Dungeons and Dragons Game Day Tickets

03 November 2007
at The London Dungeon


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Dungeons and Dragons Game Day

Dungeons and Dragons Game Day is here again, and this year the London Dungeon is the place that you can get to grips with all the dwarves, goblins, monsters and wizards that you can handle. Renowned as the ultimate fantasty role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons whisks off thousands of millions of teenagers and adults worldwide into a land where they must fight orcs and decipher magical riddles in order to win the battle. Bringing players together from all over the globe, Worldwide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day allows people to take on the role of mighty warriors, mystical wizards, powerful clerics and hardcore mercenaries, all to see who will become the ultimate fictional hero. On hand to offer advise on swords, spells and secret weapons will be Dave Noonan, a Dungeons and Dragons designer. Gving tips to budding players and sharing secrets with old hands, Dave will ensure that the Dungeons and Dragon Game Day goes with a bang. Last year over 25,000 people took part on the day and there were plenty of celebrity players attending the event too. Vin Diesel, Mike Myers and Robin Williams all participated in the Worldwide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day, proving that the game is still alive and kicking in the 21st century of computer and internet games. Still the biggest and best selling role playing game in the world, over 125,000 Dungeons and Dragons products are sold in the UK every year and an estimated 20 million people have played the game since its inception in 1974. If you think you have what it takes to be the best fantasty role player, get down to the London Dungeons this weekend for the biggest and best Dungeons and Dragons games ever. Entry into the gaming session is completely free, but you must register with the team before you arrive. To register for the event either email mike@leisuregames.com or phone 020 8346 2327 for more information. Dungeons and Dragons Game Day 2007 Terracotta Army at British Museum Tutankhamun Tickets War of the Worlds at O2 Tickets Jack the Ripper and the East End

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