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26 June 2013 - 20 October 2013
at Tate Britain


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See urban landscapes by the much loved British painter in a major new show at the Tate Britain.

Taking place at the Tate Britain, the L. S. Lowry exhibition London event celebrates the much loved British landscape artist, whose depictions of the industrial city have become truly iconic. Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life At this landmark Lowry exhibition, London art lovers can see around 80 works by the Lancashire born painter, in the first such exhibition in the capital since the artist's death in 1976. Entitled Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life, the exhibition is the result of a project by the acclaimed art historians T.J Clark and Anne M. Wagner to reassess Lowry for a new audience. French influences Born in 1887, L. S. Lowry studied at the Manchester School of Art and soaked up the ideas and conventions of the great 19th century French painters, Camille Pissarro and Maurice Utrillo. These early experiences informed his later work, creating a style and sensibility which was at once proudly provincial yet mindful of the historical significance of the towns at the heart of the British industrial revolution. The Lowry exhibition London event gives art lovers the chance to see a number of the painter's iconic works, drawn from the Tate's own collection as well as important loans. Iconic cityscapes Highlights of the Tate Britain's Lowry exhibition London event include Coming Out of School (1927) and The Pond (1950), which demonstrate Lowry's mastery in depicting the industrial landscape. Another section of the exhibition focuses on his later, and less well known studies of the mining valleys of South Wales in the 1960s. Working class champion Having acted as a rent collector for most of his working life, Lowry knew the streets of Manchester and Salford well, and it is this intimate connection to location which often comes across in his paintings. Above all, Lowry wished to represent the rituals of everyday working life, from protest marches and football matches to workers entering the mill in the morning; this gives visitors to Tate Britain the chance to explore a valuable record of working class over half a century since paint was committed to canvas. Late bloomer Lowry began to study painting and drawing at the Municipal College of Art in 1905, but it was not until the 1930s that he began to attract widespread recognition for his work. Later on, he was invited to be an official war artist and a Royal Academician, and now the Tate Britain show aims to bring his work to a new and wider audience, over 30 years after his death. Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life, the L. S. Lowry exhibition London event at Tate Britain, takes place from Wednesday 26th June - Sunday 20th October 2013. The exhibition is open daily from 10am - 6pm, and open until 10pm every Friday. Click back soon for further information on ticket prices. Image: L. S. Lowry - Coming Out of School (1927). Courtesy of the estate of L.S. Lowry. Photo by Tate Photography. More Exhibitions Lates London Debra Swann Exhibition London After Life Exhibition London

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