Night at the Museum 2 PG

Night at the Museum 2


Director. Shawn Levy

Starring. Ben Stiller,Hank Azaria,Amy Adams,Bill Hader,Ricky Gervais

Kind-hearted security guard Larry Daley has left behind his old job at the Museum of Natural History to head his own company yet he hankers for the excitement of the good ole days with President Teddy Roosevelt, toy cowboy Jed and mighty Octavius and his legions of inch-high Roman soldiers. Returning to his old haunt, Larry is distraught to learn that all of his favourite exhibits have been packed up in crates and shipped off to the archives of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.. Having arrived at their new home, Jed and co inadvertently wake Egyptian ruler Kahmunrah from his eternal slumber and the dastardly pharaoh plots to take over the world with the help of Ivan The Terrible, Al Capone and Napoleon.

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