Daphne 15



Director. Peter Mackie Burns

Thirty-something singleton Daphne is embedded in the ebb and flow of London life as a cook in a restaurant run by Joe. She enjoys flirting with her married boss and also entertains romantic overtures from a handsome nightclub bouncer called David. During a day like any other, Daphne witnesses a brutal stabbing and in that instant, her carefree attitude crumbles to dust. Her emotions go into a tailspin and she seeks solace in the bottle.

Film times for Daphne

Fri 13 Oct 2017 to Thu 19 Oct 2017

Curzon Soho


Wed 18 Oct.

16:15, 18:40

Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)


Fri 3.45; Sun/Wed 7.00; Tue 5.00; Thu 2.30

Prince Charles Cinema


Fri 1.05; Mon 1.35; Wed 1.20

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