Goodbye Christopher Robin (Subtitled) PG

Goodbye Christopher Robin (Subtitled)


Director. Simon Curtis

A A Milne returns to London from the trenches of the Great War. Angered by the senseless loss of life, he abandons the capital for a quaint house in Ashdown Forest, transplanting his wife Daphne, their young son Christopher Robin and the boy's nanny Olive to the verdant idyll. A walk with Christopher Robin through the sun-dappled landscape fertilises Milne's imagination and he contemplates a book that magically brings to life his son's menagerie of stuffed toys including a morose donkey named Eeyore.

Film times for Goodbye Christopher Robin (Subtitled)

Fri 20 Oct 2017 to Thu 26 Oct 2017

Tricycle Cinema

Sun 7.45; Thu 8.30

Odeon Mezzanine


Tue mat 12.15

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