The Fox And The Child U

The Fox And The Child


Director. Luc Jacquet

Starring. Bertille Noel-Bruneau,Thomas Laliberte,Kate Winslet

A freckled, red-haired 10-year-old girl merrily traipses along a woodland path, surrounded by the colours of autumn, until she spies a fox. Enchanted by the majestic creature, who she christens Lily, the girl arrogantly decides to impose herself on this untouched wilderness. "I decided I would tame the fox... I had no idea it was the beginning of a great adventure," she confides excitedly. The girl spends long hours shadowing the fox, until a broken limb forces her to spend much of the winter at home, recuperating with a cast. When spring arrives, the meddlesome tyke gets her wish and she attempts to domesticate the fox, with truly horrific consequences.

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