Battle Of The Sexes 12A

Battle Of The Sexes


Director. Valerie Faris, Jonathan Dayton

Billie Jean King and her ballsy manager Gladys Heldman are enraged when Jack Kramer announces prize money for a forthcoming tournament is heavily weighted in favour of male players. In retaliation, King spearheads the creation of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA), including her fiercest rival, Margaret Court. As the women-only tour gains in popularity, former men's champion Bobby Riggs, now past his prime, issues a bold challenge to any female player to face him on the court.

Film times for Battle Of The Sexes

Fri 19 Oct 2018 to Thu 25 Oct 2018

Leatherhead Theatre

Fri/Tue-Thu 2.00 7.30 (Fri/Thu)

Hertford Theatre

Tue 7.45; Wed 1.30

The Wyllyotts Theatre

Fri 1.00 3.45; Mon 7.30

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