World Free Running Championship Tickets Tickets

15 August 2009
at Trafalgar Square


Event Information

See the stars of the urban athletics taking the world by storm.

Pick up some World Free Running Championship tickets and catch some of the most impressive performers from one of the most impressive sports taking part in the what's only the second ever freerun championship, taking place in Trafalgar Square. World Free Running Championship tickets will enable sports fans to see some breathtaking urban acrobatics in one of the world’s newest, most groundbreaking of sports. If you’re already a fan of free running, then World Free Running Championship tickets will be perfect for you, but if you’re not, then pick some up anyway and find out what all the fuss is about. Free running is a combination of running, jumping and acrobatics that traditionally uses any part of an urban landscape as a prop for leaps, spins, twists and more and with World Free Running Championship tickets you’ll be able to see the very best in the business. This event, sponsored by Barclaycard, is only the second ever free run championship, and will take place in the heart of London at Trafalgar Square. The championships will see Trafalgar Square play host to a specially constructed free run course, designed to test the skills of 20 of the very best free runners in the business. All the runners will complete the course to their very own soundtrack, and be judged by their peers, so expect them to be going hell for leather to be crowned World Free Running Championship Winner. The World Free Running Championship will showcase exactly why this sport is rapidly becoming one of the most popular in the world, bringing an impressive display of athleticism, fitness and freedom of expression to Trafalgar Square. Since it began in Paris in the ‘90s, free running has taken the world by storm and by picking up your own World Free Running Championship tickets you can see exactly why. The Barclaycard World Free Running Championship takes place at in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 15th August 2009. To be in with a chance of picking up World Free Running Championship tickets, please follow the link below to the official site. World Free Running Championships Official Site Other London events Barclaycard World Freerunning Championships UK B Boy Tickets Miami Heat v New Jersey Nets Tickets London NBA Tickets London Saints vs Chargers London Tickets Great Britain Basketball Tickets Soccer Aid Tickets England v Rest of the World Tickets Rain Man Tickets Stevie Wonder Tickets Peace One Day Tickets No Mans Land Tickets Body Worlds Tickets Concrete and Glass Tickets Origin Craft Fair Tickets CSS Tickets Goldfrapp Tickets Steve Coogan Tickets Dorian Gray Tickets Joan Rivers Tickets Notting Hill Carnival

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