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10 August 2007 - 01 September 2007
at The Hospital Club


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Two top artists go head to head at The Hospital

Art fans from all across London will be flocking to a new art exhibition as two great artists go head to head. It’s Andy Warhol vs Banksy at the uber-trendy art gallery and members club The Hospital in Covent Garden. Whether you’re a fan of pop art or graffiti art, you won’t want to miss a single subversive painting. The Warhol vs Banksy exhibition contains over 40 mixed media works by the two artists, and it’s the first exhibition anywhere of their art side by side. This is your chance to see loads of famous works of art, including Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe painting and Banksy’s homage to it featuring Kate Moss. You can also see Warhol’s four portraits of the Beatles – never before shown in Britain – as well as his and Banksy’s (very different) portraits of the Queen. The art has been lent from collectors all over the world, so be prepared to see plenty of once in a lifetime pieces that are already collectors' items. Even before you step into The Hospital you'll get to see some works of art - Banksy has already dropped by and tagged a portrait of Marilyn Monroe on the pavement by the entrance just to prove it. Although the two may seem like an unlikely pair (a spotlight-hogging ‘60s New York icon vs a camera shy mysterious Bristol graffiti artist) their work is remarkably similar. Relying on stark imagery, bold colours and a penchant for both confusing and angering the art world, both Warhol and Banksy moved from being underground favourites to media darlings. See how their work compares side by side when you check out the Warhol vs Banksy exhibition at The Hospital to decide whether you're more into pop art or graffiti. You might think that seeing all this famous art comes at a price, but luckily for you and loads of other art fans, it’s all absolutely free. A nod to both Warhol and Banksy’s notorious anti-materialism, perhaps? The Warhol vs Banksy exhibition is also the perfect chance to explore The Hospital, which is one of London’s coolest private members club. The Warhol vs Banksy exhibition is on at The Hospital until 1st September, so be sure to see it before it leaves London. This is a landmark exhibition that’s already being talked about across the capital, and you’ll definitely appreciate the chance to see the paintings of these two masters of their craft, side by side for the very first time. Warhol vs Banksy Official Website

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