Cheri 15



Director. Stephen Frears

Starring. Michelle Pfeiffer,Rupert Friend,Kathy Bates,Felicity Jones,Iben Hjejle

Retired courtesan Lea was once the glittering jewel of the Belle Epoque and still commands the admiring glances of gentlemen across the French capital. She is tempted back into the fold by her jealous rival Charlotte Peloux, who needs Lea to oversee the 'development' of her 19-year-old son Cheri so he is fit for marriage. Against their better judgement, Lea and Cheri find themselves falling head over heels in love and they embark on a passionate affair which becomes the talk of not-so-polite social circles. Their happiness is cut short, however, when Peloux cruelly announces the boy's imminent marriage to rosy-cheeked society virgin Edmee.

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