A Comedy Of Power (L'Ivresse Du Pouvoir) PG

A Comedy Of Power (L'Ivresse Du Pouvoir)


Director. Claude Chabrol

Starring. Isabelle Huppert,Francois Berleand,Patrick Bruel,Robin Renucci,Thomas Chabrol

Scabrous comedy examines the battle of wits between the corrupt upper echelons of big business and the wily magistrate charged with bringing them to justice. Presiding judge Jeanne Charmant-Killman sets her sights on businessman Humeau, forming a case on information passed from Humeau's ambitious protege Sibaud. As interest in an arrest intensifies, Jeanne is glorified on the covers of various magazines - to the chagrin of her lab technician husband Philippe. Soon Jeanne faces trial by media, in which both her previously unblemished reputation and her sanity are at stake.

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