Muscle Shoals PG

1hr. 51min.

Muscle Shoals 1hr. 51min.


Director. Greg Camalier

Starring. Gregg Allman,Bono,Clarence Carter,Jimmy Cliff,Aretha Franklin,Rick Hall,Roger Hawkins,David Hood,Mick Jagger,Jaimoe,Donna-Jean Godchaux,Jimmy Johnson,Alicia Keys,Ed King,Spooner Oldham,John Paul White

In a tiny Alabama town with the curious name of Muscle Shoals, something miraculous sprang from the mud of the Tennessee River. A group of unassuming, yet incredibly talented, locals came together and spawned some of the greatest music of all time: “Mustang Sally,” “I Never Loved a Man,” “Wild Horses,” and many more. During the most incendiary periods of racial hostility, white folks and black folks came together to create music that would last for generations and gave birth to the incomparable “Muscle Shoals sound.”

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