Enchanted Palace Exhibition London Tickets

26 March 2010 - 08 January 2012
at Kensington Palace


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An Enchanted Palace exhibition London event takes place at Kensington Palace this year as the venue becomes home to a magical multisensory exhibition

An Enchanted Palace exhibition London event takes place at Kensington Palace this year as the venue becomes home to a magical multisensory exhibition that combines fashion, fantasy, and spectacle in a dazzling show. As each of the State Apartment rooms is filled by a renowned designer or illustrator, they have created a fastastical display inspired by the royals who once occupied them. Enchanted Palace exhibition London is home to several royal palaces, each of which have their own associations, and Kensington Palace has long had an association with Princesses, even before the Princess Diana lived there. Taking inspiration from the fairytale and real life stories of these royal women, the Enchanted Palace exhibition invites you in to hear their tales. Fairytale fashion From a dress fashioned from tears by Aminaka Wilmont to a colelction of hats made by milliner Stephen Jones, the Enchanted Palace exhibition takes its starting point from the tragic princesses and the antiques that have been part of the building for so long. Fantasy style garments are inspired by musical boxes, weeping queens and sudden accessions to the throne, and created by the likes of Vivienne Westwood, William Tempest, Stephen Jones, Boudicca, Aminaka Wilmont. Vivienne Westwood creation One of the highlights of the Enchanted Palace exhibition collection is sure to be the creation of Vivienne Westwood who has fashioned a dress for a rebellious princess, inspired by the spirited Princess Charlotte, daughter of King George IV. This opulent dress occupies the King's Grand Staircase along with a host of fairytale style characters, including a Turkish page, a giant Scotsman and a wild boy, all of whom look down at those who climb the stairs. Magical and mysterious installations Alongside the collection of newly created dresses and historical fashion on show, the Enchanted Palace exhibition also includes a stunning array of installations throughout, also inspired by the previous residents and the arts housed in the palace. Using film projections, soundscapes, storytellings and interactive theatre visitors to Kensington Palace will be whisked off to a fairytale world where a sickly prince plays peashooters with his uncle the King, a young princess wept for three days when she was told to marry a man twice her age. Enchanted evenings Over the summer the Enchanted Palace is inviting you to experience the magic and mystery in several late night openings. Staying open for the very first time beyond normal closing time, this is your chance to see the dazzling fashion, catch the wonderful performances and the take in the whole spectacle of the transformed Kensington Palace until 9pm. Visitors are welcome to see the exhibition at night on Friday 21st May, Friday 18th June, Friday 16th July and also Friday 20th August 2010, when the late night event takes the form on a Wild Boys Ball. Wild Boys Ball at Kensington Palace The Enchanted Palace exhibition London event takes place from 10am - 6pm, from Friday 26th March 2010 - January 2012 at Kensington Palace. If you would like to book tickets for this event, click on the link below for more information. Kensington Palace Official Website Other London events Victoria and Albert - Art and Love Toy Boats at National Maritime Museum Art and Love Exhibition London Venice Exhibition London Ministry of Food Exhibition Fiona Banner Duveens Commission Exhibition Gauguin Exhibition London Dazzle Jewellery Exhibition Serge Diaghilev and Ballets Russes Exhibition Rachel Whiteread Drawings Exhibition Japanese Fashion at Barbican Egyptian Book of the Dead Exhibition Illustrated Fashion at Design Museum Quentin Blake at House of Illustration Museum Exhibitions London Art Exhibitions London Design Exhibitions London Fashion Exhibitions London Queens Diamond Jubilee London Queens Jubilee London Queens Jubilee Bank Holiday Events

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