. Down the staircase you find yourself right on the dance floor: some light panels on the walls and a good light system provide enough ambiance to partially hide the fact the place needs a few extra touches to nail its glam aspirations.

The highlights are the black padded bar and the fashionable lampshades hanging above it. Behind a curtain, you will find the lounge: a few comfortable booths and more seats will allow you to rest your feet after much dancing.

The Atmosphere
Stanley Street and the neighbouring area has established itself in Liverpool’s gay area for some time. Opposite Superstar Boudoir you will find the camp Navy Bar and Café Du Fay, popular with young gays and lesbians. So, what to expect of Superstar Boudoir? To start, a flamboyant drag queen as DJ! And very late nights: the place can be almost empty at 11pm.

Do not think this is a gay-only venue, though: quite on the contrary, the cheesey music is very popular with girls, who come in groups or drag along their boyfriends. The atmosphere is very friendly and casual and so are the staff. This place is bound to become a favourite for anybody who wants to leave the pretentiousness of many lounges and clubs behind to have a night of uncomplicated fun.

The fog machine and sound system definitely help achieving this goal and the music is great: you should always trust a DJ in drag!

The Music
Camp and happy, the DJs at Superstar Boudoir have a goal to make you dance uncontrollably while grinning with happiness and jumping around (hopefully not spilling your drink on friends and strangers). They definitely succeed and even when there is nobody to fill the dance floor, everyone shuffles their feet at the bar. The music is a selection of party classics, well chosen R&B and other genres depending on the night. What is constant is the cheerful vibe.

The Drink
Nothing too out of the ordinary here; typical of gay venues. WKD is a best seller but you will find a decent selection of beers to swap it for if coolers are not your thing. Pick between Grolsch, Becks, Corona, Koppaberg cider, Coors Light and other more common beer varieties. Cocktails are yet to be seen at Superstar Boudoir but you have the feeling it is just a matter of time. Just a little while longer and Superstar Boudoir could become a heavy weight in the Liverpool nightclub panorama.

The Last Word
For now, you can feel the potential in Superstar Boudoir: the place is not yet popular and there are a few aspects of it to be tweaked to achieve perfection. But they are working on it and this could soon be the best place for a party, so watch this space!