The Broken 15

The Broken


Director. Sean Ellis

Starring. Lena Headey,Richard Jenkins,Ulrich Thomsen,Melvil Poupaud,Michelle Duncan

Thirtysomething radiologist Gina McVey throws a surprise birthday party for her father John and invites all of the family - brother Daniel and his girlfriend Kate - plus her own boyfriend Steve. During the dinner, a mirror falls from the wall and smashes, causing everyone to think about the myth of seven years' bad luck. The next day, Gina is convinced she sees herself drive past in a car and follows the doppelganger to an apartment, where she finds a photograph of John. Fleeing the scene, Gina is involved in a car accident and emerges from the wreckage with no memory of the crash but the boundaries between reality and dark fantasy have been blurred forever.

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