The Boat That Rocked 15

The Boat That Rocked


Director. Richard Curtis

Starring. Philip Seymour Hoffman,Bill Nighy,Nick Frost,Rhys Ifans,Rhys Darby

Nostalgic tale of friendship between the members of a pirate radio station, broadcasting from the relative safety of the North Sea in 1966. Unlike the BBC which broadcasts only 45 minutes of rock 'n' roll a week, Radio Rock devotes every minute of every day to music, drawing in around 25 million listeners under the leadership of Quentin. His godson Carl, who has recently been expelled from school, joins Radio Rock for the summer in the hope that he might mend his ways. Instead, the youngster embarks on a quest to track down his biological father, who could be one of the DJs. Meanwhile, back in London, government minister Dormandy and his eager-to-please protege explore every legal loophole to shut down the pirate radio stations.

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