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22 September 2007 - 07 October 2007
at Rockwell Bar


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Tom Dixon at Rockwell Bar

Having created a cool and sophisticated take on the classic martini cocktail glass inspired by Bombay Sapphire, Tom Dixon has now gone one step further and created an entire bar. Located at the Rockwell Bar in the Trafalgar Hotel, the funky designer bar is set to cause a stir with drinkers throughout the London Design Festival. The designs convey the feel of a martini cocktail glass and produce a dramatic landscape of concical shapes. Entitled Perfectly Balanced, the installation by Tom Dixon at Rockwell Bar is full of clean lines, bar stools and poseur tables that mimic the cocktail glass shape and create a cool and minimal environment. Stylish and effortlessly chic, the bar is the perfect retreat for design lovers who will be trawling London for the best in design throughout the festival weeks. Not only is the bar designed by Tom Dixon, but so are the drinks. A specially created Sapphire Tomtini, named after the designer himself is available to drink at the Rockwell Bar throughout the installation period. A mix of Bombay Sapphire gin, apple juice and elderflower cordial, the cocktail is the ideal tipple for any design or Tom Dixon fan. Perfectly Balanced, the installtion by Tom Dixon at Rockwell Bar is open until the 7th October. London Design Festival

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