Prohibition Party London Tickets

08 March 2014
at Bloomsbury Ballroom


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Transport yourself into the world of the Great Gatsby at this prohibition party.

Lovers of the Great Gatsby can find themselves transported to his world at the Prohibition Party London event. Set during the Jazz age of 1922, this latest party promises to be the biggest yet, with dancing, jazz music and illicit gambling galore. Era without alcohol Also known as the roaring 20’s, the prohibition era was so named due to the banning of alcohol in America, which lead to speakeasies; hidden bars that sold beverages illegally. In order to avoid the keen eye of the law, you can expect to be served alcohol in teacups at the Prohibition Party London event, and all cocktail menus will circulated secretly inside the pages of books. Experience the 20’s The 20’s were also famous for its Jazz Age, with lively bands and flamboyant flappers dancing the Charleston, and the Prohibition Party London will be no different. See live Jazz bands, as well as DJs on gramophones, piano music and stunning dancing troupes and don’t just enjoy the entertainment on stage, get up and dance the night away with the floozies and cads at the bar while a silent cinema plays on screen. Dress to impress The Prohibition Party London would not be complete without costumes to match, so men, make sure you don your most suave zoot suit, smoking jacket or trilby and ladies, show off your most glamorous tasselled dress with opera gloves and feathered headbands. Once you’ve immersed yourself in the post war atmosphere, try your hand at a spot of roulette or cards in the gambling casino, who knows it could be your lucky night! The next Prohibition Party London event is sure to be a blast as it takes place at the Bloomsbury Ballroom on Saturday 8th March 2014 from 9pm. Tickets cost £25.00. For more information, or to purchase tickets, please call 020 7724 1617. Blitz Party London Coffin Dodgers Disco London Ski Party at Archer Street Super King Pong at Book Club Gamerdisco at Book Club Wilfred Bagshaws Time Emporium London

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