Machan 15

1hr. 49min.

Machan 1hr. 49min.


Director. Uberto Pasolini

Starring. Dharmapriya Dias,Gihan De Chickera,Namal Jayasinghe,Dharshan Dharmaraj,Sujeewa Priyalal

Two friends, Manoj (Gihan De Chickera), a bartender, and Stanley (Dharmapriya Dias), a fruit vendor, wish to immigrate to the West to seek their fortune, but have difficulties getting their visa applications approved. They come across an application to a handball tournament in Bavaria, and not even knowing what the game is, they submit themselves and a group of friends as the "Sri Lanka National Handball Team". For appearance's sake, they begin minimal training and then seek travel visas from the German Embassy. Their plans to simply escape into the West upon arrival in Germany are thwarted by the quick appearance of the tournament organizers and an arena of fans eager to see the prowess of the Sri Lanka National Handball Team.

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