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Vinea is a premium wine bar located in Liverpool's bustling Albert Dock. On hand are experienced sommeliers who are able to help you get the best out of the vast selection of wines here.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Thu 11:00-20:30
Fri-Sat 11:00-00:00
Sun 11:00-20:30

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Vinea Wine Bar reviews

By Natalie F.

Absolutely fab day out at Vinea. The staff made my birthday extra special and the service was second to none. Thanks again for being so accommodating. I don’t know much about wine and the staff took the time out to explain and listen to what we wanted without making us feel inadequate. We will most definitely be back on the 24th March for the wine chocolate tasting. For hospitality and a really fun/edgy atmosphere this is the place to be.

By Kay W.

A great unique bar at the Albert Dock, keep your eyes peeled as you could walk straight past it (just a few doors up from Circo)! It has a fantastic selection of wine. We went for a carmenere which we would never have chosen/heard of, if it wasn't for the helpful staff but it was exactly what we wanted. Alongside this we had a selection of nibbles, cheeses and meats which were great especially with the wine. In fact the wine was so good we bought a case and as it was late and we couldn't carry it they offered us free local delivery- now that's what I call service! We will definitely be telling everyone about this place and be their new regulars. Get down there!

By Shaun D.

Cracking little venue! Perfect for those quiet nights or a group do. Ive also been to a few of their wine tastings now; I didn't once feel like an idiot. The guy hosting the tasting was informative and knowledgeable. If more wine tastings were held with this far more relaxed, casual approach I probably would have entered into the world of wine earlier. Love the cheese board and the olives are by far the best I've found in Liverpool. Vinea has become my regular Sunday spot.


Located on the Albert Dock, this places offers a wide selection of excellent wines from a diversity of countries/regions and some very good deli products as well - albeit less varied. The selection of wines by the glass is more or less the same throughout the year unfortunately, which can make regular visits lees exciting and too predictable if you are not ready - or enough - to buy a bottle. Vinea also organizes regular wine tasting events, some of the best in Liverpool. A clear downside to me though is the somewhat erratic customer service - depending on who is in the day you venture in the cafe/shop. This can lead to unexpected reinterpretations of opening hours without any warning - with customers being turned town at 8pm when some staff decided that it was too quiet a night to the place open, a shabby accounting system, etc... Disappointing...

By Jenny G.

Lovely little bar. Great wine, nice nibbles and friendly staff.

Went with the girls and had a ball learning about wine in a very unpretentious and relaxing way.

It was quiet enough to have a chat but not church-like

They sell really cool beers as well so can drag hubby there now too!

Would recommend for dates, girlie nights and business events.

By Harriet W.

What a find!! A hidden gem in Liverpools Docks. Came here for a light afternoon snack but with a range of delights on offer ended up being kicked out hours after dark (although in a rather charming way).

Learnt more about wine in that afternoon then I had in my previuos 33 years of life. Would recomend to anyone that enjoys lifes little pleasures (wine, food, attractive staff)!!

By Harriet W.

Awesome Staff!! Great little nibbles selection with only £6 corkage on any bottle it's a bargain!! Happy to bring all the family and friends here. I did a wine tasting evening and it went down a treat with everyone left happy (maybe something to do with all the delicious wine). Great music and atmosphere...!! Would definatly recomend!!

By Tacita V.

Taste, nibble and, when you are convinced, shop: enjoying wine can’t get any better.

The Venue
This multifunctional wine shop, deli and bar is a medium-sized space with a view over Albert Dock. The vaulted ceiling, exposed bricks and metal pillars give you the impression it is a perfect environment to stock wine.

Perspex stools, red and black couches and light wood low tables furnish the space, while the walls are decorated by pop prints and paintings, which are actually for sale. The focus of Vinea is immediately clear: a tall wine rack occupies one entire wall, its function of shop and bar is very evident. A few outdoor seats add a little bit of room.

The Atmosphere
Wine lovers of all ages stop by here often, not many other places offer the same selection of great bottles as Vinea and for anybody mildly interested in wine, this place is a must-see.

Many customers are in their 40s and above but there is no real set atmosphere here, since Vinea is also a shop and anybody is welcome. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful: let them guide you towards a wine you have never heard of before and you will not regret it. There’s enjoyable music during the day and even live acoustic acts on Thursdays and Sundays.

The Drink
Vinea takes a rather conservative approach to wine, so do not expect to find bizarre countries on the list. They mostly stick to the classic grape producing areas: new and old world, even if you can still buy a bottle from Lebanon and Vinho Verde from Portugal.

The list is very long and you are encouraged to ponder before picking something. The wine available by the glass is really good and it allows you to sample some of the treasures of Vinea, like the Viu Manet Malbec, Colchagua Chile. With small glasses at £3.25-£4.60 and large ones priced £4.35-£6.10, this is the cheapest way to sample a bottle before taking it home.

However, you will be left tempted by the long list of wines available by the bottle only. These are listed by countries, with France separated by different areas grapes. The price, at least, will help you make up your mind: the range goes from a super cheap £5 to a ritzy £63 (for a Brunello Di Montalcino Fanti) and this is when you actually buy the bottle to consume at home. If you decide to uncork it at the bar, expect a price hike, about double for the cheap bottles to about £7-£10 pounds for the most expensive: on average a bottle costs around a third extra if you drink it at the bar. For bubbly lovers, Vinea has a lot to offer too, with no less than fourteen champagnes and sparkling wines. You can pick your price starting at £9 and going up to a £230 (yes, it is the notorious Cristal).

Vinea is the wine paradise but if you really have to drink beer, rest assured that they do not disappoint in this department either. Pick between Wairsteiner Pils, Chimay, Black Ship Ale, Tsingtao, Erdinger Weiss and the trendy Cusquena.

Nibble? Why not! Vinea is also a deli! And they are just as serious about food - which is also available to take home - as they are their wine. They only sell British cheese (the only exception is a 30 month old Parmesan), Basque salami, and a wide range of olives make up some of the other deli goodies.

You can taste the goods if you order a meat or cheese platter (£5-10), or if you select individual items. Do you want your olives Pistou and pitted or stuffed with feta (£2.75-£5.75)? Alternatively, go for the Harissa almonds or the Siena nuts (£2.25-£4).

With more substantial options also available, you can choose between the very best bar food you can imagine.

The Last Word
Any aspiring food and wine connoisseur will make regular stops at Vinea. And even if your interest is not so strong, this is the best place to taste and learn something new.